Pisces and Cancer Compatibility in Love, Sex and Marriage

Pisces and Cancer are compatible zodiac pairs. When Cancer and Pisces combine, it’s like a fairytale love. But unlike most fairy tales, their love does not always end in happily ever after. However, as water Signs, they are both emotional and are attuned to each other’s feelings. 

Cancer is fourth in the zodiac chart, and it is symbolized by a crab. Ruled by the moon, Cancerians reflect the energy of their environment just like the moon reflects the light from the sun. As a cardinal sign, Cancerians are initiators. They always come up with amazing ideas. If you were born between June 12 to July 21, your zodiac sign is Cancer

Pisces is the Zodiac’s dreamer. These folks are never ready to face reality. They expect the world to be ideal like it is in their fantasies. They are givers and would put others first before themselves. These folks are full of empathy and compassion. If you were born between February 19 to March 20, your zodiac sign is Pisces. Pisces is symbolized by two fishes. 

Pisces and Cancer are both water signs. This duo shares a lot in common and usually makes a great pair. In this article, we have discussed everything you should know about Pisces and Cancer compatibility from friendship to marriage. If it’s something you are interested in, enjoy the read. 

Why are Pisces and Cancer attracted to each other?

Pisces and Cancer are attracted to each other because they share a lot of similarities. Both the crab and the fish are water signs, as such, they are both sensitive, intuitive, and creative. Neither of them takes things on a surface level. They see through physical actions to the emotions behind them. 

Their mutual free flow of emotions makes it easy for both signs to connect on an emotional level. They both believe in love at first sight and are quick to fall in love. Expressing their emotions will not be a big deal for either party. 

As open as water Signs may be, they are also mysterious, so Pisces and Cancer will have to be dedicated to unveiling each other’s mystery. Although Pisces and Cancer are attracted to each other, as water Signs, bringing their energy together creates depth that can end up drowning both parties.

Cancer and Pisces Friendship

Cancer and Pisces make great friends. Since they are both water signs, they both need attention in their friendship and neither party minds. They all take turns playing the role of each other’s hype man and supporter.

As friends, Cancerians will go out of their way to make others feel appreciated and loved. Although they easily get hurt, they are not the type to hold grudges. They usually expect this same energy from their friends and when this friend is a Pisces person, Cancerians have nothing to worry about because Pisces will go out of their way to put a smile on the face of people they do not know, talk more of a friend. 

Pisces are nice folks, and sometimes this is their undoing. They do not create boundaries and people usually take advantage of this. In turn, it would hurt them. Thankfully they do not have to worry about this when their friend is a Cancerian. 

Notwithstanding, they have to be careful not to become overdependent on each other. From time to time, they should give each other space for independence. Another challenge to their friendship will be that  Pisces and Cancer are good at coming up with amazing ideas, but neither of them is grounded enough to make that idea a reality. 

Pisces and Cancer Relationship

Cancer and Pisces’ relationship will be built on emotional connection. They would enjoy strong emotional bonds even from their first meeting. For an emotional sign like Pisces that is always living in their world of fantasy, meeting someone who understands their emotional needs would pique their interest. Pisces may be the first to express their emotions because Cancerians guard their heart. They would not commit until they see some level of commitment from their partner. But when they do, they give their all. 

When they get the relationship started, expect an outburst of emotions from both parties. Pisces is the most romantic sign in the zodiac, so you can expect them to come up with the craziest ideas on how to show love, while Cancer will nurture the relationship. The major downside of the relationship between the crab and the fish is that they are both dedicated to giving love and may fail to receive it. 

Pisces and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer are sexually compatible. But not as compatible as they would have been with fire signs. Both parties enjoy sensual, slow, and romantic sex. However, their bedroom life will miss that spark and fiery that fire signs bring. 

Their emotional connection will be the basis for their sexual satisfaction. This duo is dedicated to making each other happy and would easily adapt to the sexual needs of their partners. As such Cancerians can help the fish explore their sexual fantasies in reality. If they both open up about their sexual needs and come to an understanding they would be able to have a healthy sex life.

Pisces and Cancer Marriage

The success of cancer and Pisces’ marriage will be based on their emotional connection. As water signs, they are able to express their opinions and feelings to each other. Since they are both good listeners they would create a safe space where neither of them fears being judged. 

However, both signs take things to heart and as result, they get hurt easily. When this happens they both become sad and may withdraw to their shell. Thankfully, they are also forgiving so they won’t hold grudges for too long. 

Another challenge their marriage will face is Cancer’s desire for stability and Pisces’ high level of flexibility. Pisces’ ease with adapting to change can get their cancer spouse offended. However, this is not much of a big deal as Pisces don’t mind doing what makes their spouse happy.

Are Pisces and Cancer A Good Match?

Yes, Pisces and Cancer are a good match. They are even soulmates. All things being equal their relationship could have a ‘happily ever after ending ‘. Notwithstanding, if you are a Pisces dating cancer and vice versa, astrology alone is not enough to assure you that your relationship will work, both of you will need to put in the work required to achieve ‘happy ending ‘

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