Leo and Leo compatibility in Love, Sex, and Marriage

Leo and Leo compatibility

Leo and Leo’s couple or friends would make the world revolve around them. They are a compatible duo and when they step into a place together, you can’t help but notice that these two share something so strong. 

It is a fixed fire sign that is represented by a Lion. Just like the Lion is the king of the jungle and wants other animals to worship them, Leos think they are the reason the earth rotates around its axis. As friends or lovers, they want to be the center of attraction in each other’s life. 

As the most passionate zodiac signs in astrology, they know how to show each other love and affection. However, these folks are self-centered and may make selfish decisions that will harm their relationship. 

Despite being so similar, can Friendship, marriage, or the relationship of the zodiac lion work? This Leo compatibility will answer these questions and more. 

Why are Leo and Leo Attracted to each other?

Leos are attracted to their similarities. When they first meet, they will feel like they have found a soulmate or bestie. They would have no reason to pretend or slow down because neither party will judge the other for being impulsive, intense, and attention-seeking. After all, they are the same. 

They are most likely to first meet at a social event, where they are both trying to register their presence by being so loud and playful. As they begin to talk to each other, they would realize how similar they are and would want to meet again. Seeing that they are bold, neither of them would mind asking for the other’s number. 

The challenge these two will face with taking their relationship from acquaintance to friend or a couple would be the fact that they are both fixed signs and can be stubborn. When one person wants them to hang out at a bar, and the other prefers visiting a museum, neither of them would want to compromise. These two will need to put common interests first before personal preference for their union to blossom. 

Leo and Leo Friendship

Two Leo are compatible as friends. These two will be so close, that others may mistake them to be a couple or siblings. Like a lion, these folks are very protective of their territory and everyone in it. They always want their friends to be happy and would do anything it takes to make that happen. 

Their friendship will be full of adventures, fun times, and conversations. They would spur each other up to be the best in all their endeavors. When two of the zodiac Lion’s friends attend a party, they would find it very easy to attract all their attention to themselves. 

Albeit, their relationship will be plagued by their competitiveness and tendency to become jealous. When one friend is winning and the other is not, jealousy may find its way in. Notwithstanding, these two understand each other and forgiveness will not be a big deal. 

Leo and Leo Relationship 

Leo and Leo are compatible in a dating relationship. When the Zodiac’s lion falls in love, they give their relationship their all. They want to see their partner happy and while trying to be their partner’s center of attraction, they would always be willing to spend time with each other. 

This duo will encourage each other to maintain a good work and relationship balance. Every little time they spend with each other will be worth the while. 

As amazing and fun as their relationship will be, it would not always be so rosy. Their mutual ego will stick its ugly head. These two are self-centered. The relationship is more about ‘me’ than ‘we’. 

They both want to show each other how amazing they are, and why they should be worshipped, rather than worshipping their partner (they want all the worship). Both parties always think the relationship is successful because of their effort and not the combined effort. 

When the zodiac lion doesn’t feel like they are getting all of the attention they want, they may begin to feel bad. Proper communication will be key to building a long-lasting relationship for this duo. 

Leo and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Leo and Leo are sexually compatible. As a fire sign, the lion is notorious for having a high libido. They are a perfect match for the sexual energy they both possess. 

As a passionate sign, the zodiac lion will not be interested in a quicky, rather they would prefer to make plans and create enough time to have multiple orgasms in one night. 

This duo will prefer to have sex in a romantic environment where there are flowers, colored lights, and cool music.  They would start off their bedroom activities with erotic conversations, foreplay, they bed shaking sex. 

The major problem they would face in the bedroom is the battle for dominance. However, seeing that they are in for multiple rounds of sex, they wouldn’t mind taking turns on top from one round to the other. 

Leo and Leo Marriage

Leo and Leo will enjoy an amazing marriage. When the two Leos decide to give their hearts to each other, there is no turning back. They don’t look outside and do not care what people will have to say. 

This duo will be so dedicated to each other and in less than a year of marriage, they would become a power couple, serving couple goals for others. 

Their marriage may be Plagued with problems like their mutual stubbornness and inability to disagree peacefully. These two like to dominate conversations. When they are not on the same page, neither of them would be willing to listen to the other. 

They have to improve their listening skills and when they realize they are wrong, they don’t have to let their ego rule over them to the point where they refuse to accept mistakes. 

When they hurt each other, they are less likely to bluntly say ‘sorry’ rather, they would find other ways to pacify their partner like buying gifts, and instigating sex. 

Are Leo and Leo A Good Match?

Yes, Leo and Leo are a good match. When these two are in the same match, they can even be BFFs or soulmates. However, two Leos in a relationship don’t trust astrology alone to determine the success of your relationship. It’s in your hands to make it work. 

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