Pisces and Gemini Compatibility in Love, Sex & Marriage

Pisces and Gemini are water and air signs, they are not so compatible. However, with commitment, they can make their friendship, relationship, and marriage work. 

Pisces is a water sign and occupies the last position on the astrological wheel of zodiac signs. Pisces is ruled by Neptune; the planet of love, magic, mystery, and spiritual realm. They are very creative and can be stuck in their world of fantasy. The Pisceans are quite intuitive, sensitive, and compassionate. This water sign is represented by two fishes facing opposite directions. Their astrological symbol shows their constant strive to give utmost attention to either fantasy or reality. The Pisceans are loyal and would love to a fault. Pisces’ birth dates fall between February 19 and March 20.

Unlike Pisces, Gemini is an air sign and their birthdates span from May 21 up to June 21. They are the third zodiac sign. Gemini is represented by a set of twins (Castor and Pollux)which shows the duality in their personalities. They are governed by Mercury; the planet of communication. Gemini is quite entertaining and easily makes friends. This air sign loves multi-tasking and easily switches passions, hobbies, careers even peer groups. Though they are usually seen as double-faced, Gemini hardly has an ulterior motive and is very loyal. 

If you want to learn more about what astrology has to say about the Compatibility of Pisces and Gemini, then keep reading this horoscope.

Why are Gemini and Pisces attracted to each other?

Gemini and Pisces are two mutable signs and can adjust.  They are both absorbers; Gemini absorbs ideas while Pisces absorb mystical emotional impressions. They share and connect through deep conversations, jokes, and mimicry. 

Gemini is quite lively and easily makes friends while Pisces is very emotional. Pisces is inspired by Gemini’s cheerfulness and follows their lead in interesting activities and places. Pisces would in turn spoil Gemini with so much love and affection. Though Gemini and Pisces do not naturally seem to get attracted, they could make deliberate efforts to be friends.

Gemini and Pisces’ Friendship

Gemini and Pisces seem to make one of the worst friendships ever. The twin is very unstable, impulsive, adventurous yet unreliable. They would not lie deliberately but could change their minds easily. This would easily hurt the gullible Pisces who trust to a fault. 

Gemini loves talking but certainly not about their feelings. Pisces on the other hand are very sympathetic and hate being criticized. When Gemini is refusing to talk about how they feel, Pisces can become withdrawn. 

These two-star signs are very indecisive and would make bad teammates. The Fish could become dejected and withdrawn especially if Gemini does not understand and communicate effectively. They would therefore need to put in so much effort to fulfill each other’s neediness.

However, they are both mutable signs and can adapt. Gemini and Pisces understand each other well and would not have a dull moment. They both like to acquire knowledge, and use and show off their intellect. They would surely make an amazing duo if they commit to making it all work.

Gemini and Pisces Relationship

Generally, Pisces and Gemini may not click immediately. Though they are both prone to falling in love at first sight, their emotional disposition would pose a threat. Pisces is so expressive of their emotions but Gemini would rather be silent. 

The fish signs are romantic dreamers who fantasize about their love life. They want to connect deeply with their partner. While Gemini would rather be logical about everything including love. Gemini loves their space and would not want to be stuck with someone. In the end, Gemini easily breaks up and moves on. Moreover, Gemini does not believe in the idea of a soulmate as it is not logical enough for them. But Pisces would get lost in search of their soulmate. 

Gemini is outgoing, energetic, and would have a heap of friends. While Pisces is shy, sensitive, and naïve. Their perspective toward friendship and relationship is just different. They would have too many clashes. However, Pisces is forgiving, so their clashes won’t last.

Notwithstanding, Pisces and Gemini would make wonderful lovers. Pisces would always reciprocate the love and attention of their lovers. Their relationship would be quite affectionate because of their common interest in gaining knowledge. They could make an enviable duo.

Pisces and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Gemini and Pisces are like an unlikely couple and sex are more like an awkward thing to them. Though they both have high sex drives, they view sex from different angles. Pisces is more passionate than Gemini. Gemini views sex as a transactional act. 

Pisces are very emotionally dependent and would be unsatisfied because Gemini does not attach so many feelings to sex. 

Gemini wants to live out their sexual fantasies and try out exploring with their partner. The twins are adventurous and try out styles, positions, and even toys. While Pisces always want to fulfill their partner’s needs. Pisces’ desire to satisfy their partner will make Gemini so happy. 

They are surely compatible sexually. However, they would need to put tons of effort to keep the relationship going.

Pisces and Gemini Marriage

The Pisces Gemini Marriage is an impossible zodiac pair. These signs are different and view life from opposite directions. Gemini is loud and talks without considering. Pisces would surely be hurt by Gemini’s careless talks and jokes. They are sexually, emotionally, and mentally different; they would also have difficulties putting up with each other’s personalities. So, their union is not going to be a bed of roses.

Nevertheless, they could be compatible. They are both loyal and diligent. Gemini and Pisces would create a conducive environment to nurture their love. They are very loving and supportive. Since they are mutable signs, they would adjust and adapt to their different personas. Gemini and Pisces would need to keep the communication line open to having a lasting and blissful future together.

Are Pisces and Gemini a Good Match?

Generally, Pisces and Gemini are not compatible with Zodiac matches. Pisces are highly sensitive and gullible. They are compassionate and could forget their own needs. Gemini is more logical rather than emotional. They put their emotions last and could hurt Pisces who seek validation. The Gemini Pisces pair would experience a lot of squabbles.

Nevertheless, these differences do not make it impossible for Gemini and Pisces to pair. Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs and can easily adjust. They would have to deliberately put in the effort to fulfill their dreams together.

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