Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility in Love, Sex and Marriage

Pisces and Scorpio are compatible zodiac pairs. They are both water signs, and when two water Signs come together, you can expect more depth. They both share deep emotions and a desire to be loved, so when they meet each other, it’s like they have found their soulmate. 

Scorpio is a fixed water sign that is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Like every other water sign, they are emotional, however, they do not express their emotions in a hurry. To avoid getting heartbroken they prefer to act like they do not care even when they do. As a sign that is ruled by Pluto, they tend to be secretive and the influence of Mars makes them susceptible to jealousy.

If your birthday falls between October 23 and November 21, you are a Scorpio.

Pisces on the other hand is a mutable water sign that is ruled by Jupiter the planet of abundance, and Neptune the planet of dreams. So they have an abundance of love to give and they are always living in the world of their fantasy. They are compassionate and loving. They would do anything to make others happy. 

If your birthday falls between February 19 to March 20, your Zodiac sign is Pisces.

If you want to know if Scorpio and Pisces are a good match, keep reading. We have looked at everything astrology has to say about their friendship, marriage, relationship, and sexual compatibility. 

Why are Pisces and Scorpio attracted to each other?

Pisces and Scorpio are attracted to each other’s uniqueness. Although they are ruled by the same elements, they have their peculiarities and this is what interests them.

Pisces is attracted to Scorpio’s intelligence, honesty, kindness, and loyalty. While Scorpio is attracted to Pisces’ dreamy nature. 

Although Pisces like to dream, they don’t know how to make their dreams come true. By relating with Scorpios, Pisces could tap from their confidence to follow their dreams. Pisces will also help Scorpio come out of the shell and express their emotions better. 

It is noteworthy to add that Scorpio folks are kind and caring, but they don’t trust easily so when they trust you, you don’t want to break their trust because they would never forget. By relating with the compassionate and forgiving Pisces, Scorpio can learn to forgive as well. 

Scorpio and Pisces’ Friendship

In astrology, Pisces and Scorpio are 120 degrees away from each other. This means that they form a trine. The implication of forming a trine is beneficial to their friendship and relationship. Because it means they bring harmony, joy, growth, and luck to each other.

If Scorpios think they are hard and tough, they should wait till they have a Pisces friend. Pisces get to Scorpio in a way that most of the other Zodiacs don’t. They know what to do to bring out the vulnerability of Scorpio. 

As a Scorpio, you need to get yourself a Pisces friend because with them you can do away with the fear of being betrayed or judged. They are so loyal that they would never intentionally hurt you. Pisces also need Scorpio friends to help them live in reality more. 

Both Scorpio and Pisces are psychics, so they trust their intuition. They would not be able to ride on each other because they can both see through each other’s words and actions. This will help maintain mutual respect in their friendship. When they are on the same page, they make an enviable duo.

Pisces and Scorpio Relationship 

Since Pisces and Scorpio are both water signs, they will bond emotionally first before any other sort of bond. They will be able to understand each other’s needs in the relationship. 

Pisces are very emotional and would desire a lot of attention in the relationship. Although Scorpios take time to express emotions, when they do, their Pisces partner should get ready for an outburst of love. However, Scorpios want to be sure that they are the only ones their partner is loving. They easily lean towards jealousy. This may be a problem because they can misunderstand Pisces’ kindness towards others as cheating. 

To keep the relationship going, both parties will need to intentionally complement each other. Pisces are so nice that they do not know when to speak up for themselves and say no. This is where a Scorpio partner comes in. When you notice someone trying to take advantage of the niceness of your Pisces partner, speak up for them. As the Pisces person in the relationship, when you notice your Scorpio partner is beginning to feel downcasted, cheer them up with the abundance of love and joy you bring.  

Pisces and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

The emotional bond that Pisces and Scorpio feel will transcend into mind-blowing sex. A touch, cuddle, kind words, or eye gaze is enough to stir them up for an amazing time on cloud nine, just the way Pisces folks envisage it in their fantasy. 

This duo has a psychic link that makes it easy for them to understand each other’s emotional and sexual needs. They are so sexually compatible that even if the relationship fails, they will remember each other for the great sex they had. 

However, they both have to be intentional about receiving as much pleasure as they give. Because they can get carried away with pleasuring each other that they fail to receive pleasure as well. 

Pisces and Scorpio Marriage

If Scorpio and Pisces can build a good friendship and relationship, they would be able to prepare themselves for the hurdles that may come their way in marriage. 

Pisces partners would have to prove to the secret-loving Scorpio that their secret is safe with them. This is crucial in marriage because if your Scorpio partner notices that their secret is not safe with you, expect a marriage full of secrets from them. 

The Scorpio spouse should also learn to trust their Pisces spouse. The fact that they smile at others does not mean they are cheating. Give them that benefit of doubt. As a Pisces person, you sometimes lack boundaries and you may want to encroach into the boundaries of your spouse. Avoid the temptation to do this to a Scorpio because they appreciate their space. 

Are Pisces and Scorpio A Good Match?

Yes, Pisces and Scorpio are a good match. From the initial spark, they have what it takes to make their relationship last long. The amazing sexual life will also play a role in keeping their relationship going. Even if the relationship doesn’t work, every time spent together will be worth the while.

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