Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility in Love, Friendship & Marriage

Aquarius and Virgo are not the most compatible zodiac signs nor are they worse. Air signs and water signs are not known to be compatible. Aquarius and Virgo are not an exemption.

Both Aquarius and Virgo are rational, logical, and intellectual, but in different ways. Virgo enjoys stability and moves at a slow but steady pace. They are obsessed with seeing things go well. On the other hand, Aquarius likes to be fast and can be chaotic and unrealistic. 

The relationship between Aquarius and Virgo will thrive if they balance and complement each other, or fail if they allow their differences to overshadow them. There is much to learn about the friendship, relationship, marriage, and sexual compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo in this article. 

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Why Is Aquarius Attracted To Virgo?

Aquarius and Virgo are five signs away from each other and form a minor quincunx aspect. This means that they can coexist but may not be the best pair. They have differences that may push them away from each other, but they share similarities which is why they find each other attractive and may be compatible.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign. They are known to be perfectionists, who live systematic, and analytical lives. These folks are notorious for being lazy, but that’s because they like to be steady and want to get it right. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. They desire intellectual stimulation, and would rather be logical than emotional.

Both Virgo and Aquarius appreciate knowledge. Their mutual desire for learning and wisdom will attract them. These two folks will enjoy spending time with each other because of the intellectual discussions they will have. Time spent talking will be full of discovery, learning, and exploration. 

Another shared trait that may attract Aquarius to Virgo is their mutual desire to help others. Aquarius are the visionaries and humanitarians of the zodiac and Virgo has that instinct to serve others. They are most likely to meet at a charity event. Their initial conversion may look like an argument to a third party, but depending on how it goes, they may enjoy it. These two signs are also troubleshooters.

Virgo and Aquarius Friendship

The friendship between Virgo and Aquarius will work if they can strike a balance between their differences and similarities. The strongest bond that will keep their friendship going is the fact that they both stimulate each other mentally. They encourage each other to become better by seeking more knowledge. Activities like going to the museum, and watching a documentary will help the friendship. 

However, their friendship will be plagued by their contrasting differences. Aquarius is fast and may not pay attention to details. Their speed and go-with-the-flow attitude may begin to irritate their Virgo friend who prefers to spend more time doing something to get a perfect result. Virgo may begin to criticize the Aquarius person who will find it offensive because they are a fixed sign and do not care about the opinions of others. Aquarius will also see Virgo as slow and may not want to do a lot of things with them.

Aquarius and Virgo Relationship 

Virgo and Aquarius are more likely to start as friends with benefits before they start dating. This is because Aquarius folks find it difficult to commit to a relationship, they also do not know where to draw the line between friendship and relationship. On the other end, Virgo folks like to take their time and may be indecisive about whether they want to be in a relationship. 

Their intellectual connection is basic for the success of their relationship. Since Virgo is career-driven, they will like to spend time working, thereby giving Aquarius the space they desire to think. However, intellect will not be enough to keep the relationship. Virgo will seek emotional connection from Aquarius and that may be too much to ask of the unaffectionate Aquarius. 

Another challenge the relationship will face is that Virgos may take time to analyze the possibility of the relationship before committing and when they do, they want a long-term relationship that will lead to marriage, whereas the Aquarius person will be in the relationship for fun and mental stimulation. When the Virgo folk tries to bring their Aquarius partner closer, the free-spirited Aquarius may feel tied down. Communicating their expectations to each other will go a long way to salvage the situation.

Aquarius and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

The first time an Aquarius and Virgo may have sex, they may be friends with benefits. As a perfectionist, Virgo may initially be anxious about pleasing Aquarius and they will be slow to open up about their sexual needs and fantasies. Aquarius folks who are skilled at using words to turn their partner on will have to assure Virgo that they find their body attractive and they are not judgemental. When Virgo finally opens up, these two would enjoy one of the most erotic sexual life.

As they continue exploring each other’s bodies and sexual fantasies, they may adopt the use of sex toys and a threesome may not be a bad idea for them. However, Virgo may not appreciate bringing a third or even fourth party into the bedroom, but they won’t express their objection. A Virgo person derives happiness and satisfaction from their partner’s happiness and satisfaction. 

Aquarius and Virgo Marriage

Marriage between Aquarius and Virgo will enjoy intellectual bond, sexual chemistry, and trust. Both parties are smart enough to know that lack of trust will ruin their relationship. 

However, for their marriage to be successful, they would need to work on communicating their feelings. These two can be so carried away with discussing how to make the world a better place, or how to achieve another career milestone that they wave off talking about how they feel for each other. If they can be more open about their feelings, they will be able to avoid some issues, reduce tension, and bond better. 

As a fixed sign, Aquarius will need to learn to compromise. They will have to come to terms that the opinion of their Virgo spouse matters. 

Are Aquarius and Virgo A Good Match?

Aquarius and Virgo are not a bad combination after all. They can inspire each other to aim for greater heights. When they understand each other, Aquarius can help Virgo dream big, and Virgo can help Aquarius make their dreams a reality. The success of their friendship, marriage, relationship, and even sexual compatibility will lie in their ability to understand each other’s differences.

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