Virgo and Libra compatibility in Love, Sex, and Marriage

virgo and libra

On paper, Virgo and Libra do not make a great match. Virgo is a mutable earth sign that is represented by a virgin. They pay attention to details, while Libra (the zodiac’s aesthetes) is a cardinal air sign that is symbolized by a scale. They love balance and luxury. In nature, air and earth are opposite each other, and in astrology, air and earth sign are not compatible. 

Notwithstanding, the Virgin and Scale can form a formidable pair. They can make good friends, lovers, and even spouses if they dedicate time and effort to their relationship. 

Their differences make them complementary. They have what each other lacks and when they are on the same page, they can make it work. Virgo is a pragmatic and realistic sign and commutation is not a problem with them. They can have intellectual conversations with Libra. Libra is also a friendly sign. So, sparks can fly for these two. 

If you want to know more interesting things about Virgo and Libra compatibility, you are reading the right article. So, enjoy the reading. 

Why are Virgo and Libra attracted to each other?

Virgo and Libra see what they lack in each other. Libra loves to make people happy. As a result of their desire to please people, they can be indecisive. Whereas Virgo is a logical, and analytical sign. Although they take time to make decisions, they know how to make logical decisions. When Libra meets a person who is so stable, they would find this person attractive. 

Virgo is a perfectionist. They are so detailed, critical, and hardworking. When they meet the independent Libra, they would get attracted to Libra’s charm and smile. Virgo will enjoy spending time with Libra as it helps them unwind. 

However, these two need to properly understand each other before taking their relationship to the next level. This is because although their differences make them attracted to each other, they can easily tear them apart. 

Virgo and Libra Friendship

Virgo and Libra make good friends. Virgos show love to those they care about by serving them. They want to support them and be available through thick and thin. Libra on the other hand is also loyal to their friends. 

Libra provides listening ears to the virgin who is so good at seeking flaws and venting out their displeasure. Virgo will bring some stability to Libra. on the other hand, the zodiac’s aesthete will help the virgin view the world from the lens of an imperfect person. 

Their friendship will be full of mutual support, intellectual conversations, and fun activities. However, Virgo will have to be careful with the way they use words around Libra. Libra is a sensitive sign and can get hurt when someone is brutally honest with them. 

Libra and Virgo Relationship 

Virgo and Libra do not have the best compatibility for a dating relationship. Their personality differences are most likely to cause tension in their relationship. Virgo might be too critical and quick to point out flaws and Libra won’t be caught out for such a level of fault finding. 

However, with proper communication and understanding, they would be able to build a long-lasting relationship. The virgin can learn to see beyond Libra’s indecisiveness and appreciate the fact that their Libra partner is always seeking to strike a balance. Libra would also appreciate Virgo’s desire for perfection and apt managerial skills. 

These two will take a long time to decide whether they want to make things official because Virgo loves to critically analyze things before making decisions and the zodiac’s aesthete is generally indecisive. As such they will have to be patient with each other. 

Virgo and Libra Sexual Compatibility

Virgo and Libra may not be best friends or partners, but they may click sexually. Libra is charming. They radiate so much positive energy that Virgo would want to get close to them and even take them to bed to see how cool these folks are with their clothes off. 

Libra would enjoy all of the attention he/she gets from Virgo. They will continue to give themselves green lights until they finally land in bed with each other. 

During sex, Virgo likes to take the lead. They want to be on top and control the outcome of events. Libra on the other hand does not mind submitting. Virgo will take it upon themselves to learn about new sex positions, toys, and styles to spice up their bedroom experience and Libra won’t mind trying all Virgo’s ideas out at least once.

However, Virgo may become too demanding during sex. Libra is submissive, but not to the extent of doing what they are uncomfortable with. This two will have to learn to properly communicate their sexual desires to each other. 

Libra also has to avoid accepting what they do not want to please Virgo. Else, it may result in an unfulfilled sexual life for them. 

Virgo and Libra Marriage

Libra and Virgo can build a successful marriage if they learn to communicate with each other. Virgo is more practical and prefers to take action rather than talk. While Libra likes to be in constant communication with their spouse. 

Libra will need to understand that the virgin needs space to work and think. The Zodiac’s perfectionist will also have to understand that proper communication is key to building a successful marriage. 

The airy and friendly Libra will have to gain the trust of their Virgo spouse to enable the virgin to open up and become more vulnerable with them. 

Another challenge that their relationship may face is that they have different love languages. Virgo shows and receives love by act of service. They want to make life easier for their spouse by reducing the workload. Libra on the other hand shows and receives love by showering lovely words and buying gifts. This two have to understand their differences and love each other the way they uniquely want to be loved.

If they can overcome the challenges of communication, they can become a formidable force for friendship, marriage, and relationships. 

Are Virgo and Libra A Good Match?

Generally, Virgo and Libra do not make the best match. However, no Zodiac pair is impossible. So, this two can make it work with commitment, communication, and compromise. 

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