Pisces And Capricorn Compatibility: Friendship, Love, Sex, And Marriage

Pisces and Capricorn are one of the most compatible pairs of the zodiac signs. Though they have a handful of differences, these differences are their unifying factors. Pisces is a water sign and has high emotional understanding and sensitivity. But Capricorn is an emotionally inexpressive Earth sign. The Fish knows how to navigate through Cap’s thick skin and connect with them deeply. 

In astrology, Pisces is ruled by Neptune. They are drawn between reality and fantasy. However, they are dedicated and finish their task later. Capricorn is just as hardworking as Pisces or even more. Though ruled by Saturn, Caps seems distant but enjoys good company. And Pisces is a good company that Cap would love. 

One of the things that make this pair compatible is their ability to trust each other. Pisces are open-hearted and would trust their partner. Unlike the fish, the sea goat is withdrawn and doesn’t trust easily. But Capricorns cannot help trusting Pisceans with their deepest secrets because of the fishes’ kind heart and sincere love. 

To learn more about Pisces and Capricorn’s marriage, friendship, sexual and relationship compatibility, keep reading.

Why Are Pisces And Capricorn Attracted To Each Other?

The Fish and Sea goat are attracted to each other’s differences. The sensitive Pisces is drawn to the stability Cap provides. On the other side, Cap finds the Fish’s calm and gentle demeanor irresistible. Also, Capricorn is Earth and Pisces is Water. Though strange, these two naturally gravitate towards each other.

Naturally, Water nourishes the earth. Pisces is such a great support system. The Sea-goat desires someone to lean on and pour their heart to. The water sign is humane and would sit down listening to their partner’s tale without complaining. They would make sure that their friend is cared for and catered for. This trait is appealing to Capricorn. 

Another thing that brings this pair together is their common belief in the dignity of labor. Despite their desire to remain in their fantasy world, Pisceans are not lazy. They would get their hands dirty putting food on the table. Since Caps do not like lazy daydreamers. Thus, they are attracted to this water sign.

Pisces And Capricorn Friendship

As friends, Pisces and Capricorn’s compatibility is quite high. Though they are from different planets, they have a couple of things in common. Therefore, there is no dull moment for this pair. These pair are not just great friends but they have the potential to end up married. 

Generally, Pisces and Capricorn would make an amazing team. The Sea-goat is a good pioneer. Their rational and logical abilities make them great team leads. The Fish however is an amazing follower and morale boost. The water sign is also intuitive and would guide their decisions. With their efforts combined, the result of their task would be explosive.

In addition to this, their emotional stability is admirable. Though Cap is tagged as an emotionless perfectionist, the Fish knows how to do the magic. Surprisingly, Cap opens up to Pisces. This makes complimenting each other quite easy. 

However, these besties can become bitter. Capricorn wants to be told the truth always. But Pisces is not the one to be truthful and straightforward especially when it would hurt someone. Yet the Sea-goat is not ready to understand the Fish’s reason for lying. Now, Cap is hurt and would never trust Pisces again.

Pisces And Capricorn Relationship

The Pisces-Capricorn relationship would not start with love at first sight. This is because the Cap takes time to analyze who they want to be with and if the relationship is worth it. But the Fish patiently woos the Sea-goat until they fall head over heels in love with the Fish. 

In a relationship, this duo would enjoy a level of bliss. Initially, they would be all over each other, doing everything together. The Piscean world is so interesting that Cap would not let go. On the other side, the caring Pisces would want to solve the puzzle in Cap’s life. 

Additionally, their love story is such a crazy one. The way these two arrive at emotional stability is amazing. Pisces is always on an emotional rollercoaster and desires some stability. Cap embodies the entire stability Pisceans desire. As they introduce some stability to Pisces life, they learn to have a more practical life from their Water partner.

Still, these lovebirds would have challenges. Pisces is influenced by Neptune and Capricorn is influenced by Saturn. But they both draw their love theories from Jupiter. The problem lies in reconciling their different religious, financial, and social views with their similar romantic ideas. If their relationship will last, they would commit to accommodating their differences. 

Pisces And Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

The natural chemistry between these two is fiery. In bed, Capricorn and Pisces would light up everywhere. Pisces is very sensual and up for anything. While Capricorn takes the lead in their romantic bliss. 

Besides, the cardinal Earth sign is a pioneer. Cap is not afraid to start their journey under the sheets. But the mutable water sign loves to explore. Though Cap loves to stick to traditional positions, Pisces always flow with the tides. 

Another lovely thing about this couple is that they are both romantics. Foreplay is a sure way to turn them on. Surely, Pisceans love the way Capricorns take their time to adore their bodies. Also, PDAs would never go wrong for this pair. This pair is a mixture of passion and commitment. 

However, these lovebirds can turn into bitter enemies if they do not learn to fulfill each other’s neediness. In bed, Pisces has a lineup of fantasies to be fulfilled ranging from toys to positions to try out. But the cardinal Earth sign isn’t the one to be experimental in bed. This can leave the emotional Pisces frustrated and they may get tired of forgiving their partner. On the flip side, Cap finds their partner’s unending complaint about being unsatisfied irritating. Pisces would have to understand their partner’s traditional desires. Also, Capricorn needs to adjust to suit its partner’s lustful fantasies. 

Pisces And Capricorn Marriage

As married couples, Pisces and Capricorn are perfect. The way they complement each other is rather amazing. Though from different planets, their differences form their strong bond. There’s no better partner for Cap than Pisces.

Initially, Cap is a hard nut to crack. They might be more involved with their career than spend time with their partner. But the Piscean’s kindness, love, and tolerance would make the serious Earth sign commit to their family. And together they would build a lasting union.

Nevertheless, this couple would learn to compromise. This Water-Earth pair would learn to present their argument without hurting another yet being truthful. Also, a little control over their unpleasant dominant traits would do them much good. 

Are Pisces And Capricorns A Good Match?

Yes! Pisces and Capricorn are soulmates. Though they might have to put effort into strengthening their bond, they have the potential to build a lasting relationship. The insecure Cap finds security in Pisces’ unending love. While Cap gives meaning and stability to Pisces’ directionless life. 

Besides, this Water-Earth pair is a great match astrologically. When placed on a love meter, they weigh high. Pisces learns to plan their life from their partner. While Capricorn learns to be expressive from the Fish. 

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