Taurus and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage 

When dreamy cancer and headstrong Taurus meet, they would help each other see the world better. So, Taurus and cancer are compatible. But their relationship will face its fair share of challenges.

Cancer is the fourth Zodiac sign. It is a water sign and is represented by crabs. Cancerians are very intuitive. They can perceive different vibes people give out. Cancer natives can exist in the emotional and material realm because the crab seemingly switches from the ocean to the shores. 

Cancer is ruled by the moon; the embodiment of comfort, self-care, and maternal energy. They are very sensitive and tend to have very annoying mood swings. In addition, Cancer can be a bit difficult to understand. They seem to be difficult on the surface but they are caring and homely. Cancer natives are worth having as friends. Cancer natives celebrate their birthdays between June 21 and July 22. 

Taurus sits second on the astronomical wheel of Zodiac signs. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign and astrologically represented by a bull. The bull explains why Taureans are headstrong and opinionated. Though they are not easygoing, they are very sensual beings. Taureans love to be given special treatment and pampered. 

Taureans are governed by Venus; the planet of love, money, and beauty. They love the calm, cozy and comfortable life. Taurus natives are very dependable and loyal. They take their time to make friends and when they do, they last a lifetime. Taureans are however allergic to change.  Their birthdates span from April 20 to May 20. 

Despite their personality differences, they can make amazing pairs. In this Taurus and Cancer compatibility, we have discussed what their marriage, friendship, relationship, and the sexual union would look like.

Why Are Taurus Attracted To Cancer?

Taurus and Cancer are attracted to each other because there is strong chemistry between them. Taurus loves a loyal and loving partner and Cancer is just perfect. 

Friendships and attractions are a result of mutual interests. This duo has a lot in common. They are both foodies. The bull loves eating and Cancer enjoys being on the kitchen table. The crab makes tasty meals that keep the bull coming.

The bull and Crab are empathetic and understand each other’s neediness. Cancer natives are humane and kind-hearted. Yes! The Crab’s presence keeps the bull at ease. Cancer’s calm demeanor and welcoming home suits Taurus’s desires.  This duo would for sure make a great pair.

Taurus And Cancer Friendship 

Taurus and Cancer are quite compatible as friends. They are very conservative in speech and thus are great confidants to each other.

Also, their friendship is characterized by stability and loyalty. They would have a great time together staying at home, playing games, and watching movies.

Cancer is not so much of the partying type, so she/he has no problem being alone at home with her Taurean partner every weekend.

However, they might encounter some challenges as Taurus is very stubborn. They are bent on their will. Cancer might not find this trait welcoming especially when their opinions are not accepted. Taurus on the other side might become frustrated from Cancer’s incessant mood swings. 

Nevertheless, these signs are very protective of who they love. They can make dare sacrifices and compromise for each other. And that is what friendship is all about; sacrifices!

Taurus And Cancer Relationship

The Taurus -Cancer pair would make you believe in soulmates. Their case is that of love at first sight.

Taurus does not need many skills to woo Cancer and the crab would come running to the bull. These pair are very frank with their emotions and neediness.

The water sign is governed by the moon; the emotional celestial body. The bull also esteems the moon, therefore cancer is at home with Taurus.

Taurus would have no problem trusting Cancer. Taurus would tell Cancer their wildest thoughts and craziest imaginations. Their secrets are safe with each other.

Conversely, Taurus would learn to speak softly to the sensitive Cancer. Taurus would also teach cancer to forgive.

Cancer is reactive, and Taurus is a distinguished obstinate person. Cancer can get offended at the bull’s stubbornness and they begin to resent each other. These signs are notorious for holding grudges. 

If Cancer wants to have a lasting relationship with Taurus, they would have to learn to forgive one another. They should also learn to keep the communication line open always and give no room for bitterness.

More so, Cancer’s emotional instability can be exhausting. Taurus would need to learn to accommodate Cancer’s incessant mood swings. Notwithstanding the challenges, this couple would swim joyfully in the ocean of love.

Taurus and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

In the bedroom, Taurus and Cancer have the best connection. Taurus would take their time to spoil Cancer with love. Slowly adoring every part of their body.

Taureans love sticking to conventions. The bulls are not willing to explore positions and toys under the sheet. Cancer however loves the attention they get from their Taurean partner in bed.

Additionally, Taurus and Cancer value intimacy. So, sex would not just be a routine but an activity to look forward to.

Taurus And Cancer Marriage

Taurus is calm, calculated, dependable, and loyal. Cancer is emotional and impulsive. Being married to each other would be picture perfect.

Marriage demands stability and understanding, these two provide the stability they need. 

Additionally, Taurus enjoys staying home and eating homemade meals. And the crab is equal to the task.  They would both build a conducive environment to nurture their love.

Most beautifully, there is no fear of financial instability in the future. Taurus is governed by Venus, the planet of money. Taureans know how to save for rainy days.

Also, Taurus natives know how to get their hands dirty to make a dollar. Therefore, Cancer has no fear of being with a lazy fellow.

Finally, the Air and Water sign knows how to nurture their love into a blossoming marriage.

Are Taurus And Cancer A Good Match?

Taurus and Cancer are a perfect match. The fixed Air and Cardinal Water signs are physically, emotionally, intellectually, and sexually compatible. They are literally soulmates.

Also, Cancer has proved to be worthy of Taurus’ trust. Taurus cannot help trusting the Crab with his thoughts and feelings.

The crab and bull have similar values and interests and would make a great team.

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