Pisces and Leo Compatibility in Love, Sex & Marriage

Pisces and Leo are not very compatible. They are two opposite zodiac signs. Their relationship will be full of drama. They are both emotional signs, but like water and fire, their energizes are contrasting. 

Pisces is a water sign while Leo is a fire sign. Leo occupies the fifth position in the astrological cycle of zodiac signs. Love belongs to the fire element, thus they are warm-hearted and full of life. They are symbolized by the Nemean Lion which explains their desire to always be at the top. Leo thinks they are born to rule and should be leaders anywhere anytime. Leo is ruled by the Sun; the heavenly body of life and vigor. Leo’s birthdate falls between July 23 to August 23. 

Pisces are however distinct beings. They are mutable water signs and the last Zodiac sign in the astrological chart. Being influenced by Venus, Pisces are suckers for romance and attention. Pisces are governed by Neptune and Jupiter which explains their empathetic and generous nature as well as their wishful thinking. Pisces is represented by two fishes facing opposite directions which accounts for their constant dilemma to stick to reality or be stuck in fantasy. If you are born between February 19 and March 20, then you are a Piscean. 

This Leo and Pisces compatibility horoscope has everything there is to know about their love, friendship, relationship, and sexual compatibility. 

Why is Pisces Attracted to Leo?  

Pisces and Leo are peculiarly amazing. The fire would always boil the water and the water would always put out the fire. Pisces and Leo are that duo that would be attracted at first sight. Leo’s ingenuity and fervor attract the dreamy Pisces. Tough Leo also gets enchanted by Pisces’ sensitivity. 

Pisces on the other side is quite a lovable soul. Pisces’ humility allures the proud Lion. They are both creative and would enjoy exercising their cerebral muscles. Pisces and Leo are both reliable and would not fear disloyalty. However, their relationship would be a melodrama. 

Pisces is kind and full of dreams. However, Pisces lack the motivation and tenacity to make their dreams come true. Leo is rather brave, disciplined, and dedicated. Leo would motivate Pisces to work out the dreams. While Pisces help Leo be considerate of the feelings of others. 

Leo and Pisces’ Friendship

Do you know the saying that unlike charges attract? Water and fire are the exact examples. Despite their differences, they would surely make great friends. They are both friendly and artistic; they have a special strong psychological connection. 

Leo is a fixed fire sign that is brave and daring. Leo loves to be in the spotlight and Pisces would gladly be his hypeman. Pisces is an emotional mutable water sign. They are very loyal and Leo needs a Pisces in his life as Pisces is a full support system. 

Despite their unique bond, they might have a few squabbles. Leo is quite possessive and domineering but the free-spirited Pisces would not want to police about. Leo would also not be comfortable that Pisces is seemingly insubordinate. Also, jealousy might creep in when Leo receives divided attention from Pisces. The fish is overly friendly compared to the Lion, thus the Lion feels intimidated by Pisces’ numerous friends and acquaintances.

Though they view the world from different lenses, they both complement each other.  They would have to learn to accommodate their different personas to make an enviable duo.

Pisces and Leo Relationship

Leo and Pisces are an outstanding pair. Pisces is an unstable impulsive sign while Leo is a brace and stable sign. Placing these signs side by side looks like a disaster but they have a handful of things in common. Pisces and Leo both desire a lasting relationship and would have to work to have it. They are lusty, kindhearted, and loyal. These folks would respect each other’s subjective experience

The Lion and Fish are believers in love at first sight. They would both fall in love easily. Leo is always needing attention and loves to be pampered. Thankfully, Pisces is equal to the task as they love to provide their partner solace and morale boost. Pisces will bend over backward to please their partner. 

However, Pisces and Leo would have a few issues. They have strong feelings but cannot effectively communicate them. Pisces is quite generous and Leo is a good receiver. Pisces might feel exploited as Leo is not very good at reciprocating generosity. 

Nevertheless, Pisces is comfortable having someone make judgments and Leo also loves to give orders. They would make a beautiful duo. 

Pisces and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Pisces and Leo are romantics. They both have high sexual desires and are full of fantasy. Pisces is sultry and would adore every part of Leo’s body; Leo loves it. Leo is fiery in bed. The Lion is sweet, romantic yet dominating. Leo is a fixed sign and would stick to sex cannons. The sexual connection and energy between this pair are strong.

The Fish would seductively woo the Lion to her beautiful world of sexual ecstasy. Leo is rather untamed in the bedroom and driven by desire and lust. The fish seems to be specially designed to absorb all of the Lion’s energy.

Nonetheless, Pisces would learn to communicate their fantasies to their partner. This is because Pisces is always giving while Leo is always at the receiving end. They would, however, have a great sex life.

Pisces and Leo Marriage

To have a lasting and blissful marriage, Pisces and Leo would learn to understand each other and accommodate their different personas. Leo needs to get accustomed to Pisces’ sensitivity and need to be attuned to their partner. The fish also have to understand Lion’s bossy nature. 

However, their peculiarity does not cancel out their compatibility. Pisces and Leo’s marriage would flourish if they commit to their relationship.

Are Pisces and Leo a Good Match?

Pisces and Leo do not make a very good match. However,  their compatibility cannot be completely overruled because of their unique characteristics. The Lion and Fish are amiable and make great friends. They would not live with pain and hurts as Pisces is very forgiving.

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