March 20 Zodiac Sign is Pisces: Birthday and Personality Explained

If your birthday is on March 20th, your zodiac sign is Pisces, and your astrological symbol is typically represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Ruling Planet:Neptune
Element:Water Sign
Lucky day:Tuesday and Thursdays
Lucky Colors: Light green
Lucky Numbers:3 and 7
Zodiac Compatibility: Compatible with Cancer and Scorpio

March 20 Birthday Personality

March 20 is the last day of the Pisces Zodiac sign, on this day the sun prepares to leave the Pisces sign and enter the Aries territory. Pisces is a water sign and also the 12th sign of the Zodiac calendar.

People born on this day of the month are a very optimistic and imaginative set of persons, who not only like to dream big but are also committed to bringing ideas to life.

Pisces is symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions, representing the conflicting personalities of people born under this sign.

If you are born on March 20, you are most likely to engage in risky behaviours that can sometimes be self-sabotaging. People born on this day of the month have simultaneous experiences of joy and pain, hope and fear, fantasy and reality. Most of these experience can be painful, but it helps you develop a balanced and emphatic life.

As a Piscean, you are not as mysterious as your zodiac siblings, but you do keep a lot of secrets. You don’t believe in sharing your burdens with others, despite the fact that you would like others to rely on you in terms of bearing their own.

Your generosity and compassion are two of your most endearing qualities. You have the ability to detect when something or someone is physically or emotionally out of place using your keen intuition.

You spend a lot of time in your imagination, daydreaming. This can sometimes create unrealistic expectations that often end in disappointment.

For someone born at this time of the year, it is important not to expect much from people, because they will never treat you the same way you treat them.

As someone who is empathic, you love to go extra mile for your friends because this is how you feel life should be, but sometimes you are left with the sad realization that life is beyond what you think.

Pisceans are super-creative people, who appreciate arts and nature and often use music as means of escapism. Anything that will take their mind away from the mental torture they have created for themselves in their imaginations.

March 20 Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Pisces is the zodiac’s twelfth and final sign, following Aquarius. In astrology, each zodiac sign is assigned to one of four elements. The four elements are water, fire, earth, and air. Pisces is a water sign, along with Cancer and Scorpio.

Compassion, intuition, and creativity are some of your zodiac traits as a water sign. Pisceans rarely notice someone in need of help and do not offer it. They are unfailingly kind and selfless. Furthermore, you can see right through people; you can tell when someone isn’t sincere.

As a creative thinker, you can express yourself through writing, drawing, and singing. You also have the ability to express your emotions through all of your creations.

Neptune and Jupiter are the planets that govern Pisces. Neptune is the planet of imagination, creativity, and ideas; it is where this zodiac’s gifts come from. The energy from this planet inspires you to create beautiful things.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance and generosity, is Pisces’ other ruling planet. Jupiter represents growth and expansion in Pisces, allowing Pisces natives to exert minimal effort while reaping maximum rewards. Pisces can elicit a great deal of goodwill from the planet.

Your zodiac’s modality is mutable, representing each season’s end. You are content with your life and do not strive for significance. You can cultivate positive relationships with others because you are very agreeable and do not mind sitting in the back seat. Your friends and family can count on you to come through for them in situations where your strength shines brightest. Mutable signs are known for being adaptable and flexible; they don’t sit around worrying about a change when they can make a few adjustments on their end and go about their lives.

The ambivalent nature of Pisces, as well as its ability to switch between the worlds of reality and fantasy, is represented by its zodiac symbol, two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Traits of a person born on March 20

As a person born on March 20, your star sign is one of the most emotionally intelligent and creative in the zodiac. Some of your positive and negative characteristics are listed below.

Positive Traits

  • Kind
  • Compassionate
  • Intuitive
  • Generous
  • Creative
  • Open-minded
  • Adaptive
  • Positive
  • Imaginative

Negative traits

  • Moody
  • Pessimistic
  • Overly sensitive
  • Escapist
  • Indecisive
  • Lazy
  • Weak-willed
  • Gullible

Is March 20 Pisces or Aries?

Every year, around March 20, the sun leaves the Pisces sign and enters the Aries territory. What we have on either one of these dates is the approximate zodiac sign depending on the exact location and time you were born.

You can use this free natal chart report to determine if your March 20 birthday is Pisces or Aries.

The idea that people born within the first or last days of an astrological sign can possess a blend of both energies known as cusp is a myth. There is no astrological basis for it. You can either be a Pisces or Aries, as the planets can only be aligned in one place at a time, meaning you can only have one sun sign — because the sun can’t be in two places at once

March 20 Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Individuals born on March 20 have the highest compatibility with other water signs like Cancer and Scorpio. In romantic relationships, they may sometimes display dramatic behavior.

They tend to have an idealized view of a perfect relationship that often draws inspiration from movies. Coping with heartbreaks may prove challenging for them.

As a Piscean born on March 20, trusting partners in a relationship comes naturally, but manipulators and people who take advantage of their naivety may take this trust for granted.

It is crucial for people born on this date to choose partners who share their enthusiasm for the future to have a lasting relationship. They should avoid partners who belittle their dreams, as this can significantly impact their self-confidence in the long run.

Being a nurturing sign, Pisces desires a relationship where they feel safe, secure, and deeply loved. They prefer waiting until they find the right person before entering into any romantic relationship.

For a Pisces partner, it is essential to understand them completely and recognize their need for love and care. They also need a partner who respects their need for privacy and emotional needs.

Air signs, such as Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, often come across as superficial and lacking in emotions, making it challenging for Pisces to develop meaningful romantic relationships with them.

Fire signs, such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are too intense and insensitive for Pisces to connect with, as they are always seeking something more.

Earth signs, including Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, are among Pisces’ favorite people as they are genuine, grounded, and considerate.

These signs possess qualities that Pisces looks for in a partner, such as honesty, dependability, and stability.

Famous March 20 Birthday

  • Chester Bennington (Born 20 March 1976) was an American singer and songwriter who was best known as the lead vocalist of rock band Linkin Park. He was also the lead vocalist of the bands Grey Daze, Dead by Sunrise, and Stone Temple Pilots. 
  • Ruby Rose (Born 20 March 1986) is an Australian model, actress, and television presenter.
  • David Thewlis (Born  20 March 1963) is an English actor, director, screenwriter, and author.
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