Air Zodiac Signs : What it means to be Aquarius, Libra & Gemini

In Astrology, there are 12 signs, and these signs are divided into four elements (Fire, Air, Water, and Earth Signs). Air signs comprise Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Air signs are the Zodiac’s intellectual, proactive, and good communicators. They would prefer to make decisions with their brains rather than their hearts and can quickly come off as cold and insensitive. If you know someone full of intelligent ideas, sociable, and forgiving, but mean and always seeking to be correct and achieve goals, that person might be an Air sign. 

Air signs have a very interesting personality. If you want to know more about the Zodiac signs that are controlled by the Air Element and how this element influence these signs, then you are in the right company.  

To give you a full insight into what it means to be an air sign, we would also look at the compatibility of Air signs with other signs.  

What Zodiac Signs are Air signs?

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are Air signs. All 12 zodiac signs are controlled by one of four elements (air, water, fire, and earth).  The zodiac signs that make up each element are usually four signs away from each other. In the case of Air signs, Gemini comes third in the zodiac, Libra comes sixth and Aquarius comes ninth. 

Their positions in the zodiac make it easy for air signs to vibe well with each other. 

Before we look at what it means to be an air sign, it is noteworthy to add that there is one air sign for each modality. 

Modality classifies signs based on the time in a season the zodiac sign falls into.  Libra is a cardinal sign because it appears at the beginning of a season,  Aquarius is a fixed sign, it falls into the middle of a season and Gemini is a mutable sign because it falls at the end of a season.


Gemini is a mutable sign, they are flexible and can adapt to any situation. They love to learn new things and enjoy talking about what they have learned. They also have a knack for multitasking. It is easy for you to find a Gemini who is jack of all trades. They can understand situations and make quick decisions. As long as a Gemini is concerned, there is no right or wrong way to think. 

Gemini is symbolized by twins facing each other. They can easily be perceived as two-faced. But that’s not always the case, they just have a fluid and dualistic nature and are quick to adapt to change. 

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. These folks are usually curious and are never tired of learning. They like to gather information, gossip, and share news. Gemini enjoys interesting conversations where ideas will be shared. You do not want to take everything a Gemini says to heart, because they don’t take things so seriously. 

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Libra is a cardinal sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, emotions, art, and romance. They are the aesthete of the Zodiacs and have an interest in symmetry, balance, and harmony. 

Libras seeks to create an equilibrium in all areas of life. 

Have you ever wondered why Libra is represented by a scale? That’s because they are referred to as the balance of the air signs. Libras are both intellectual and emotional. They can go out of their way to put the needs of others into consideration. They do not mind forfeiting their efforts to allow others to win or to avoid conflict. 

Due to their desire for balance, they can make fair decisions, but they can be indecisive because they try to view things from different perspectives. They usually end up seeking advice from others.

Libras will have to learn to have to trust their gut.

These people understand the power of short conversations. They can restore hope through a short chit-chat while sitting next to you on a bus.  As a sign that it is ruled by Venus, Libra appreciates the love and takes their relationships seriously. But they are also known for being flirts.

Libra has a knack for beauty, art, and pleasure. They have a good eye for art and fashion and like to keep their environment looking beautiful. These folks set beauty and societal standards. Libras will make good stylists, decorators, art critics, and designers.  

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Aquarius is a fixed sign that is ruled by Uranus. They are the visionaries and humanitarians of the Zodiac. These individuals are intellectual, but they do not make decisions in a hurry. They like to be ideal. They prefer to carefully process information because they seek ways to make society better with the information they have. 

Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer because they share knowledge with the world. 

Aquarians are deep thinkers who always come up with wise ideas and decisions. They can also be perceived as stubborn. And are never afraid to challenge pop culture and the status quo. They have the natural ability to become successful leaders. 

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What it Means to be an Air sign. (Personality)

Air signs are thinkers, good communicators, and doers. They come with a ‘wind of change’ and are natural-born leaders.  They are very intelligent and would not analyze any situation from an emotional standpoint.  Not that they do not have emotions, but it is not a priority in decision-making. They are well known for keeping their emotions to themselves. 

These folks are detail-oriented and are interested in gathering correct information, achieving goals, and seeking brilliant ideas.  If you know anyone who would outrightly correct you when you make a grammatical mistake, then you probably know an air sign.  Unlike a water sign who would consider your emotions before making any move, an air sign is all about doing something correctly irrespective of how others would feel.

This is not to say that they are mean and inconsiderate. No! On the contrary, if there is any sign that would easily forgive a mistake, it’s an air sign. Because they are intellectual and understand that when you don’t control your emotions, you are prone to saying and doing hurtful things. 

Another interesting thing about air signs is that they are social. They find it very easy to engage in both surface and deep conversations. Boredom is far away from them.  Air signs come with a breath of fresh air that makes it easy for anyone to like them. 

But like the wind, it is difficult to know where they are going and where they will blow you to. These folks can be all over the place. They are adventurous. As a result of their free and adventurous spirit and mentality, they can easily become scattered if they don’t strike a balance.

The key to living a balanced life as an air sign is understanding your negative traits and positive traits.

Air signs positive Traits

Here are some of the good traits associated with air signs;

  • Intellectual
  • Free-spirited
  • Forgiving
  • Social
  • Friendly
  • Leaders

Air Signs Negative Traits

Air signs are associated with the following negative traits:

  • May show a lack of empathy
  • Scattered
  • May begin to talk more than they do
  • Insensitive.
  • Unreliable
  • Indecisive.

Air Signs Compatibility

Air signs are very amazing and interesting individuals. But, just like any other person, they are not perfect and may not be compatible with just anybody.  After understanding what it means to be an air sign, to understand how to relate with air signs, you should also pay attention to the compatibility of air signs with other signs.

Air and Air Signs Compatibility 

It is a general rule of thumb that signs in the same element tend to be compatible with each other.  This is because they share similar attributes and interests. As such, Air signs are compatible with each other. 

Air and Fire Sign Compatibility 

Fire signs are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. They are aggressive individuals who love to be in charge. Just like the oxygen in air supports combustion, air signs and fire signs can relate well. Because they are complementary, they bring out the strength in each other. 

The Air and Fire Zodiac signs that are most compatible include Gemini and Sagittarius, Libra and Aries, and Aquarius and Leo.

Air And Earth Signs Compatibility

Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are earth signs. They are down-to-earth and honest individuals. 

Air and Earth are the polar opposite of each other and may not be so compatible. Initially, they may vibe and feel so much chemistry, but later on, there is a possibility of serious disagreements that are capable of ruining the relationship. 

Air and Water Sign Compatibility 

Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are water signs. They are associated with being very sensitive and emotional.

Air has a neutral relationship with water. The individuals in question will decide the fate of the relationship.  Water signs can easily see air signs are people with no empathy, while air signs can see water signs as too emotional.  However, if the individuals can strike a balance, they can help each other strike a balance between emotions and intellect. 

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