This website does not share user data with third parties without getting permission from the user, and all data collected are stored on this website and non transferrable to third parties unless being stated, and users are asked to consent.

Cookies are used to improve content recommendations and help users navigate better around the website. And users are asked to consent.

Plugins and content recommendation

Certain plugins and tools are used to analyze users in order to ascertain their Zodiac signs and personality and get them the best content recommendation from the pool of our articles on our websites.

Terms of use

Every user is allowed to register and use our website to share their thoughts on the comment sections, but are not allowed to insult or abuse other users. In as much as we encourage diverse opinions, we do not condone abuse or personal attacks or other users.

Any user who involves in abuse or profanity is suspended from using the platform for 2 weeks as warning. Subsequent defaulting will lead to permanent suspension from the platform.

The articles are provided for educational and entertainment purpose and can be used by people from 14 years above. Creating of forums and topic discussion is for people who are of this age and above.

We reserve every right to remove any comment that goes above the above listed policy of this website, we can as well edit and moderate the comment section.

Forums and communities

We are setting up communities of people who are interested in Zodiac and Horoscope as we believe our content touches almost everyone, irrespective of the date and month of the year your are born. And we want everyone to participate without fear of discrimination or harassments.

Social Media Pixels

On our website,, we installed Facebook and Twitter pixels for advertisement and retargeting purpose on social media, in order to enhance content recommendation on our handles. Google pixels are also used to get real time stats of users on the website.

This Privacy policy was last modified on 8th June 2022, 11:57 AM West African Standard Time and is subject to changes