Leo and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage 

When Leo and Cancer come together, expect steaming results. This is because it’s a combination of a water and fire sign. Cancer and Leo do not have the best compatibility, but they are not the worst.  

These two are like two sides of the same medal. Where this one lacks, the other provides. They complement each other quite nicely. But their differences may pose challenges in their relationship. 

Cancer and Leo zodiac signs are like two sides of a magnet. The Moon-ruled crab is deeply emotional, sensitive, and introverted, in reverse the Sun-ruled lion is passionate, fierce, and extroverted. 

Leo, represented by astrologers as the lion, is the fifth zodiac sign. Leo is a fire sign.  it is ruled by the Sun. Leo’s are born between July 23rd and August 22nd. People born under this sun sign are daring, strong willed, and are very competitive. Leo is a fixed sign, meaning they are stubborn and believe they are never wrong. 

Cancer is the fourth on the zodiac sign astrological table of twelve, It bears a name originally linked to the Cancer constellation. It occupies all the degrees between 90° and 120° on celestial longitude. It is a cardinal sign symbolized by a Crab. Also a water sign which means they are quite emotionally active.

If you want to know what transpires when Cancer and Leo meet, you are reading the right article. We have discussed what the crab and Lion’s marriage, friendship, relationship and sexual compatibility look like. 

What Attracts Leos And Cancers To Each Other?

Cancer is drawn by Leo’s charisma, drive, and love for fun but they never really get the confidence to make the first move.  Because Cancer is someone who can’t take rejection and avoids any chance of it at all costs. The best they can do is drop hints here and there for Leo to notice and finally follow. Leos get attached to that feeling of being deeply cared for that they get from Cancer. 

You would think that water and fire, Sun and Moon makes an incoherent combo. But wrong! It can be tough to successfully work through the differences between the two signs, but if they’re pretty determined, they could achieve that.

Leo natives are obsessively dedicated to their work and relationships. They often find it difficult accepting defeat or surrendering, and definitely don’t like to stay within the rules.

On the other hand, Cancer is full of insecurity. These folks find it hard to express their strong emotions for fear of being hurt.  

Cancers are characterized by intense emotionality, tenderness and taciturn. Only freely relating with a close group of friends. Seeing they’re a cardinal sign, Cancers find it hard to be flexible and tend to speak out in unorthodox ways.

Leo-Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Cancer may not make best friends. Because, they have different desires in friendship. 

Leos always surround themselves with attention and care. They always want to be the subject of discussion. On the other hand, the moon folks are more focused on companionship. 

A possible problem could arise, because they’re on the opposite sides of the astrological seesaw (the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other), Leo and Cancer besties may struggle over who is the leader or making plans. They both want to be in control. But a well-developed communication system between them will solve this

At the start of their friendship, Cancer may not mind supporting Leo and being Leo’s hype man. However, over time, Cancer would realise that Leo is not reciprocating. This would hurt the Cancer friend.  

Cancer And Leo Relationship

A renowned astrologer once described this relationship between Cancer and Leo as something of an alluring, steamy nature. He said it was a tumultuous rollercoaster of a ride. In plain terms, Leo and Cancer are not compatible. 

Considering that they are both emotional signs, one would expect that they both know how to love. But that’s not the case. Leo is good at loving his/her self. And Cancer is good at avoiding the possibility of getting hurt. 

Just like their friendship, their relationship is one-sided. I believe you can tell what side it tilts to. Obviously Leo, the person who wants all the attention. While Cancer would try to do everything Leo wants to keep them interested in the relationship, Leo may be busy, trying to gain the attention of other people. This would come off as being flirty.

Cancer And Leo Sex Compatibility

Cancer and Leo are sexually compatible.

They have passion enough to fuel a football team. They like to get close and intimate with each other, even touching each other can spark a flame, they become each other’s inner joys and enjoy pleasuring the other. 

Both zodiac signs are engrossed in deep romance, they’re the type to dim lights and play music all night. Leo brings energy and spice to their sex life, encouraging their partner to express themselves properly. Leos love being the object of attraction, and most intuitive Cancers go out of their way to satisfy their partners.

The only tiny problem is the manner of their libido. Cancer’s sex drive is periodical, contrarily Leo is almost always in the mood for sexual intimacy. It gets worse when Cancer consistently turns down.

Cancer And Leo Marriage Compatibility

Leo and Cancer do not make the best couple. But they are certainly not the worst. 

Vital points for them to consider in order to attain a successful long-term relationship and probable marriage is to keep good communication at the back of their mind, be sympathetic towards the plight of their partner, and set the right boundaries. 

In Cancer and Leo’s marriage, Leo knows how to teach cancer self-appreciation and pull them out of their introverted persona. Cancer knows how to properly look after Leo’s inner child and create a safe and deeply emotional environment. 

Leos are exuberant and self-confident, They have a huge circle of friends, Cancers are so sensitive about what other people think about them, they hate the feeling of judgment and dejection. Both signs take rejection very hard and aim to avoid it. They would look out for each other well.

Are Cancer and Leo A Good Match?

Cancer and Leo do not exactly make a good match. But they can make it work. They are not an impossible pair.  They can either bring out the best or worse in each other. 

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