January 8 Zodiac Sign (Capricorn): Birthday & Personality Explained

If your birthday is on January 8, you are Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Saturn, known for traits such as discipline, ambition, and practicality.

Zodiac Sign:Capricorn 
Ruling Planet:Saturn 
Lucky Day:Saturday 
Lucky Colors:Turquoise, Blue Onyx, Ruby, Topaz
Lucky Numbers:4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26, 31
Zodiac Compatibility:Taurus and Virgo

January 8 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

People born on the 8th of January are Capricorns. Capricorn is the second to the last sign in the Zodiac wheel. They are wise, traditional, and conventional. They are fearless, limitless, and resilient. Also, they are arguably the most hardworking zodiac. 

When you first meet a Capricorn, you will think they are calm and reserved. But, hey! don’t let their conservative nature fool you. These folks can be crazy too. If you want to check how true this is, wait for them to finish their work for the week and have time to party on the weekend. You will be shocked to see them dancing on the table and ordering rounds of Tequila. 

Capricorns can also be mischievous troublemakers, it just depends on how close you are to them. They are fun to be with. However, all the fun they have inside of them will have to remain unexpressed when they have bigger tasks to complete. These guys keep their circle small, if you manage to become their friend, you have earned yourself a loyal friend. Even if Capricorns have a series of deadlines to meet up with, they will not mind going out of their way to help their friend who is in need. 

One of the major problems Capricorns face is that sometimes, they try to impose their standards on others. When they do this, it can cause tension in their relationships, especially in marriage.

January 8 zodiac sign showing the personality traits, compatibility, symbol, and birthstone

January 8 Birthday Personality

A January 8th Capricorn is goal-oriented, resourceful, grounded, and ambitious. Like typical Capricorns, they are hardworking, strict, and loyal. When these folks plan an event, there is usually almost no possibility of failure.

When others give up on a task, Capricorns will keep going. They are natural-born leaders who are willing to invest as much time as required to achieve a career goal.

Your Capricorn friends won’t hesitate to bluntly tell you when you are wrong, remind you to keep to schedule, and even take your drugs. Just overlook their strictness, you need a January 8th Capricorn in your circle, because they will always keep track of your progress and can help you achieve your dreams. 

These folks are visionaries, you can trust them with managing big projects. As earth signs, they have the willpower to stay focused on the project until it is completed. However, as typical earth signs, January 8th zodiac signs are known to be slow, but steady. They also appreciate the fine and materialistic things of life. They like to make their home beautiful, luxurious, and comfortable. Thankfully, they are willing to work hard to earn the comfort they desire. 

One of the major problems Capricorns face is that they may become obsessed with success. While this may be the zeal they need to attain greater heights if they are not getting what they desire this obsession may drive them into depression.

These folks can be so ambitious and focused on their career that they fail to invest in their personal lives. They are emotional but do not wear their emotions on their sleeves. They find it difficult to acknowledge their feelings. Most of their friends are usually from their professional circle. 

January 8 personality traits, both negative and positive traits as a Capricorn

Traits of a person born on January 8

January 8th Capricorns have a blend of both negative and positive traits. 

Positive Traits

Here are some of the positive traits associated with people born on the 8th of January

  • Loyal
  • Sensitive
  • Hardworking
  • Ambitious
  • Authentic
  • Traditional
  • Wise
  • Organized
  • Conventional
  • Determined 

Negative Traits

Here are some negative traits associated with individuals born on January 8th:

  • Too serious 
  • Pessimistic
  • Stubborn
  • Materialistic 

January 8 Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Capricorns are compatible with Virgo and Taurus. Aside from other earth signs, Capricorns are also compatible with water signs like Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. They are not very compatible with air and fire signs.

Capricorns are not emotional beings. As their friend, lover, or spouse, you just have to understand that your relationship with them comes second after their career. Don’t expect them to talk about how they feel, talk more or show affection to you. 

A good way to help them become more open is to always listen to them. Let them understand that they are safe around it. While building a relationship with them, you also have to be patient as they would not become vulnerable in a hurry. 

When relating with them, you also want to be careful with the way you air your opinion because they do not appreciate it when you challenge them. 

Capricorns will also have to learn to strike a balance between work and relationships. They need to understand that their partners deserve affection and time. However, they are good guys and would make great friends and partners. 

January 8 birthday

January 8 Famous Birthdays 

  • One of the most famous people who was born on the 8th of January is R. Kelly. Robert Sylvester Kelly is an American singer, songwriter, song producer, and sex offender who was born on the 8th of January 1967. He was nicknamed the King of R&B for his efforts in refining R&B in the early 2000s. He is currently a convicted sex offender. 
  • The late American King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Aaron Presley was born on the 8th of January 1935. In the 20th century, he was famous for his albums; Elvis sings The Wonderful World of Christmas, Raised on Rock / For Ol’ Times Sake, and From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Other January 8 Famous Birthdays include David Bowie and Stephen Hawking.
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