Taurus and Leo Compatibility: Friendship, Love, Sex & Marriage

Leo and Taurus are not so compatible. These folks are so different that they may find it hard to see eye to eye. However, if they are on the same page, they can become BFFs and even a power couple.

Leo is a fire sign that sits in the fifth position in the twelve zodiac family tree.  This sign is ruled by the Sun; the embodiment of strength, life, and vitality. Leo natives are stable, loyal, disciplined, and dependable. They are true-hearted friends.

To add to it, Leo is represented by the Lion. The Lions believe that they are royalty and are born to rule. The Lions have a dominating presence. They command respect and attention everywhere. Leo puts up an elegant and stylish appearance that everyone wants to associate with. These folks will teach Taurus how to be spontaneous.

Contrary to the foregoing, Taurus is a fixed Earth sign and the second Zodiac sign. Taurus natives are strong-willed and are attuned to the calm and cozy lifestyle. They love to be given preferential treatment over other signs.

Astrologically, the symbol for Taurus is the bull. The bull is accountable for its pig-headedness. The bulls are under the government of Venus; the planet of love, beauty, and money. Taureans are therefore attracted to aesthetics and anything artistic. They love to relax in a naturally serene environment beautifully adorned with flowers. The Taurus natives’ birthdays fall between May 20 and April 20. Taurus will teach cancer to make plans.

Can Leo and Taurus move past their differences? This compatibility article has the answer.

Why are Taurus and Leo Attracted To Each Other?

Taurus and Leo share a strong desire for a loyal and stable partner. Taurus is a stable sign and longs for a stable relationship. The Lion also is a fixed sign and provides the stability that the bull longs for in a partner.

Leo is the royal prince of the Zodiac signs. The Lion carries itself with so much elegance and class. Taurus loves anything classy, sophisticated, and sexy. And yes! Taurus is naturally attracted to Leo.

Moreso, the Earth and Water signs love to receive so much attention. Their attraction is also tied to the attention and intimacy they are willing to share.

Taurus loves to be pampered. The generous Lion gives unsparingly. The bull is drawn to Lion’s profuse generosity. The bull would rather be in Leo’s bosom than be anywhere else.

In addition, Taurus is from Venus. Love and beauty are very important to sensual Taurus. The bull is attracted to Leo’s pretty face. Leo is a hottie and would feed Taurus’ fantasies. 

Taurus And Leo Friendship

Taurus and Leo would form a great bond of friendship. The Bull and Lion are very loyal partners. They would go through the fire for another’s sake. The Bull-Lion pair would surely last a lifetime.

Moreso, their mutual interests and values bring them closer even more. Taurus and Leo love and appreciate the beauty and comfortable life. These buddies are always in to compliment each other.

However, these amazing buddies might breed bitterness and resentment. Taurus and Leo are fixed signs. Opening up, especially when there is a fight seems like a hurricane task for the duo. Lack of communication would strengthen the hurts in their hearts. 

Sadly, Taurus and Leo can receive a gold medal for holding grudges. They would hold on to their opinions during arguments, then hurt themselves. Leo and Taurus would both withdraw and nurture grudges against each other.

The scariest part would be their power tussles. Taurus is very stubborn, just like Leo. Leo believes he is royalty and should be the leader. Taurus is not close to being submissive either. This two would fight over who would be the head and cannot make a good team.

Taurus And Leo Relationship

The Taurus-Leo relationship is a case of love at first sight. Though, Leo is generally attractive. Taurus is so attracted to the sexy Lion. They can not help being in love.

Taureans are naturally not explorers. They love sticking to the status quo at work, at home, and even in their relationships. The bull is not hasty. They take their time to make the right decisions about anything even to whom they date. Taureans make sure that their partner is worth their time. Leo is surely not one to think twice about.

Initially, there is a lot of spark and emotional connection between these lovebirds. They would paint the entire city in love. Going for multiple dates, wearing matching outfits, and shielding each other from other admirers. They would surely make you fall in love.

Sadly, the Taurus-Leo pair is such that it should be wished away. This is because jealousy would tear this duo apart. 

Taurus can share their attention between their job and partner. But Leo wants to be the focal point of their partner’s attention.  Leo’s jealousy would spring from feeling ignored by Taurus.

However, Taurus’s jealousy takes a different route. Taurus is conservative and overprotective of their own. Leo is outgoing and draws so much attention. The bull feels insecure about the amount of attention Leo gains and becomes jealous.

Conversely, Taurus and Leo can build a great relationship that would lead them down the aisle.

Taurus And Leo Sexual Compatibility

Under the sheets, Taurus and Leo share strong sexual chemistry. These romantics are sensual and long for intense sexual pleasure. They are great lovers and would spoil themselves in bed.

Naturally, Taureans are gentle and not rushy. Taureans take their time to adore their partner’s body, taking their time to relish every moment. But the bull is not as lustful as Leo. Leo is rather very touchy. They do not need a century to get the bull turned on.

Nevertheless, the couple would learn to open up to their partner about their sexual needs and fantasies. Taurus and Leo also need to tame their jealousy and possessiveness to have a lifetime of sexual ecstasy.

Taurus And Leo Marriage

The Lion-Bull relationship is a formidable foundation for a long-lasting marriage.

Taurus and Leo are lovers of stability. Their marriage will enjoy relative stability and loyalty. The bull and Lion are quite dependable and would have no issue with infidelity.

However, their marriage compatibility depends solely on the individuals involved. 

Taurus would have to create time for their partner to show their commitment to the marriage. Leo also would learn to shift the focus from themselves. Else, they would end up in a disaster.

Are Taurus And Leo A Good Match?

Taurus and Leo are not the best matches for each other but they can work. This duo is true-hearted and would take bullets for their partner. They make an enviable pair.

Emotionally, Taurus and Leo have an unbreakable connection. Taurus understands Leo’s need for appreciation and attention. Leo also understands how much the bull wants their efforts reciprocated. The bull-lion pair is awarded the most loyal zodiac pair.

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