Gemini and Virgo Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage

Gemini and Virgo tilt more to incompatibility. Gemini is a happy, independent, loving, and logical air sign. While Virgo is a perfectionist, serious, and stable earth sign. In astrology earth and air are opposite each other and incompatible. 

While Gemini leaves a lot to fate, Virgo likes to be able to predict every possible outcome and make necessary plans. When these two first meet, they may get along. But as Virgo starts to analyze Gemini, things may go south. 

Virgo will come off as an over judgemental person who is always finding faults. This is simply because they like things to turn out well. And won’t keep quiet to watch things go wrong. While Gemini will seem too playful.

Even with the variances in their traits, these signs can have a random discussion that would last for hours. Because they bond intellectually. 

Will the free-spirited and optimistic Gemini relate well with the perfectionist Virgo? Get to find out when you read this article on Gemini and Virgo friendship, love, relationship, marriage, and sexual compatibility. 

Why are Gemini and Virgo attracted to each other?

Gemini and Virgo are attracted to their differences. The Virgo for a start possesses a high level of intellect and this turns Gemini on. 

Gemini easily gets bored, so the intellectual trait of the Virgo can help keep the restless Gemini entertained. 

The Gemini on the other hand is also skillful, and intelligent. Virgo will also find this attractive. Gemini is one who has no dull moments as he always has a way to bring fun and joy to whatever he has going at any time.

When they meet, it would be easy for them to have an intellectual conversation, but as they get to know each other more, they may not find friendship, relationship, or marriage worth it for them. Virgo will find Gemini too unstable and playful, while Gemini will see Virgo as judgemental and a perfectionist who needs to take a chill pill. 

Gemini and Virgo Friendship

Gemini and Virgo seem different and almost opposite in nature, but their differences do not affect their friendship compatibility. This duo makes good friends. They can become so close that you may begin to think they are siblings. 

Another unique Trait the pair share is the enthusiasm to learn new things and gain more knowledge. During the course of Friendship, the pair could discuss various topics and give recommendations on a lot of things including sharing a list of novels they’ve both read, movie titles, and even music.

Gemini and Virgo also possess listening skills and can pay attention to someone. This will be a strong bond for them.

Gemini and Virgo may have a beautiful friendship from the outside but such friendships must be filled with compromise. This duo is very likely to be torn apart in a short term. One quarrel can tear them apart because they both have sharp mouths and would say hurtful things to each other. 

Gemini and Virgo Relationship

If Gemini and Virgo are able to move from friendship to relationship, it would require so much work to make the relationship. There’s no guarantee to a “happily ever after” as the pair have different expectations from a relationship. 

At the start of the relationship, their union will be built on their intellectual connection. Gemini loves intellectual stimulation and Virgo does just that. Virgo folks are calculated and smart. But as their relationship continues, they may realize they are not soulmates. 

Geminis possess great traits of being flirty, and unstable. Such attitudes may not be accepted by a stable, planned, and focused partner. Another challenge their relationship will face is their mutual lack of emotions. They would enjoy talking about very serious topics like politics, but when it comes to their feelings, that conversation can wait for another day. 

Gemini and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

In an intimate moment between the pair words and utterances will play a very important role to ease the tension and can be the spark needed to kindle a sexual fire. Unfortunately, Virgos and Geminis sign on the wheel of astrology that does not fully express their feelings with words most times. They prefer to hide what they feel. 

Letting out their feelings will be almost impossible. They would both fantasize about their sexual desires but may find it difficult to say what they want. Notwithstanding, if they finally speak out, they may enjoy amazing sex life. 

Virgos are down for everything and will go to any lengths to satisfy their partners. But Virgos don’t express this part of them. It’s more like their little bedroom secrets.  Geminis are natural adventurers and are up for anything in the bedroom. A high level of trust may be needed to breach some of the insecurity. 

Gemini and Virgo Marriage

A marriage between any sign on the astrology wheel can work and last as long as the couples desire to stay together. But for Gemini and Virgo, it would require so much compromise and commitment to keep the marriage going. 

Yes, there are mutual differences between the Gemini and Virgo signs however, with a few changes and adapting to each other’s weaknesses they can both get along. Both parties will need to watch how they talk and express their emotions more. 

The pair could complement each other’s weaknesses rather than forcing things and having an unhealthy relationship. A union between Gemini and Virgo will be one to admire once the differences are overlooked and trust and love come in.

Are Gemini and Virgo A Good Match?

Gemini and Virgo are not a good match. However, they are not the worst. Intellectually speaking Gemini and Virgo is a perfect match as they share a lot of similarities in this aspect. 

But, with the trust issues and insecurities Virgos have, they may not be able to stand the wild and social nature of Gemini.

Before Virgo is done analyzing Gemini, his social nature would have already made him/her move on to meet new people.

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