Cancer And Virgo Compatibility in Love, Sex & Marriage

Virgo and Cancer do not make the best match in the Zodiac’s heaven, but they are a fairly compatible pair. 

Virgo is a mutable earth sign that is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. These folks are grounded, stable, logical, and analytical. They have emotions, but it is not part of their considerations when making decisions. On the other hand, Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is ruled by the moon. These folks are so emotional and they are always trying to protect their heart. 

Cancer and Virgo see life through those different lenses and have contrasting personalities. In a relationship, Virgo will help cancer become more Logical and Cancer would help Virgo relate more with their inner emotions. 

However, before they come to the same page, they would pass through so many hurdles. To learn more about the relationship, friendship, marriage, and sexual compatibility of Cancer and Virgo, keep reading.

Why are Cancer and Virgo Attracted to each other?

Cancer and Virgo are a good definition of what science means when it says ‘unlike poles attract’. Their attraction will be built on their differences. 

Virgo will find the tender and nurturing habit of cancer attractive, while Cancer who is always seeking protection will find Virgo’s stability attractive. Cancer would see some sort of protection and security in the fact that Virgo is hardworking. 

When they first meet, their first conversation will most likely be a clash of personalities, seeing that Cancer would speak based on their emotions, and Virgo would be more logical. But beyond their argument, Virgo will see the softness in Cancer, and Cancer would see the stability Virgo poses. 

Neither of them will be in a hurry to take the relationship to the next level, because Virgo is never in a hurry to make new friends, and Cancer does not want to get heartbroken.

Cancer and Virgo Friendship

Virgo and Cancer will make good friends. These two complement each other in really beautiful ways. Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is good for starting new things, but they lack the guts and grit to continue with what they start. With a Virgo friend, Cancer would have the push they need to continue anything they start. 

Virgo on the other hand is a grounded earth sign that is always paying attention to details. These folks engage so much time in learning and analyzing stuff. With a cancer friend, Virgo will learn how to see past logic and also consider emotions at times. 

These two will help each become a better version of themselves. Cancer would appreciate having a friend like Virgo who makes them feel safe and secure. Virgo will also appreciate a cancer friend who will always be there for them both in thick and thin. 

However, their relationship may be plagued by Cancer’s oversensitivity and Virgo’s perfectionist attitude. These two would have to spend time communicating their needs to each other. 

Cancer and Virgo Relationship 

Virgo and Cancer would enjoy a very happy and successful relationship. Being the more emotional sign, Cancer is more likely to fall in love first. However, they would have to wait for Virgo to have a mutual feeling before the relationship comes official. 

When they start dating, their time will be dedicated to each other. Virgo will want to see cancer happy at all times, and Cancer would always want to spend time with their Virgo partner. 

The problem their relationship will face is that Cancer folks are insecure. When their Virgo partner requests some space to do other things, cancer may begin to doubt the love they share. Virgo does not have the time to regularly express love and emotions to their cancer partner. 

When they quarrel, Cancer would want to resolve the problem using emotions, while Virgo would want to use logic. These two will have to come to a point where they consider both logic and emotions. 

Cancer and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer are a good match in bed. This duo is passionate about pleasing and satisfying each other. 

Before cancer gets into a sexual relationship with anyone, they need to first feel secure around that person. Through the process of friendship and a relationship, Virgo will be able to earn the trust of cancer. 

Virgo on the other hand is a perfectionist. They always want to do things right and this involves leaving their partner satisfied. However, Virgo may begin to overthink their sexual activities, and they may start to hold back to get it wrong. 

This two will have to communicate their unique sexual desires. Seeing that Cancer is a cardinal sign, they would not mind initiating sexual activities. Since they both want to satisfy each other, orgasm is certainly going to be the end of all their bedroom activities. 

Cancer and Virgo Marriage

Virgo and Cancer are compatible for marriage. These folks will dedicate time to making their marriage successful. Cancer would nurture the marriage, because they are afraid of getting hurt, while Virgo will invest time into his/her marriage because they love to get things right. 

One of the major problems their marriage will face is communication. Cancer likes to be soft, romantic, emotional, and tender. They would speak to their spouse in the calmest method possible and would expect that in return. Virgo on the other hand is blunt. They don’t necessarily care about emotions and tenderness when speaking. Virgo will have to be careful not to hurt the feelings of their cancer spouse. 

Another challenge their marriage will face is the fact that they have different love languages. Virgo shows and receives love through acts of service, while Cancer’s love language is words. They have to understand this difference and act accordingly. 

Are Cancer and Virgo A Good Match?

Yes, Cancer and Virgo make a great match. These two are different, and this makes them complementary. Where Virgo is lacking, Cancer complements and vice versa. Notwithstanding, their differences are also capable of tearing them apart, so they have to be careful not to cross each other’s boundaries. 

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