Libra And Sagittarius Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage

Libra and Sagittarius is a beautiful match made in the Zodiac’s heaven. They are so compatible, that their union will be strong and effortless. 

Libra is a cardinal air sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, values, and love. They are referred to as the aesthetes of the Zodiacs. These folks have a knack for beauty and they like to make others happy. As a result of their desire to please everyone, they are indecisive. 

Sagittarius on the other hand is a mutable fire sign that is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance. These folks are referred to as the philosophers of the zodiac. They have an interest in learning new things and making big plans. 

Libra will help Sagittarius come closer to reality, and Sagittarius will teach Libra to put their heads over the clouds from time to time. Their relationship will be fun-filled, and sex will be the climax of it all. Want to learn more about the compatibility of Libra and Sagittarius in friendship, relationship, sex, and marriage? Then have an awesome read. 

Why are Libra and Sagittarius attracted to each other?

Sagittarius and Libra have a perfect blend of similar and different traits. So, they are attracted to both their similarities and differences. 

They both love to have fun and make people smile. These two do not sit and wait for things to happen, they make things happen. When they first meet each other, seeing how similar they are willing creates an attraction. As they continue to know each other and their differences unveil, it will create another point of interest. 

As the zodiac’s philosopher, Sagittarius would want to show Libra how smart he/she is with solving problems and responding to questions. The intelligent airy Libra will be happy to ask Sagittarius questions that they cannot answer. This would lead to a long interesting conversation. 

Sagittarius and Libra Friendship

Libra and Sagittarius will make amazing friends. They would be that pair that gets the party started. Seeing that neither of these signs has an interest in being in control, they would make great partners and would be happy to learn about their individual interests. Expect them to also support each other’s endeavors. 

When these two are together, the people around can’t help but notice the chemistry they share. Their friendship can easily be misunderstood as a relationship.

Although their relationship will be characterized by so many happy times, it will also face some challenges. One such challenge will be Sagittarius’ impulsive and lofty nature. Libra may not be able to see reasons with some of Sagittarius’ big plans. 

Another problem their friendship will face is the fact that Sagittarius is brutally blunt, and Libra on the other hand is sensitive. They don’t want to hurt anyone and won’t like to be hurt. Sagittarius may regularly hurt their Libra friends with their words. 

Libra and Sagittarius Relationship 

When the relationship between Libra and Sagittarius moves from friendship into an official relationship, it becomes a bit complicated. 

Sagittarius is most likely to be the first person who wants a relationship because they are impulsive. For Libra, although they may be in love, they would prefer to take their time to decide whether or not to make it official. As such, Sagittarius would need to slow down. They both have to give each other time and just allow their relationship to go at a natural pace. 

Another challenge their relationship will face is the fact that they both have different outlooks on what an amazing relationship should be like. Libra wants a relationship that involves partnership. They want to experience life and travel the world with their partner. Sagittarius on the other hand wants to experience life alone, then come back home to their partner to tell the story. Sagittarius may come off to Libra as insensitive and aloof. While Libra may come off as too clingy.

Notwithstanding, if this two can put their differences away and come up with a relationship structure that is suitable for common interests, their relationship would work. Libra has to give the fiery Sagittarius some space and Sag would have to be intentional about spending quality time with Libra. 

Libra and Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Sagittarius and Libra are sexually compatible. They would use words to get each other aroused and in the mood for some bedroom activities. Sagittarius likes to try out new things and would easily get bored. Libra on the other hand is a people pleaser who will go all out to satisfy their Sagittarius partner. 

Libra can even go as far as acting in a way they think Sagittarius’ ideal sexual partner will be. The aesthetes of the zodiac will be good at choosing the right innerwear and creating the perfect romantic environment. The philosophers of the zodiac will have nothing to worry about when it comes to mental stimulation because Libra will be good at throwing erotic words that would Pique Sagittarius’ interest. 

When these two signs are on the same page, they would have fun and orgasm-filled sexual experiences. 

Libra and Sagittarius Marriage

If Libra and Sagittarius can overcome their relationship challenges, they would have an awesome marriage. Their marriage will be full of mutual support, fun, mental stimulation, and sexual satisfaction. 

Before they enjoy all the bliss marriage comes with, they first have to agree on how their wedding will go. Libra wants a big wedding with the best decor, while Sagittarius does not care. Sagittarius on the other hand wants a honeymoon in a big city where he can explore and do some crazy kinds of stuff like skydiving. While Libra may want a calm and romantic honeymoon. This duo will have to come to a point of agreement. 

After their wedding, they would also have to create time to bond as well as give each other space to explore their individual fantasies (as long as this doesn’t affect the marriage).

Are Libra and Sagittarius A Good Match?

Yes, Sagittarius and Libra make a good match. Although they have their differences, they can still work. The airy Libra will fan the fiery Sagittarius to burn at its brightest fame. An amazing relationship indeed. However, as a Libra or Sagittarius reading this, be intentional about building your relationship and don’t leave it to astrology’s prediction.

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