Taurus Compatibility With Taurus: Love, Relationship, Sex & Marriage 

Are you a Taurus native who is considering a fellow Taurus as a friend or partner? If yes, then do not go away. I wrote this article just for you.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and sensuality. The bull is symbolic of their existence. This explains their stubbornness and tenacity. They are the second Zodiac sign on the astrological cycle and love the good life.

The Taurus natives are persistent and love sticking to a routine. They are not a fan of new methods, technologies, and policies. They would rather have things the way they used to be. Their rigidity can come off as boring to other signs. Especially fire and air signs. But with a fellow Taurus, this will not be a problem.

Despite their rigidity, they love to be pampered in different ways. Their love language is touch. Therefore, they can let hours go by as long as they are being cuddled. They also can not stand neck nuzzles.

If you were born between April 20 and May 20, then you belong to the Taurus family. You are dependable and stable. And most importantly, you keep your word.  If you wish to learn the possible outcome of a Taurus and Taurus friendship, marriage, and relationship, this compatibility guide is what you need.

Why are Taurus and Taurus Attracted to Each Other?

Taurus natives are attracted to each other because they are similar. They are a very strong pair in the zodiac cycle. The bull is very opinionated. These folks do not care about what others think about who they choose to be with. Their loyalty is worthy of commendation. 

More finely, Taurus enjoys being loved and cared for. They also know how to do the same. They are, therefore, attracted to themselves. 

Their relationship has the potential to last long. They understand each other’s neediness and behavior. No one understands the bull like another bull does.

Taurus and Taurus Friendship 

Friendship is all about sharing love, bond, values, time, and empathy. The Taurus Taurus pair fits perfectly into this mold. 

This duo is the perfect model of a made-in-heaven friendship. They have so much in common and would have no dull moments. 

On the fair side, Taurus natives do not easily make friends. But they stick to their friends through thick and thin whenever they make one. 

Their need for emotional security would be fulfilled in each other. They understand each other’s neediness and desire to fulfill their partner’s desires. They would also have a great time enjoying their aesthetic pursuits. 

The most beautiful thing about this pair is that they never have issues with over-familiarity. No matter how long they have known each other and been together, they highly esteem each other.

Taurus pairs make beautiful besties. They spell out love and affection

Taurus and Taurus Relationship 

Taurus and Taurus couple seems like a boring pair. They would rather be stuck in a daily routine than dance to the changing tides. Surprise is not a thing for the Taurus native. However, they would have a stable and beautiful romantic relationship. 

This pair is best described as an 18th-century couple. They would hang out in the same place every weekend for the rest of their life. 

Taurus natives are quite stubborn and tend to withdraw emotional contact especially when they are angry. They can be very secretive and would not let out their emotions for fear of being judged. 

But they are ruled by Venus and have high emotional understanding.  They would have a great emotional connection if they learn to trust each other without reservations.

Despite the strong connection between the Taurus pair and the stability they enjoy, they would still have problems just like every other pair.

Taureans are emotionally inclined but are bad starters. They are scared of initiating a conversation or even a date. These pair prefer to bottle up their feelings than risk the judgment of others. This would pose a great challenge in a Taurus-Taurus relationship. Learning to open up and trust each other will help them build a great relationship.

Also, Taureans consider rendering an apology a sign of weakness. Having two people who cannot apologize in a relationship will be a disaster. Such a relationship would be a breeding ground for bitterness, anger, wrath, and unforgiveness. Therefore, this two should understand that a simple apology doesn’t hurt.

Taurus and Taurus Sexual Compatibility 

Taureans in bed would be terrific. Sex for Taurus is slow and steady. They take their time to get into a relationship as well as to have sex. They hate rushing things.  A sign like Aries may see them as sexually boring, but for another Taurus slow and steady is satisfying.

More so, venus rules Taurus. This accounts for their sexual prowess. In bed, Taureans are highly active. They can go to any extent to fulfill their lust.

Taureans would enjoy long smooching and fulfilling sexual activity. Thus, their compatibility in bed is very high. They would make beautiful romantic partners.

Taurus Taurus Marriage 

Have you heard that birds of a feather flock together? That is the case for two Taureans in love.  

They make a magical couple in bed and have a great relationship. Therefore, a lifelong marriage commitment is not a hurricane task.

Taurus natives are loyal and they would have no fear of infidelity in marriage. They understand each other and tend to provide for each other’s growth. 

On a good note, they would work hard to have the comfort and convenience they love to have. They will build their home on a solid rock of love and mutual understanding.

Despite their love for the flamboyant lifestyle, they do not indulge in wasteful spending. They would have no fear of poverty as they have high financial intelligence. Together, they would secure their future financially. 

Though their high compatibility does not cancel out the fact that they would have issues. Taureans in marriage would learn to trust each other and forgive their partners for a fulfilling life together.

Are Taurus and Taurus a Good Match?

Taurus and Taurus are a great match. They are physically, emotionally, sexually, and intellectually compatible. Astrologically, they are one of the strongest pairs in the Zodiac cycle. 

Most importantly, Taureans know how to create beautiful memories with each other. They are so loyal. They would climb the highest mountains and swim in the deepest oceans to show their loyalty.

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