Aries and Pisces Compatibility in Love, Sex & Marriage

Pisces and Aries are relatively compatible zodiac signs. Pisces is a water sign, and Aries is a fire sign. Nature lets us know that water can quench fire or fire can make water hot.

In Astrology, water and fire signs are not so compatible, but if the individuals can kick start the relationship, they may be able to make it work. 

Represented by a ram and ruled by Mars, Aries folks are assertive, passionate, and competitive. Pisces is ruled by Neptune the planet of dreams and imagination, they are emotional, imaginative, and gentle. These two signs have a good number of similarities and differences. They may be attracted to each other, but usually have different interests. If you want to know more about Pisces and Aries, this horoscope about their friendship, relationship, marriage, and sexuality compatibility will be worth the read.

Why are Pisces and Aries attracted to each other?

Pisces and Aries are a good representation of ‘unlike terms attract’. Their differences draw them closer to each other. 

It is uncommon to find Pisces and Aries in the same circle. While Aries will like to be a footballer, Pisces will most likely be interested in art or fashion and beauty. However, if they get to meet, Aries is most likely going to be the first to initiate a conversation because it’s a cardinal sign and they are initiators.

Aries will be attracted to the warmth and empathy of Pisces. If Pisces gives Aries all their attention, Aries would always love to be around them because they are attention seekers. Pisces will find the courage, and assertiveness of Aries attractive. 

Despite the attraction, as they get to know each other better, becoming close-knitted friends might be difficult. Aries will find Pisces too emotional and needy. While Pisces will get frustrated by Aries’ impulsiveness. Their initial chemistry will not be enough, if they want something that will last, they will have to compromise.

Pisces and Aries Friendship

If Pisces and Aries are on the same page, they will make good friends. They can help each other balance their extreme habits. Pisces folks can be indecisive. They usually want to consider the feelings of others and all possible outcomes before making decisions. Whereas, Aries people are assertive. For Pisces, having a friend like Aries will save them the stress of overthinking before deciding.

As a fire sign, Aries is known to be impulsive. These folks are always in a hurry to do anything. Being the zodiac’s ram, they make decisions without considering possible consequences. On the other hand, Pisces is placid, which means they are usually calm and stable. Having a Pisces friend can help Aries learn to calm down.

Bringing together the passion and zeal of the Aries with the calm and intuitive nature of Pisces, these zodiac signs will make an enviable pair. Their friendship will be almost unstoppable. 

Aries and Pisces Relationship 

Proper communication will be key to having a successful Aries and Pisces relationship. Aries is the first sign on the zodiac wheel, they are the zodiac’s baby. They don’t consider the emotions of others. Like babies, they are blunt about how they feel. Aries will say their mind irrespective of how you will take it.

Pisces on the other hand is sensitive. They easily take things to heart. Aries folks have to be careful with how they talk. Pisces will also have to learn how to overlook some of the excesses of Aries. And Aries would have to be patient with Pisces as their sensitivity can be annoying. 

Pisces are intuitive and have a calm demeanor. You can count on them to be of help even when you did not ask for it. Their Aries partner will appreciate them for always being warm and gentle, but they do not think it’s something to reciprocate, at least until you tell them.

When Pisces need a shoulder to cry on, they need to tell Aries about it because Aries won’t figure it out on their own. If these zodiac signs can communicate well, they will be able to build a strong emotional bond. 

Aries and Pisces’ relationship will work if they understand their differences. By starting their relationship as friends, they will have a solid foundation because they would have been able to know each other more before dating.

Pisces and Aries Sexual Compatibility

Pisces and Aries are sexually compatible. Aries folks have a high sexual drive. They make love with so much passion and intensity. While Pisces is emotional. Together, this duo can enjoy emotional and physical connection during sex. 

Aries will help Pisces become more confident in bed. It is noteworthy to add that Aries is an emotional being, but would prefer to hide it because they don’t want to be vulnerable. Since Pisces is calm and sensitive, they can help their Aries partner connect with their emotions.

These two will satisfy each other sexually. Their sexual compatibility will help keep the relationship going.

Aries and Pisces Marriage

Compromise and proper communication will be necessary for Pisces and Aries marriage. Their marriage tends to be one-sided. Pisces is selfless and will always put others first before considering themselves, Aries will feel good about all the attention and love they get from their Pisces spouse but are not the type to consider others. Aries folks are selfish. It is always about them. As a mutable sign, Pisces will not mind being the one to let go.

The Pisces spouse will continue to adjust until they start to lose the essence of who they are. They may begin to feel emotionally abused and this will ruin the marriage. Pisces will have to be open about how they feel. They have to stop trying to please others at the expense of themselves. Aries will also need to learn how to consider others. They should come to terms with the fact that what is good for them is also good for their spouse. 

Are Pisces and Aries a Good Match?

Pisces and Aries may be a good match if the individuals involved understand each other. What is certain is that they will have a bumpy ride, just like any other zodiac pair. If they are willing to make the relationship work, they will have an interesting end.  When these two zodiac signs are on the same page, they are unstoppable. 

Keep in mind that your horoscope is not enough to tell how you relate with others. If you want to build a friendship or relationship with anyone, be open and don’t let astrology stop you. 

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