Pisces And Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex, And Marriage 

Pisces and Pisces compatibility

When the fishes swim toward each other, they form a deep emotional bond. Pisces and Pisces as lovers, in bed, or as married couples are very compatible. Pisceans know their way around each other and understand their personalities better than any other sign.

Pisces is the twelfth and last member of the twelve astrological zodiac signs. They are the mutable members of the Water signs. These signs celebrate their birthdays between February 19 and March 20. Pisceans are astrologically represented as two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Thus, they have issues balancing the real world and their fantasy. 

Being ruled by Neptune, Pisceans are ingenious and dreamy. In a relationship, they tend to form a soulish connection before forming a physical bond. Their compatibility is quite high and makes them the fairy tale couple of the zodiac signs. 

Why Are Pisces Attracted To Each Other?

Pisceans are attracted to fellow Pisces because they are both calm and sensitive. They desire deep physical-spiritual realm understanding and no sign embodies this more than the fishes. As such, this mutable water sign easily forms a strong attachment with each other. 

Another thing that draws these signs to each other is empathy. They are emotional beings and love to express their feelings without being judged. 

Pisceans are the ones to call you and complain about the length of a queue or the rude salesperson at the grocery store. They also want their partner to tell them how they love and value them. Thus, they naturally gravitate toward each other. 

In addition to this, the Fish has a thing for intelligent people. They are cerebral and would not stay around unintelligent folks. As a result, they love to engage in meaningful conversations and would not spend a minute gossiping.

However, they don’t need a stereotypical partner. Fishes love creativity and want an unconventional partner with so many vibes. To maintain their positive energy, they would rather be with fellow Fish than any other. So, they naturally find each other attractive.

Pisces And Pisces Friendship 

The Pisces-Pisces friendship is too good to be true. These zodiac pairs are the real best friends forever (BFF) of the zodiac signs. Pisceans are self-sacrificing, they would care for you even at their own expense. They are extremely kind and make a mutual bond. 

As besties, they have so much in common. They can trust each other to understand their struggles. Their love for creative arts is more of a binding force. They would spend hours together analyzing a piece that interests them. Also, the fish signs are honest but fear confrontations. Within the bond of friendship, they know how to handle issues in a way that favors them both. 

Just like every other pair, this water pair also has its bad Pisceans are daydreamers. They would rather be stuck in their fantasy than embrace real life. Sometimes, they tend to be lazy and procrastinate. Therefore, they would make bad teammates and achieve very little when in charge of a project. 

Also, people belonging to this sign are bad at setting boundaries. Pisceans would find it difficult to maintain a healthy friendship without getting overly attached. They tend to be emotional about everything. As a result of this, a platonic boy-girl friendship among Pisceans is headed for doom. 

Pisces And Pisces Relationship 

When the dreamy Pisces walk into a room and sight another Piscean, they immediately get attracted to each other. Theirs is a case of love at first sight. And as emotionally expressive as they are, they would spare no time confessing their love for each other. The deep connection they form is so admirable.  

On their first date, they would prefer a restaurant or beach with a romantic view. They fishes love fairytale romance and want nothing less than perfection on their date. From opening the door to pulling the chair for them to sit even to flowers and roses. The female Piscean wants to be Cinderella with her prince charming. Thankfully, they understand each other’s needs and would meet them to the last point.

As lovers, Pisceans would shower their partners with love and attention. They would go to any length to make their Fish partner happy. Naturally, the Fishes are great support systems. Therefore,  they will provide great emotional support to each other.

However, members of this sign are shameless flirts. Their basic problem in a relationship would be loyalty. Instead of trying to be faithful, they would stretch their necks to flirt with the next person.

Pisces And Pisces Sexual Compatibility 

Under the sheets is one place Pisces easily express themselves. These two romantics work magic in bed. There is undeniably a strong chemistry between them. Therefore, they have an excellent way of sexually and emotionally connecting to their partner. 

Naturally, Pisceans fantasize a lot about everything including lovemaking. These sensual signs can communicate their fantasies to each other. These mutable water signs are generous and would do anything to meet their partner’s needs. As a result, they would enjoy mutual sexual satisfaction. 

On the bad side, the Fish do not have control over their emotions. Thus, their incessant mood swings would pose a threat to their sexual lives. so, to enjoy sexual bliss, this duo would learn emotional intelligence. They would also learn to place logic above their feelings. 

Pisces And Pisces Marriage 

Generally, Pisceans make a great couple together. They are both mutable water signs and understand each other perfectly. Their relationship would be sweet as they continually recreate memories together. This couple would surely make you believe the fairy tale love story. 

As married couples, these mutable signs would encourage each other to be better. Pisces are very patient and would not force any behavioral change on anyone. Rather, they would tolerate each other’s excesses until they see the desired change. 

But as the excited butterflies in their belly calm down, the storm sets in. This pair will have trouble communicating properly. Pisceans are amazing listeners but bad at passing information themselves. If this duo would stand the test of time, they need to learn to express themselves without hurting each other.

Are Pisces And Pisces A Good Match?

Pisces and Pisces make an awesome match. These pairs are emotionally, sexually, and intellectually compatible. They are from the same zodiac sign and perfectly understand each other. 

Aside from being the same signs. Pisces and Pisces are astrological soulmates. They make the magic pair of zodiac signs. However, they need to learn to be emotionally independent.

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