Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love, Sex & Marriage

Cancer and Sagittarius are not compatible. If a matchmaker pairs these two signs together, it may be a miscalculation from that person’s end. 

These two signs have different personalities and perspectives on life. However, no zodiac pair is impossible to work with. So, if they can use their differences to complement each other, they can make their relationship work. 

Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is ruled by the moon and represented by a crab. These folks are very emotional. Sagittarius on the other hand is a mutable fire Sign that is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance. These folks love freedom. 

There is a high tendency of dissatisfaction in a Sagittarius and Cancer relationship. If you are interested in knowing the possible outcome of their friendship, marriage, relationship, and even sexual union, this Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility has got you covered. Enjoy the read. 

Why Are Cancer And Libra Attracted To Each Other?

Cancer and Sagittarius are attracted to their differences. Cancer finds the independence, boldness, and free spirit of Sagittarius attractive. While Sagittarius is attracted by the calm demeanor of Cancer. 

Although these two can be attracted to each other, this attraction rarely happens. Even if they are on the same team, they are less likely to get close. 

Cancer prefers to be low-key. They love to look out for everyone, however, they keep their inner circle small. Sagittarius loves to be in the spotlight, these folks are everywhere at the same time. Seeing that their pursuits are different, they would not have an interest in wanting to get closer.

Sagittarius and Cancer are barely compatible for anything. Even if there is some sort of attraction between them, it is less likely to blossom into a long-term relationship or marriage. 

Cancer And Sagittarius Friendship

Cancer and Sagittarius do not even give room for friendship to happen between them. If they ever become friends, their compatibility is low. These two look out for different things in friendship. 

Sagittarius is a free spirit. They love independence and are carefree. These folks want a friend who would give them space to explore the world. They would be happier if their friend would even join them to have fun. 

Cancer on the other hand cares about everything. They want to protect themselves and others from harm and hurt. Cancer will always be there for their friends and would expect the same from Sagittarius. But that’s a bit too much to ask. Sagittarius is kind, they are not always watching anybody’s back. 

However, if they manage to be on the same page, they may be good friends. Sagittarius will help Cancer act less emotional and Cancer will help Sagittarius slow down.

Cancer And Sagittarius Relationship

Cancer and Sagittarius’ relationships will be a rollercoaster. These two are not easily attracted to each other and talk more about getting into a relationship. 

Sagittarius is a social sign and does not appreciate being a mere observer. While Cancer is usually on a low key. They do not relate to just anyone. Sagittarius will see cancer as a mere observer who doesn’t want to enjoy the best life has to offer. While Cancer will see Sagittarius as immature. 

These too will barely be able to make each other happy. In a relationship, when Sagittarius notices that cancer wants so much attention and is possessive, they will give cancer some space. As a sign ruled by the moon, cancer reflects their environment, when Sagittarius neglects cancer, cancer will crawl Into their shell and feel sad. 

On the good side, both cancer and Sagittarius are emotional (just that Cancer is more emotional). Sagittarius falls in love fast and won’t hesitate to express their emotions to cancer. Emotional cancer will reciprocate this love. The problem here is that Cancer gets too emotional for Sagittarius. 

Cancer And Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Just like their friendship and relationship compatibility, cancer and Sagittarius are not compatible in bed. Cancer loves intense romance. These folks love to have a romantic dinner first, before sex. Sagittarius on the other hand is a spontaneous sign.  They are available for anything, quicky, or planned bedroom sex. These two may end up leaving each other unsatisfied. 

Notwithstanding, if these two are on the same page, they can enjoy a happy sexual life. When fire and water agree, they form steam. The possibility of having a satisfying sexual life will be based on trust. If cancer can trust Sagittarius, they will be down for anything. Sagittarius will help cancer have a more flexible sexual orientation. However, this is less likely to be the case. They are just too different. 

Cancer And Sagittarius Marriage

For every stage of the relationship before marriage, Sagittarius and Cancer do not work, marriage is no different. These two are not compatible for marriage. 

As a married person, Cancer can want the family to be together. Sagittarius also wants a united family, but they do not mind taking a job that allows them to be at home only on weekends. This will not sit well with Cancer. These two will rarely agree on anything. 

Communication will be another problem their marriage will face. Cancer expresses themselves calmly, while Sagittarius is brutally blunt. If Sagittarius is not careful, they will always hurt the sensitive crab (cancer) with their words. 

However, there is a good side to their different methods of communication. These two can complement each other. Cancer would approach the aggressive Sagittarius in a calm manner and give little or no room for aggression. When cancer is moody, Sagittarius would not get moody with them, rather they will figure out how to solve the problem. 

Are Cancer And Sagittarius A Good Match?

No, Cancer and Sagittarius do not make a good match. These two are so different that they will rarely become friends. They would not satisfy each other. Notwithstanding, no zodiac pair is doomed to fail. So, if they are willing to compromise, they can make it work.

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