Cancer and Libra Compatibility in Love, Sex & Marriage

The airy Libra and watery Cancer are not compatible on paper, but they can make it work. These two are usually able to weather different storms and still be good friends and partners. Their combination may be described as a friend in need. They’re not your regular fair-weather friends. 

Despite their different natures, they share a lot in common. For example, the two can share loads of stimulating conversations. However, their bond may be more intellectual than emotional, and cancer won’t like this.  As an air sign, Libra prefers to depend on logic rather than emotions. While cancer is so emotional that they can drown themselves in their ocean of emotions. 

Libra and cancer have very interesting personalities and their friendship, marriage or relationship will be interesting. In this article, we have shared everything there is to know about cancer and Libra compatibility.

Why are Cancer and Libra Attracted to Each Other?

Do opposites attract?  Well, in the case of Cancer and Libra, it will depend on the individuals. That is to say, the possibility of attraction between cancer and Libra will differ for different folks. 

However, that is not to say that after their attraction, their relationship will be a bed of roses. Cancer and Libra may end up being bored when they’re in a relationship. This simply means that they have to put in a considerable amount of work in spicing things up if they want things to work out well.

Nevertheless, this duo may stand a chance of making their relationship work by focusing on things that truly matter in a union. Love, mutual respect, and mutual understanding should not be relegated to the background.

Cancer and Libra Friendship

Cancer and Libra are probably a picture of the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” They are both loyal to their friends. This pair has remarkable empathy for each other.

Cancerians are so emotional that they can put the needs of their loved ones before their personal needs. While Libra folks love to please others. It is in Libra’s person to always try to make others happy. 

Trust will not be an issue in their friendship because both signs will be good at keeping each other’s secrets. They will know so much about each other and will feel safe about it. 

Also, they are playful individuals. That is to say that they do not take life too seriously. Their combo will likely make lemonade out of the lemon juice that life brings their way. They are jolly good fellows. Looking forward to the challenges that life may throw their way. Notwithstanding, it will be difficult to move their friendship into a dating relationship.

Cancer and Libra Relationship

Cancer and Libra may progress into a meaningful relationship if things go smoothly with their friendship. A serious relationship entails mutual love and understanding and this is difficult for them. Because Libra is logical and cancer is emotional. However, with trust earned and respect for each other, the two can have a blossoming relationship.

Their relationship may be long-lasting provided that they are supportive of each other. When the other is not being pushed to be at his or her best, they may start looking outside for much-needed support. This is certainly not healthy for any relationship.

A potential problem for Cancer and Libra’s relationship will be Cancer’s tendency to get too emotional and demanding. Libra is logical and may not see any need to give in to Cancer’s over-emotional desires. Over time, Cancer may begin to feel unloved. If they are not careful this relationship may be more hurt than happiness. 

Another potential challenge will be Cancer’s tendency to be jealous and possessive. Libra may see those habits as toxic.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. This means that Cancer and Libra can only hope to enjoy their relationship if they give room for each other to express their emotion. They have to be excellent listeners to enjoy their relationship. 

Cancer and Libra Sexual Compatibility

Libra and Cancer are not sexually compatible. These two have different outlooks toward sex and cannot satisfy each other. Cancer is slow and wants a very intimate sexual life. Although Libra also enjoys intimacy, it is not as much as cancer wants it to be. Libra would find cancer too demanding. 

For cancer to be willing to have sex with anyone, they must feel this deep and intense emotional attraction. Libra is not willing to be drowned in this ocean of emotions that Cancer feels. Libra folks may feel like cancer is taking sex too seriously. 

Also, cancer will find it difficult to trust Libra because Libra folks are flirty. Libra can engage in an almost erotic conversation with anyone without feeling like they will hurt their partner. Well, almost any Zodiac sign will not appreciate Libra’s tendency to flirt.

Notwithstanding, if Cancer and Libra believe that they are in love, they can use proper communication and compromise to boost their sex life. Although it will be a difficult task, it’s possible.

Cancer and Libra Marriage

Cancer and Libra are not compatible for marriage. These two may end up being burdensome to each other. However, they can make it work if they want to.

Cancer has to get used to the fact that Libra is social and attention-seeking. Libra is not always trying to cheat, rather, they believe that marriage should not affect their relationship with others. On the hand, Libra needs to constantly remind cancer that they still love them. Marriage is all about compromise.

Instead of forcing each other to change, they should rather employ these differences to complement the other’s personality in order to align well and avoid clashes.

For their marriage to work, they also have to deal with their sexual compatibility. Because if they are both sexually unsatisfied, it will cause tension in their marriage.

Are Cancer and Libra A Good Match?

No, cancer and Libra do not make a good match. However, it is not impossible for them to build a long-lasting relationship or marriage. 

Cancer and Libra could be a good match provided that there is mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual affection. Rather than forcing each other to see life from a different perspective, they can use their differences to complement each other.

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