Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage

Gemini and Scorpio are not compatible zodiac pairs. This does not come as a surprise seeing that Gemini is an air sign and Scorpio is a water sign. In astrology, air and water signs are usually not compatible. 

Gemini is to be intelligent, unstable, playful, and logical. While Scorpios like to be serious, they hide their emotions and are stubborn. Gemini may come off as too playful for the serious Scorpio. 

Both signs are the most complicated and misunderstood signs in the zodiac wheel. Scorpio comes off as shady and Gemini has a dual nature. As such, their relationship will be full of drama and complications.

In this article, we have revealed everything there is to know about Gemini and Scorpio’s friendship, love, relationship, marriage, and sexual compatibility. If you are interested, keep reading. 

Why are Gemini and Scorpio attracted to each other?

Gemini and Scorpio possess very opposite features and get fascinated by their differences. An attraction between Gemini and Scorpio will likely start with a discussion on their differences. That is if such a conversation ever even occurs. 

A meet-up of a Gemini and Scorpio can be referred to as a twist of fate, as the pair barely have anything in common, and meeting each other seems out of context.

Scorpio is one to possess and express a high level of wisdom, this could affect their mindset towards the Gemini as they may think of Gemini as unstable. But Gemini is actually an intellectual zodiac sign. What an assumption from Scorpio.

The highly resourceful and powerful spirit possessed by the Scorpio might actually complement the intellect and playful trait of the Gemini. On the other hand, the playful and social traits of the Gemini can be used to compliment the introverted attitude of the Scorpio. Funny enough, they have every reason to find each other attractive.

Gemini and Scorpio Friendship

Gemini and Scorpio may not have the best compatibility, however, these signs would turn out to be a formidable force if they overlook their differences and stick together as friends. A Gemini and Scorpio Friendship will be one great force to achieve anything they set their minds on achieving. 

Both signs love to have fun and adventures. Therefore they will have lots of fun in each other’s company.

The awesome part of a Gemini and Scorpio Friendship is that they both work hard. Scorpio is one who has set aims and goals to achieve and would keep their eyes on the ball until it’s in the net. A friendship with Gemini may help them see beyond the goals and just ease up and have fun. The Scorpio could also help the Gemini get tasks complete and stay through to a course.

Gemini does not hold their friends too tight. They make and meet new friends regularly. Scorpios on the other hand want to keep their friends close. This may be a challenge for their friendship. 

Gemini and Scorpio Relationship

Scorpio and Gemini are not compatible in a dating relationship. A friendship between Gemini and Scorpio may actually turn out to be a strong bond. But, the case of a relationship may be a totally different ball game. 

A relationship between Gemini and Scorpio is possibly going to come with premium drama and a lot of ups and downs. There is a high tendency for difficult communication in a relationship between the pair.

One of the challenges the relationship will face is Gemini’s tendency to be a flirt. These folks always like to meet new people and laugh with them. While doing this, they may begin to flirt without knowing. Scorpio will not take this lightly with Gemini. Think about it, who wants a partner who gives flirty vibes to others? Anyway, understanding is key. Scorpio just needs to understand that Gemini is just having fun.

A relationship between Gemini and Scorpio will require intentional efforts, and compromise.

Gemini and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

With the Gemini and Scorpio love, at first sight, may not be the case. But they could gradually and intentionally take each other to the bedroom. The Gemini’s curiosity and the Scorpio’s allure will be a driving factor in their Sexual desires and compatibility. 

With their words and intellect, convincing each other and hitting one another’s soft spot will be just a matter of time. 

Gemini is one who is always up for new adventures. This may be a perfect match for Scorpios who have a lot of sexual fantasies and sometimes are scared of expressing them to their spouse 

The bone of contention will be who takes charge during intimacy as scorpio is one who like to make plans and Gemini loves being independent, however, the twins won’t mind watching Scorpio take the lead.  

Another challenge will be that both signs have totally different views about what intimacy means. Gemini sees intimacy as a physical and a great way to have fun and know people better with little or nothing to affect his/her emotions. This is unlike the Scorpio who sees sexual intimacy as a way to bond emotionally with their partners, especially in a serious relationship 

Both zodiac signs on the astrology wheel may not have what it takes to sustain a sexual relationship. However, if they are on the same page, expect cell vibrating orgasms.

Gemini and Scorpio Marriage

The incompatibility of Gemini and Scorpio nearly makes it impossible for marriage to be considered between the pair. However a union between any sign on the astrology wheel can work, but this union will demand more compromise, trust, patience and lots of tolerance.

Their differences must be studied and accepted by one another before they can venture into tieing the knot. Once the pair compliment each other’s weaknesses rather than forcing things between each other, then they’d be able to overcome every turbulence in their marriage 

These folks may turn out to make the best parents ever, as Scorpio has a controlling nature and Gemini just brings in the sparks of joy and happiness. 

Are Gemini and Scorpio A Good Match?

Gemini and Scorpio generally do not make a good match. They turn out to be a very incompatible pair and may need a lot of effort and commitment to make anything work between them 

These zodiac signs must both be willing to compromise sometimes and a lot of trust will be required 

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