Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility in Love, Sex, and Marriage

Cancer and Scorpio are a match made in heaven. They share good emotional compatibility because they are both water signs and know how to vibe as well as understand each other’s emotional needs.

Cancers have a reputation for being too emotional and sensitive while Scorpios are known for being intense and possessive. These two have personalities that hold the potential to cause relationship problems and incompatibility, but then again, this is Cancer-Scorpio; they know how to deal with each other well in order to get their ship sailing.

In this article, you are going to find out the compatibility of two of the Zodiac’s water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, in love, relationship, and marriage, in addition to what causes fights and how they can make it work.

If you are reading this because you are a Scorpio or a Cancer partner, stick to the end because you are the main target of this post.

But before we get right into it, let’s help you understand a little bit of these two star signs so we can freely talk about this compatibility from an astrological sense.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is ruled by the moon, the celestial body that represents comfort, self-care, and maternal energies. People born under the Cancer sign are about growth and nourishment and are known to be emotional, intuitive, and nurturing. The Cancer astrological symbol is represented by the crab.

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio is a fixed water sign that is ruled by Mars –– the planet of action, power, and movement–– and Pluto –– the planet of transformation and all things connected with the underworld. Scorpios are ambitious and energetic as well as deep and dark. The Scorpio symbol is represented by a scorpion.

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Cancer and Scorpio –– Their Shared Personality

Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning it is determined, slow to move, and difficult to adapt to changes. Cancer is a cardinal sign, making it forward-moving, sensitive, and weirdly impulsive.

As two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio are both deep and emotional but have different ways of showing it. While Cancer is open to communicating how they feel, Scorpio is more reserved and secretive. Scorpios are not much of an open book as Cancers.

Cancer and Scorpio may be feeling something on the same level, and as an observer, it will be easier for you to tell how they are both feeling by looking at Cancer’s reaction; whether they are extremely happy or sad, it is Cancer who laughs and cries the loudest as the case may be.

This personality has earned Scorpio the mysterious label as no one knows what goes on in their head at every given point in time. These Scorpions also do not go about familiarizing themselves with people and adding to their inner circles. They are very picky and distrusting. To earn an essential spot in their lives, you will really need to prove to them that you are trustworthy.

This is unlike Cancer who is more easy-going and homely. They are one of the few zodiac signs who have the natural ability to break through Scorpio’s mystery-coated skin.

As intuitive signs, Cancer and Scorpio understand each other so well without even having to speak. Scorpio feels at ease with Cancer that they can go on and on even when it concerns topics that make them feel very vulnerable.

These two will enjoy each other’s company a lot because they share a connection so deep that the rest of the world can wait.

Why they are attracted to each other

As a sign that cares a lot about emotional depth, Scorpio is easily repulsed by shallow people. The first basis of their attraction to Cancer is the emotional connection; with Cancer, it’s like Scorpio has found its soul in another body.

Influenced by Mars, Scorpio is ambitious and emotionally intense, and Cancer is attracted to all of that. Scorpio’s mysterious charm is like a force that pulls cancer in. And Scorpio, on the other hand, is drawn to Cancer’s caring and nurturing personality.

Scorpio may be jealous and possessive but Cancer finds this appealing and believes they are extremely protected. Cancer craves security, and with a sign as strong and courageous as Scorpio, it can be impossible to resist.

Scorpio and Cancer love match is one of the best in the entire Zodiac.

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility in Love, Sex, and Marriage

Cancer and Scorpio want to find true love and be in a committed relationship. They are not interested in surface-level connections and mere flings. They really just want to settle down, and having similar objectives makes them a suitable match for each other.

Cancer and Scorpio are going to make very loyal partners and won’t cheat on each other. Because they understand themselves really well, they are going to feed the relationship with the necessary ingredients for growth such as communication and trust.

Cancer and Scorpio Love & Relationship Compatibility

A Scorpio relationship can be intense because when they love, they love deeply. As much as it is easy for Cancer and Scorpio to form a bond or build a connection, Scorpio can be a little too extreme; reaching out from a level too deep for their Cancer partners. But since they are signs that can understand what each other is feeling in one shared glance, Cancer will let Scorpio bring out an emotional side of it that has never been reached before.

Being with a jealous and possessive sign as Scorpio means Cancer will find themselves under the watchful eyes and controlling hands of Scorpio. But then again, Scorpio will learn to trust their Cancer partners because they, in turn, want to feel protected. Cancer will earn Scorpio’s trust without even trying too hard because they are on the same commitment page.

As a sign that wants to appear strong at all times even when it is falling apart, Scorpio will learn from Cancer, how to communicate their feelings once in a while and allow themselves to feel vulnerable.

If these two can make it past the initial bumpiness in their relationship, they will certainly enjoy each other’s love and company.

Cancer and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Drawing its strength from Mars, Scorpio is dominant and passionate in a way that can be smoldering for gentle and sensual Cancer. But Cancer will be patient and attentive, making room for their intense Scorpio soulmate to ease up.

Cancer and Scorpio are big on an emotional connection before sex no matter how long it will take them to get there; and when they eventually get to that place in their relationship where they share a great emotional bonding, the sexual attraction will be so strong that things can get heated in bed up to the point of explosion.

Cancer and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

As we established earlier, Cancer and Scorpio relationship has the potential to last long. Neither of them looks forward to breaking up, not with a bond as strong as what they share; although this doesn’t always guarantee that they would stick together forever. The key to this love match is really understanding and trust, which these two already have.

Before starting anything with Scorpio, Cancer already sees family and is having that picture throughout the dating stage. And Scorpio who really just wants to be with one person will also commit long-term.

Cancer and Scorpio Relationship Problems

One of the reasons why Cancer and Scorpio will have fallouts in their relationship is that they do not move at the same speed. As a cardinal sign, Cancer loves movement and will tend to initiate it. Scorpio is a fixed sign that will find this challenging since it is already accustomed to stability. Because they need to find a balance to this, there will be friction here and there.

Additionally, emotionally expressive Cancer will get frustrated by Scorpio’s reserved personality. They want their partners to open up to them in every way possible, but Scorpios really just want to deal with whatever they are feeling alone.

Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs and this is no surprise given that they are mysterious and move in very suspicious ways. Their distrusting character makes it difficult for them to cut their partners some slack. And this can hurt Cancer’s feelings a lot knowing that they have no intentions of hurting their partners.

How to Make it Work

Theirs is a very easy fix, Scorpio should learn from their Cancer partners and strive to be more open and emotionally vulnerable. Cancer should allow Scorpio some breathing space and not try to manipulate them into opening up.

Scorpio must understand that Cancer has a pure intention and not be overly suspicious of them. They should communicate what they see and how they feel from time to time because this will go a long way in clearing the air and promoting trust in the relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio Famous Relationships

Famous Cancer women and Scorpio men couples are Joanne Tucker and Adam Driver who met at Juilliard School Corps, started dating and got married in 2013; Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline met in 1983 at an audition for The Big Chill, and although she didn’t get the part, they met again in 1985 and started dating. In 1989 they tied the knot.

Other famous couples are Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (Divorced), and Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

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