Cancer Compatibility with Cancer: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage

Generally, a Cancer-Cancer connection starts off very friendly, they slowly get to know that they actually share plenty of likes and dislikes. They are both very emotional, sensitive and sometimes dramatic, so they easily open up about their overflow of emotion. 

Although these two will be naturally drawn towards each other, they will form a bond through their shared dislike of certain things or people. Cancers are stubbornly nihilist about many things and tend to get discouraged easily. They might require another person to encourage their decision and push them.

Cancers are a bit dramatic, maybe over the top about emotions, tender and insecure. A connection between these two can look scripted out, often toloo good to be true or just plain hate between them. Although, water signs are highly sensitive individuals. Despite the melodrama, no one really gets you like you do applies in this scenario; because they are always interested in the other’s feelings they might just have what it takes to be the killer combo.

Read on, if you want to know more about the relationship, frienship, sexual and marriage compatibility in details. You’ll get to know if they’re soul mates or not.

More About The Cancer Sign

Cancer is the fourth  on the zodiac sign astrological table of twelve, It bears a name originally linked to the Cancer constellation. It occupies all the degrees between 90° and 120° on celestial longitude. It is a cardinal sign symbolized by a Crab. Also a water sign which means they are emotional.

The cancer is the fourth on the table ruled by the fourth planet too, it is a period that lasts from June 21 till July 22 every year.  Cancer’s probable birthstone include Moonstone, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl.

Typically this sun sign is characterized by many astrologers as caring, fragile, compassionate, security-seeking and offering, loving, and displaying a goofy, adorable sense of humor. These characteristics reflect themes covered by the Fourth House of Home Life, which Cancer rules.

A Friendship Between Cancer And Another Cancer; Is It Compatible?

A Cancer-Cancer combo equals a deeply respectful friendship, they take loyalty and honesty quite seriously. They are always working towards understanding each other better and making their bond even stronger. Like two birds, they’re constantly chirping their emotions and feelings to one another. Cancers take it as a duty to check on their friends always, they always look out for each other’s wellbeing.

Real friends over anything that’s their slogan, its sort of a code that they live by. They enjoy what they share, they confidently confide in each other, they wouldn’t let any other person replace them. 

Ideally, they’re very sensitive and don’t fancy unnecessary noise and pranks.  riches loyal to one another. Both will learn the ins-and-outs of their partner, the best ways to heat each other up or, if necessary, to cool one another down. Both will also find great comfort and satisfaction in their underlying commitment to one another.

Probable issues that could stir chaos between these two. A self evident issue would be their sensitivity, in any friendship, there must be sacrifice and compromise. They effortlessly drift between emotions, mood swings is dort of their thing. And if the partner fails to understand, they would just wreck the whole vibe between them. 

A Cancer And Cancer Relationship

A loyal and mutually beneficial, resourceful and sympathetic individual is all everyone asks for then you’ve got  the double package. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this relationship is a total success. 

Communication & relationship go hand in hand so does communication and cancer.   Their relationship tends to be like two fireflies stuck in a bottle. They just keep buzzing with each other all day long. They never hide their happiness or grievances. 

They are always proud of each other and want everyone else to identify them as a couple. They’re not shy to show their partners off to their friends and family. They are deep lovrrs and focus on a bigger picture rather than just fun, they focus on a home and a family together.

This pair need to face each other’s excesses head on and not divide themselves or start petty fights and malice. Be less emotion more logical sometimes, and remove their need to nag or manipulate their partner. If they can check their mood swings and bridle their tongue, its not a bed of roses but it would be alright. 

Since they share the same sign, They seamlessly understand and know what the other is going to do or say, because of their intuition. Loyal, nurturing, and will always have each other’s back when it’s good, bad and ugly.

Potential problems in a cancer & cancer relationship. Passive-aggressiveness features as one of their characteristics that can potentially turn into a problem. If both partners lose sync and fail to agree on a key decision they often withdraw from each other. Based on the cardinality of their signs. Holding grudges isn’t an issue, they can stay headstrong on avoiding each other for an extended period. This negative attitude could eventually snowball and boomerang on them, impacting their relationship seriously.

A Cancer-Cancer Sex Compatibility.

Since two of them relatively prefer the same things, concluding what their sex would be like is supposed to be easy and it is, and it actually is.  Their sex life only gets better and better, because their description of sex is more or less the same for these two water signs. 

This duo have a very strong desire and passion to satisfy each other, no matter what it takes. After they have established trust, cheating is virtually a taboo, and see each other as the only way to satisfy their lust.

A cancer usually thinks of a relationship as a forever thing and this makes heartbreak more painful, they fantasize about their kids and how they would live as a family. Intimacy between teo cancers is the start of a lifelong breeding. Sex is playful and lush and shows their deep interest in one another .

Will A Cancer & Cancer Marriage Work; Are They Soul Mates?

Yes because generally, when cancer natives tend to form a friendly and yet emotional attachment. When cancer is in love is they are secretive with each other, a little insecure and always wholly indulged.

Overall, two Cancer zodiac signs share so many likes, dislikes qnd habits which results to spending so much time together. They’re connect to each others soul-deep, they  comfortably relate their day to day happenings to someone who cares. They actually want the same things in life. Managing their moods might take time and practice, talking over issues also plays a big role in the stability of this relationship.  

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