Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage

When the intense emotional Pisces meets the fiery Archer, what could the possible outcome be? The Pisces and Sagittarius combination is the coming together of water and fire, bombarded with equal momentum, intensity, and drive. This two can either form steam or ruin each other’s effort.

Superficially there are many reasons why Pisces and Sagittarius shouldn’t work but if Physics is anything to go by, then opposite poles make for the strongest bonds. 

Pisces; is the deeply emotional water sign, loving like consuming fire and flooding water.  Sagittarius; the committed fire sign, is big on their independence and personal space. Pisces is as clingy as Sagittarius and is independently oriented. What one sign lacks in personality, the other makes up for. Their differences draw them together. Fire gives water some steam and water gives fire some cool.

If you’re interested in knowing what this paring has in terms of its marriage, friendship, relational and sexual compatibility, then stick around. Have a pleasant read.

Why are Pisces and Sagittarius attracted to each other?

Pisces sees Sagittarius and is instantly drawn to its intelligent personality. It’s like paint to canvas, ship to water, and sunsets to mornings. The fish (pieces) finds Sagittarius as one in need of Love. Pisces’ fortitude will be attractive to Sagittarius but it’ll be a strange sensation at first for the solo-oriented archer. 

Pisces will be intrigued by Sagittarius’ zeal and drive to get things done while Sagittarius will be intrigued by Pisces’ overwhelming commitment to others. Sagittarius’ love for Independence will pull a lot of weight but in the end, we all need someone to hold, someone to love, and someone that’ll stay. Pisces comes running as ‘that someone’ and the archer will loosen up on the solo act. Like opposing poles the magnetic pull will be intense, beaming off energy into the universe. 

If these two are on the same page, they will be a formidable duo, complementing each other’s lack. However, if they let their differences get the best of them, they will barely see eye to eye. 

Sagittarius and Pisces Friendship

A Sagittarius and Pisces friendship would be tricky but possible. As friends, they will get along well, seeing that friendship requires fewer commitments, Pisces and Sagittarius can make a good duo.

Their friendship will thrive if water gives fire some room to steam it up and if fire returns the favor by giving water some room to cool it down. Both Sagittarius and Pisces will bring their A-game to the field.

However, their friendship may be plagued by Sagittarius’ need for freedom. This fire sign doesn’t want to have only one friend. But Pisces are so emotional that they don’t want to share with their friends. 

Sagittarius can’t stand Pisces demanding its time and attention 24/7 while Pisces would gladly take any hit if Sagittarius needed it to. 

Pisces would get Sagittarius’ full commitment if they are willing to have a good, deep, and intellectual discussion frequently and Sagittarius will get Pisces’ full commitment if it’s willing to be loved. 

Pisces and Sagittarius Relationship

Sagittarius and Pisces are not so compatible with a dating relationship. At first, it’s easy for these two to fall in love, seeing that Sagittarius is a passionate sign and Pisces is an emotional water sign. However, their relationship will face too many challenges that may tear them apart. 

Pisces will feel like the relationship lacks togetherness. This is because Sagittarius loves its personal space while Pisces is clingy. Pisces won’t get as much indulgence as it desires from Sagittarius and will feel like a stranger even at home. 

Sagittarius won’t be comfortable with Pisces’ clinginess and feel like a prisoner even at home. In the long run, they’ll wear each other out. Notwithstanding, by establishing boundaries things could get spicy. 

Sagittarius is carefree, whereas Pisces is caring. They’ll need help coming to a consensus. Consequent to these opposing realities, they’ll most likely have a rocky relationship. There will be misunderstandings but it can be fixed. 

Pisces and Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

The chemistry between Pisces and Sagittarius will be nuclear. This chemistry will be insatiable because of their passionate personalities. Sagittarius’s bullseye commitment will come into play while Pisces’ passion will envelop the space. It’ll be an adventure!

This two have what it takes to have an orgasm-filled sexual relationship, but it may not always be the case. Sagittarius is a fire sign and sees sexual intimacy as another amazing adventure. Whereas, Pisces is a water sign that sees sex as a way to bond with their partner. Since this two have different expectations of sex they may find it difficult to satisfy each other. 

After sex, Pisces would want to ask ‘What are we now?’ but for Sagittarius, they don’t necessarily have to be anything. Also after sex, Sagittarius is off to the next exciting thing, while Pisces wants to have a heartfelt conversation. Even if they had the best sex, this two can leave each other unsatisfied with the way they act after the bedroom intimacy they just shared. 

Pisces and Sagittarius Marriage

This water and fire sign are not compatible with marriage. However, marriage between Pisces and Sagittarius will work only on the basis of adaptability and compromise. 

Water will loosen up on its flooding and fire will loosen up on its heating. A marriage between Pisces and Sagittarius will be a continuing class where they learn from each other. It’ll be spectacular if it works, this can be likened to oil and water mixing.

Rather than force each other into changing, they can use their differences to complement each other. 

Are Pisces and Sagittarius A Good Match?

No, Pisces and Sagittarius do not make a good match. A match between Pisces and Sagittarius will be that of the beauty and the beast. It’s an intriguing match, a blockbuster. Largely speaking it won’t be a good match because of the intensity of conflicting interests. With that much conflict, Pisces and Sagittarius turning out to be good are will seem like a fantasy.

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