Aries and Aries Compatibility: Love, Friendship, Sex & Marriage

Aries and Aries are compatible. Aries is a fire sign ruled by mars, the planet of action, heat, desire, and competitiveness. When two Aries come together, expect an outburst of emotions and passion. 

As a pair that shares so many similarities, they can either push each other to achieve more goals or bring out the worst in each other. 

Other zodiac signs may consider Aries folks as impulsive. But, when two Aries are together there is no need to take things easy or to slow down because they are both moving at the same speed. 

As the zodiac’s ram, Aries folks make decisions before considering the consequences. So, when an Aries has another Aries as a friend, lover, or spouse, they don’t have to explain the reason behind all their actions and suggestions, because their partner won’t mind doing it first before they understand why. This can be an advantage or disadvantage for them.

If you are interested in learning more about why Aries and Aries are attracted to each other, and their relationship, friendship, and marriage compatibility, keep reading this horoscope.

Why are Aries and Aries attracted to each other?

Aries and Aries are attracted to their similarities. They are a good example of what it means for ‘like terms to attract’. These folks are impulsive, passionate, bold, energetic, and direct. When they meet someone who shares similar traits with them, it’s like they just met their soulmate. 

If they can spark mutual attraction between each other the first day they meet, they will find ways to meet up again. Since Aries is a Cardinal sign, they are initiators so, neither of them will shy away from making the first move. This duo has everything it takes to start a relationship and keep it going.

The thing about friends or couples who have so many similarities is that they both share the same negative traits and cannot complement each other’s lack. In the case of Aries and Aries, their positive similarities will bring them close, and their negative similarities could draw them apart if they both fail to compromise from time to time. 

Aries and Aries  Friendship

You know that feeling of happiness that comes with being with someone who you don’t have to pretend with because they understand you? That’s how an Aries feels with an Aries friend. 

As the Zodiac’s ram, this friendship will be full of adventures. They would always have fun and would not be afraid of sharing their crazy fantasies because this friendship has no room for pretense.

Bringing their passion, competitiveness, and energy together, they will form an unstable duo. When they are fighting for the same course, they work well together, and they encourage each other to keep pushing until the goal is accomplished. 

These two will be loyal to each other, at least until they begin to compete against each other. To avoid creating tension in your Aries and Aries friendship, you may want to avoid being on opposing teams. If one wins, the other may become jealous and this could ruin the relationship. 

Another challenge their friendship will face is their mutual desire for control. Aries folks like to make decisions and don’t want to feel controlled by anybody. When they both have different ideas of where to visit and things to do and neither party is willing to compromise, this can also ruin the relationship.

Aries and Aries  Relationship

Aries folks may be impulsive, and hot-headed, but they know how to love. They direct the energy, fury, passion, and desire they get from the influence of Mars and fire towards loving each other. From the outside, you may think Aries folks are insensitive and overpowering. Well, they are, but when they are in love, they are usually softies. 

They both love and receive love in the same way, so understanding each other’s emotional needs is not a problem in this relationship. Aries folks show emotions by using romantic words and encouraging each other. 

One of the challenges their relationship will face is their hot temper. It is common for them to have an outburst of anger from time to time. Thankfully, they easily forgive and do not hold grudges. 

Another challenge the relationship may face is the fact that Aries folks like to be independent. They like to be in control, but hate being controlled. Once they feel like their partner is taking control of their life, they may seek ways to end the relationship.

In general, Aries and Aries make great partners. No zodiac sign gets to Aries like Aries. Even if the relationship does not work, it will be worthwhile. 

Aries and Aries Sexual Compatibility

Aries is known for having a high libido. These folks are energetic and very passionate during sex. Their sexual energy is hardly matched with any other zodiac sign. This is why Aries is arguably one of the best sexual partners for Aries. They make love with so much passion and intensity that may seem overwhelming to other signs, especially water and earth signs. 

The major challenge this duo will face with their sexual compatibility is their mutual desire to be in control. Both partners see sex as another competition to win. They both want to be on top and dominate. If they do not watch it, it could ruin their sex life and even their relationship. 

Another challenge would be their impulsiveness. Aries folks desire immediate gratification, and this can make them selfish during sex. They are often more concerned about getting an orgasm than satisfying their partner. 

If they can make efforts to put the sexual needs of their partner before theirs, they would enjoy a long-lasting orgasm-filled sexual life.

Aries and Aries Marriage

An Aries pair will make an amazing couple. This couple will understand each other’s emotional needs, they will enjoy a great sexual life, and would enjoy mentally stimulating conversations. (Aries folks are mostly intelligent). 

This duo will support each other to achieve more goals and attain more career milestones. Since they share a mutual desire for independence, with proper communication, they will know when to give each other some space. 

However, their relationship may be plagued with outbursts of aggression if they are not on the same page. Aries people are notorious for being aggressive whenever it looks like you do not agree with their opinion. They must be intentional about keeping their cool even when things don’t seem to be going the way they want. 

Are Aries and Aries  A Good Match?

Aries and Aries make a good match. Since they share almost the same attributes, they understand each other well. However, their relationship may face challenges if they fail to compromise when necessary. If you are an Aries dating an Aries, and you both are determined to make it work, then you must put away jealousy, selfishness, and anger. 

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