Aries and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage

Aries and Cancer do not make a good pair. Aries is a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign. In astrology fire and water, signs are not compatible. 

Cancer is a cardinal sign that is ruled by Mars and represented by a crab. Cancerians are known to be calm, impulsive, affectionate, and emotional. Aries on the other hand is a cardinal sign that is ruled by Saturn and represented by a ram. Aries is known to be hot-tempered, playful, impulsive, passionate, and optimistic. 

Cancer and Aries are opposite of each other. They share similar traits like being impulsive, but Aries’ impulsiveness is directed towards flight and fighting, while cancer’s impulsiveness is towards feelings and heart. Aries may be emotional, but they don’t like to show their emotions, they prefer bottling it up and acting fearless. 

As you continue to read, you will get to know more about what to expect when the passionate and motivated Aries meets the calm and nurturing cancer. 

Why are Aries and Cancer attracted to each other?

Aries and Cancer are attracted to their differences. When the crab and ram meet, the crab will be attracted to how fierce, independent and competitive Aries is. While Aries will be attracted to the calmness and nurturing Spirit of the crab. 

Both Aries and Cancer are cardinal signs, which means they are both initiators. Neither of these folks is afraid of taking steps to ensure that they move from mere acquaintances to friends and maybe into a dating relationship. 

These two signs form a square aspect in astrology. This means that their relationship will be full of drama and forced action. Square aspects are mostly formed by two incompatible signs like water and fire. Zodiac signs that form Square aspects like Aries and Cancer will need to put in so much work for their relationship to be successful.

Aries and Cancer  Friendship

Cancer and Aries’ friendship will work because they complement each other well. Aries will come up with all the crazy and risky activities while cancer will pay attention to ensuring that they stay safe. So they would have fun in the safest way possible. 

As a cancer sign, you need an Aries friend because you can attest to the fact that your mood is always changing. This minute you are happy and the next minute you are not. An Aries friend by your side will cheer you up and inspire you to live a happier and more exciting life. 

Also, when cancers are around strangers, they find it hard to relate well. An Aries friend around will help cancer feel at ease in the midst of strangers. 

On the other hand, cancer helps their Aries friend slow down. Aries folks are implusive they do not think before making decisions. Whereas, Cancerians prefer to think before making a move. Cancer will help Aries learn to slow down and think before taking action. 

On paper, Aries and Cancer may not seem to make good friends because they are the direct opposite of each other. Cancer seems too calm for the bold and fearless Aries. But they can make it work. 

Aries and Cancer Relationship

Cancer and Aries are compatible for a relationship. One thing this duo share is the fact that they are both affectionate and they quickly fall in love. So, when they first meet, cancer will get attracted to Aries’ boldness and happy vibes and Aries will love how calm cancer is. In no time, they will be in love. 

Since they are both cardinal signs, neither of them will mind initiating a relationship. However, Aries is most likely to make the first move because unlike Cancer, they don’t think for long before taking action. 

Cancer wants to know where their partner is going, and what they are up to at every minute. This may be difficult to deal with for the freedom-loving Aries. As such, for this relationship to work, Aries will have to understand that it is in Cancer’s person to regularly check-in. And Cancer needs to give their partner some breathing space. 

Another thing Aries folks need to be careful about is their tendency to be blunt irrespective of their partner’s feelings. Cancer is a water sign that easily takes things to heart, so Aries will need to learn to be more sensitive. 

Cancer and Aries Sexual Compatibility

Aries and Cancer do not have the best sexual compatibility. They both have different views about sex. Cancer adores sex as something emotional and deep, whereas Aries sees sex as another exciting physical activity and nothing deep. 

After sex, Cancer is that partner who will ask ‘what are we now?’. Whereas for Aries, sex doesn’t make them anything; they both just had fun and that’s it. When having sex outside the confines of a relationship, it is important the define boundaries first. 

This does not mean the ram and the crab will not enjoy sex. With proper communication, they can. This duo will have to create a safe space where they can talk about their sexual expectations. 

During sex, Aries takes, while Cancer gives; this makes them complementary. Aries will be the ones to come up with all the new positions and toys they have been fantasizing about and Cancer will suggest the safest way to practice these sexual fantasies.

Aries and Cancer Marriage

Cancer and Aries Marriage will face challenges just like every other couple out there. A key to building a successful marriage will be proper communication. 

Aries is outspoken but insensitive. They use words anyhow they feel and this will always be a problem in their marriage. While it’s expedient that cancer learns not to take everything Aries says to mind, Aries also needs to learn to control their use of words. 

Cancer will also need to learn not to overthink everything. Some things are as simple as they are and do not need much deliberation. Too much deliberation can get Aries bored.

It is not uncommon to find a married Aries who volunteers at work to travel for business trips. This won’t sit well with a cancer spouse who wants the family to always stay together. Before marriage, Aries and Cancer must talk about their expectations to avoid surprises like this. 

During the conflict, Aries has the tendency of being aggressive while Cancer is likely to crawl into their shell. Both parties need to learn how to disagree peacefully. 

Are Aries and Cancer  A Good Match?

Aries and Cancer are not the best matches. They may be complementary but their relationship will face a lot of hurdles. However, if they want it to work out, it’s not impossible. They just have to learn to effectively communicate and understand their differences. 

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