Leo and Scorpio Compatibility: Friendship, Love, Relationship & Marriage

Water and Fire!!! Water would put out the fire, they do not complement each other. Just like day and night, Leo and Scorpio naturally don’t have a meeting point. However, zodiac incompatibility does not totally cancel out this pair. Their friendship, sex, and marriage would be more of a commitment rather than passion.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. It is the eighth zodiac sign. Ruled by Pluto; the planet in charge of destruction and evolution, scorpions are usually misunderstood. This is because they tend to be overly serious yet very emotional. Astrologically, Scorpio is represented by a scorpion. Just like other water signs, scorpions have the ability to switch between the spiritual and emotional realms. If your birthdate is between October 23 to November 21, then you are Scorpio.

Leo on the other hand is a fire sign. It sits fifth on the astrological wheel of zodiac signs. Just like their animal symbol the Lion, Leo believes that they are born to rule. They are the royalty of the zodiac family. Leo is governed by the Sun; the celestial body of life, good health, and exuberance. If you are born between July 23 and August 22, you are loyal and stable and your zodiac sign is Leo.

This article has everything you need to know about Scorpio and Leo compatibility. Enjoy the read.

Why Are Leo And Scorpio Attracted To Each Other?

Leo and Scorpio are attracted to each other’s determined and stable persona. Scorpion’s ability to swerve realms stuns the lion. Scorpio also finds Lion’s fiery confidence irresistible.  They are also drawn together by their zodiac differences.

Another thing that brings these two together is their loyalty and honesty. Leo and Scorpio can stake their lives for each other. Similar to the Scorpion, the Lion hates lies and betrayals. They are sincere in communicating their feelings and perfectly understand themselves. They possess the traits they desire in a partner and friend. 

In addition to this, Scorpio’s calm spirit charms the lion. Leo can throw a fit when things go haywire. But the fixed water sign absorbs all the negative energy without throwing a tantrum. The Lion finds this trait enchanting.

Leo And Scorpio Friendship

Generally, the Leo-Scorpio friendship is an example of best friends forever (BFF). Though their relationship might not be a piece of cake, they have the potential to build strong amity. They also have a handful of things in common and form an energetic pair.

The Lion would fill Scorpio’s dreary day with cheerfulness and life. The scorpion on the other side easily wins Leo’s trust. Leo would tell their bestie their darkest secrets because of the sincere attention they receive.

Besides, Leo and Scorpio would make good teammates. They are both intelligent and enjoy solving puzzles. Together, they would motivate each other and work together to achieve a goal.  

However, Leo’s pride and stubbornness would pose a great challenge. Scorpio is also not the one to accept blame and apologize. When there’s a fight, they would both withdraw and expect an apology. Since no one wants to be perceived as weak by taking the step of reconciliation, they would rather nurture grudges. 

Another problem would arise when Leo gets frustrated with Scorpio’s need for privacy. Scorpions love to have their space but Leo would rather be in the spotlight. The misunderstanding of each other’s neediness can make these besties antagonists.

Leo And Scorpio Relationship

Imagine two reckless lovers on a date. It would be a date to remember. When Leo is in love, they give without restraint and brag about their lover but are quite needy.  Scorpios are however possessive and overprotective of their partner.

One thing that keeps this pair together is their commitment to each other. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Pluto. They are obviously incompatible. But their decision to put in time and energy to have a future together makes them a powerful couple

Conversely, Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs. They are bent on their decisions, it might take an earthquake to make them shift a foot. As a result of this, they might never make a decision for their common good. 

Worst still, Leo and Scorpio have different life views. Leo loves to have fun and live for the moment. Scorpio would rather be stuck in the past, bemoaning failures and mistakes. With time, they would find out their irreconcilable differences and slowly drift away. 

Leo And Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Leo and Scorpio are very compatible in bed. The chemistry between them is magical. They would go on and on under the sheets until they are literally exhausted. 

Naturally, lions are amazing in bed. They have the energy to stand Scorpio’s lustful desires. Scorpio is influenced by Mar; the planet that exalts eroticism. As a result of this, Scorpio is full of wild sexual appetite and energy. But Leo is capable of taking them to the moon and back.

This pair can connect sexually before they connect emotionally. Once their bodies come in contact, there’s a romantic explosion. For them, sex is more of fun than commitment. Therefore, without even getting to trust each other their passion would set the room ablaze.

Leo And Scorpio Marriage

Marriages last a lifetime when the partners commit to putting in time and energy to stand for each other. A decision to understand their differences and not let them get in their way is important. Scorpio and Leo would make an amazing couple. Theirs is a combination of passion, dedication, and loyalty.

As married couples, Leo and Scorpio understand the sanctity of their vows. Therefore, infidelity is not their thing. These fixed zodiac signs would patiently build a home on a solid foundation of respect and loyalty.

However, things might go wrong because of their desire to be the head. Neither Scorpio nor Leo is used to being submissive. They are used to being in control and dominating. This power tussle would lead to unhealthy competition between them. 

In addition to this, they might have heated arguments over their finances. Leo is a big spender. Scorpio is pennywise pound foolish. They might spend today’s fortune and suffer tomorrow. This couple would learn to be frugal and financially accountable to each other. 

Are Leo And Scorpio A Good Match?

Astrologically, Leo and Scorpio are not soulmates. They are a pair one would wish never to happen. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Leo is a fixed Fire sign. Fire and water are obviously incompatible.

Despite their different personalities, Leo and Scorpio can do their best to be together. They would understand their different needs and emotional inclinations. They would also commit to making each other fulfill their dreams. Also, swallowing their pride and submitting to each other would make them a lasting duo. 

Finally, these fixed signs can make themselves soulmates. They can be very compatible if they choose to. Zodiac incompatibility does not count for a couple that wants to be together forever.

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