Taurus and Virgo Compatibility: Friendship, Love, Sex & Marriage

Taurus and Virgo are a made-in-heaven pair of the Zodiac signs. Once Taurus has a crush on Virgo, they would do anything to woo Virgo over. Though they have their weaknesses, they are both loyal and understanding.

Virgo is the sixth member of the twelve Zodiac family. Virgo is astrologically represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. This explains why Virgos are so interested in food. Virgo is a mutable Earth sign that is governed by Mercury, the planet of communication. But Virgos are overthinkers rather than talkers.  

Similar to the Virgos, Taurus is a stubborn, intelligent, and hard worker. But they are a fixed Earth sign. Taurus is represented by the bull and ruled by Venus. Taureans are loyal partners and desire stability.  Taurus natives are the second zodiac sign. They are dire romantics, patient, and quite sensual. The bull is generally attracted to anything artistic and appreciates natural beauty.

Both signs are ruled by the same element (earth) as such they share similar traits and understand each other. They are both stable and intelligent. Taurus and Virgo compatibility is high but they would have to commit to making their relationship work.

Why Are Taurus And Virgo Attracted To Each Other?

Taurus and Virgo are attracted to each other’s stability and loyalty.  The bull falls head over heels in love with the intelligent Virgo at first sight. Virgo is a tireless worker and the bull finds that quite alluring.

Also, the bull loves to be mollycoddled and adores the maiden’s overcaring nature. Taurus’ ability to draw attention to themselves wins Virgo’s heart over. 

They are not rushy. The maiden’s ability to make calculated decisions just like the bull keeps the bull fixated on her. Taurus enjoys Virgo’s welcoming home and tasty dishes. Virgo can not help being so relaxed in the bull’s stable bosom.

These pairs are certainly made for each other.

Taurus And Virgo Friendship

The Taurus-Virgo Friendship is one to be envied. Being from the same Zodiac tribe, they have a lot in common. As long as these Earth signs are concerned, their word is their bound. They would stand by their friends through the darkest night. 

One thing that keeps their bond of friendship is that they are empiric. They have realistic expectations and goals for each other. They are not stuck in their fantasied world. Rather, they understand the reality of living in today’s world.

When placed in a team, Taurus and Virgo will flourish. They would push each other to achieve a given project. The bull and maiden value success and would walk hard to achieve it. There would be no power tussles as Virgo would humbly submit to Taurus’  leadership.

Most interestingly, the Taurus-Virgo friendship would go above and beyond. They are good communicators and not chatty. These two zodiac signs can share their deepest secrets with each other. They would have a great time trying out new things.

Yet, Taurus and Virgo are bound to have problems just like every other pair. Taurus is very opinionated and Virgo does not find this trait attractive. Virgo wants her opinion to be considered not trashed.

Another frustrating situation is Virgo’s critical self. The maiden wants to rationalize everything. They want to see a logical reason behind everything. This trait does not sit well with the sensual Taurus.

Nevertheless, Taurus and Virgo are caring signs. They would make great friends.

Taurus And Virgo Relationship

Taurus and Virgo make your ideal couple. Their love is made in heaven. However, according to Monahan and Semos, the problem with the Taurus-Virgo pair is that they are too perfect for each other. Each other’s presence is so natural that their relationship can lose its flavor.¬†

Another problem with the bull-maiden relationship is stubbornness. They are both headstrong Earth signs who always want to have their way. Though Virgo could change her mind if your opinion is logical. Taurus is obstinate.

Nonetheless, far beyond being a zodiac match, these signs are a loyal match. They would patiently grow from friends to lovers. Virgo and Taurus allow things to grow naturally including their love. They build a strong foundation of friendship on which their relationship would stand. 

On the fair side, Taurus and Virgo make a balanced couple. These two zodiac signs are generous. No one sits on the receiver’s sit rather they shower themselves with gifts.

Taurus And Virgo Sexual Compatibility

In bed, Taurus and Virgo are a perfect match. Their sexual connection would tear off the sheets. Though Virgo is shy when expressing their sexual needs, Taurus is perfect in setting them in motion. 

Taurus is a touchy-feely sign. They take their time to adore their partner’s body. Intense foreplay is very important for their sexual satisfaction. Virgo is full of lustful fantasies. The bull will not flinch to fulfill every of its partner’s desires.

Besides, the bull and the Virgin are sensual signs. Virgo loves to show off their partner. PDAs are definitely not out of place for the Taurus-Virgo pair.

Taurus and Virgo Marriage

Taurus and Virgo are not in a haste to tie the knot. When they do, they would have a satisfying marriage.

They find stability and safety in each other. Though Virgo is flirty, they are loyal partners. They would enjoy the calm and comfort of their home. And talk over their problems. 

In spite of their high compatibility, the bull and maiden would have issues with finances. Taurus is frugal. Virgo is a reckless spender. Taurus does not appreciate this trait and finds it difficult to tame the Virgin’s spending habits.

Are Taurus And Virgo A Good Match?

Taurus and Virgo are an excellent match. They find each other physically attractive Emotionally, they are compatible. The chemistry between them is strong. They also belong to the same Zodiac tribe.

Taurus and Virgo are honest people. They are industrious. You can always count on these Earth signs, they would always show up anytime, any day.

The bull and maiden are soulmates. And they commit to each other’s development.

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