Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility in Love, Sex & Marriage

Cancer and Capricorn are compatible. Cancer is a water sign and Capricorn is an earth sign. Water softens and nourishes the earth. They will bring out the best in each other. 

These two are different but complement each other in the best way possible. Cancer is always seeking stability and Capricorn has that, while Capricorn seeks loyalty and Cancerians are loyal. 

Cancer and Capricorn are likely to stand up for each other.  Despite their different natures, they find each other an interesting company. These two can share a healthy dose of intelligent conversations, and build a future together. These qualities strengthen their bond. 

Capricorns are known for their intellectual ability while Cancer is known for their emotional depth. Although this makes them complementary, it can also tear them apart. This Capricorn and Cancer compatibility has answers to all your questions about their friendship, relationship, sexual, and marriage compatibility. 

Why Are Cancer And Capricorn Attracted To Each Other?

Cancer and Capricorn are a good definition of what it means for unlike poles to attract. Cancer finds the stability and intelligence of the Capricorn attractive. Cancerians are always seeking people who wouldn’t hurt them and Capricorn fits into the mold. Capricorn on the other hand finds the high level of emotions that Cancer emits attractive.

As a cardinal sign, Cancer is an initiator and is most likely to start up a conversation with Capricorn the first time they meet. Also, cancer folks fall in love quickly, so they are also likely to initiate a friendship or a relationship with Capricorn. 

Caps prefer to take their time before accepting someone into their close circle. Capricorn’s desire to slow things down a little may offend emotional cancer. But, if cancer can give Capricorn more time, they can transition from mere acquaintances to friends and even lovers. 

Cancer And Capricorn Friendship

Cancer and Capricorn will make good friends. These two provide what each other needs in friendship. Capricorns need a friend who will support them in their career or any dream they have. Cancer won’t mind doing that. Cancer needs a loyal friend who will always be there for them. 

Cancer may be your “regular informant” type of friend, while Capricorn may be your “occasional confidant” type of friend. This means that Capricorn sure does know how to keep Cancer’s secrets safe. This may be the secret to their amiable friendship.

As a cardinal sign, cancer is good at starting new things, but they lack what it takes to see a project to the end. Capricorn will help cancer finish what they start. Their friendship will be full of support.

Cancer And Capricorn Relationship

It is best for cancer and Capricorn’s relationship to start with Friendship, as this gives them room to understand each other better. 

Although they have different outlooks toward a relationship, they both will not make it official if they are not willing to see it succeed. This is because Cancer hates being heartbroken and Capricorn just wants to get everything right. 

The potential problem in their relationship will be Cancer’s desire for affection. Cancerians want their partner to be around all the time. Capricorn does not have time for this. Caps are usually so ambitious that they don’t take a break from work until they have achieved their goal.

Capricorn may begin to see cancer as too pushy and demanding. While Cancer will feel uncared for. For their relationship to be successful, they need to keep their communication channel open. Capricorn needs to make cancer see reasons for their need for space to work. However, they also have to create space and time for each other. After a long day or week at work, Capricorn should be willing to cuddle and Netflix and chill with cancer to cover for the times when he/she was away. 

Cancer And Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn are not sexually compatible. These two have different expectations from bedroom activities. Cancer sees sexual activities as a way to bond with their partner. 

Cancerians would hardly have sex with anyone who they do not have some sort of emotional bond with. Capricorn on the other hand sees sex as a way to unwind from a long day of work. They won’t give Cancer that feel of intimacy cancer wants. 

Also, Capricorns can be dominating during sex. They always want to call the shot. In fact, BDSM is something Caps won’t mind engaging in, as long as cancer would submit. Cancer won’t mind trying out Capricorn’s fantasy, but it won’t give them that Intimacy they desire. 

Cancer And Capricorn Marriage

Capricorn and Cancer may not be compatible for marriage. Their perspective toward life is so different that they may find it difficult to live together. Capricorn would prefer a spouse who is also ambitious and less emotional, while Cancer wants an emotional spouse. They cannot fulfill each other’s dreams. 

Capricorns love to dominate, and Cancerians are possessive. If it was possible for cancer, they would schedule their spouse’s activities to ensure that their spouse would always have time for them. Capricorn does not have that time. 

Although Capricorns are loyal, they would make their cancer spouse think they are cheating, as a result of the number of hours they spend at work. Cancer may begin to get jealous for reasons Capricorn cannot phantom. These two are better off as friends. A relationship like dating or marriage that requires commitment may not work for them. 

Are Cancer And Capricorn A Good Match?

In general, Cancer and Capricorn are not a good match. Aside from friendship, these two will leave each other unsatisfied and unhappy. If their relationship must work, there must be a lot of compromise from both sides. 

Notwithstanding, if you are a Capricorn dating cancer and vice versa, if you believe your relationship can thrive, then don’t give up on it. Even astrology agrees that no Zodiac pair is doomed to fail. You may face your fair share of challenges, but you both can make it work.

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