Aquarius Compatibility with Taurus in Love, Relationship & Marriage

Aquarius and Taurus are not so compatible. Aquarius is an air sign that loves to be logical. Taurus is an earth sign that likes to be steady and sensitive. Their ruling elements are the opposite of each other and these two outcasts may not be the best match. 

Even if the Individuals in question are willing to invest so much in the relationship, their contrasting interests will always present themselves as a challenge. 

Taurus and Aquarius may not be the most compatible, but they are not the worst. If they can understand each other they may be able to make things work. However, it will require a lot of compromise and understanding from both ends. 

For a detailed look into Taurus and Aquarius friendship, relationship, marriage and sexual compatibility keep reading.

You can also learn more about Taurus and Aquarius individual zodiacs.

Why are Aquarius and Taurus attracted to each other?

No doubt Aquarius and Taurus have contrasting personalities, but that’s not always a bad thing. Their differences attract them to each other. The steady and practical nature of Taurus stuns and attracts Aquarius. Aquarius also appreciates the fact that Taurus folks are troubleshooters, detail-oriented, and hard-working. 

As a sign that appreciates intellectual conversations, Aquarius loves to have deep talks with Taurus. This is because Taurus has a good eye for almost anything and they like to share their opinion. Although Aquarius loves to be free like birds, they appreciate friends and partners who are loyal. Taurus is known to be one of the most loyal Zodiac signs, and this makes Aquarius drawn to them.

A Taurus person will be attracted to an Aquarius, because they make their lives more exciting. These folks have almost anything it takes to get the spark of attraction between them. But they don’t always get along and may never develop feelings for each other. If they do, can it work?

Taurus and Aquarius Friendship

When Taurus and Aquarius folks are on the same page, they are arguably an unstoppable duo. The Aquarius will bring brilliant and wild ideas and Taurus will make plans and see to execute the plans.

However, for such a relationship to last, there will have to be so much compromise from both ends. Unfortunately, neither of them may be willing to compromise. Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs as such they can be stubborn.

Aquarius will come off as ‘Mr. know it all’. While Taurus is that person who doesn’t listen to the opinion of others. No friendship can survive when friends give each other such a contrasting vibe.  However, if Taurus and Aquarius become friends from childhood till they become adults, that friendship may last because both signs share the good trait of loyalty.

Plus, as fixed signs, investing in a new friendship may not be their thing.

Aquarius and Taurus Relationship 

Both Taurus and Aquarius love to be in a relationship with someone they feel comfortable with. As such, building a relationship on the foundation of friendship works for both parties. If these folks develop romantic feelings from friendship, they would be able to have a good understanding of each other’s personalities and may flow better. 

The desire Taurus have for stability and warmth will help build a stronger bond between them. Aquarius’ need for excitement and speed will keep the relationship exciting.

Then again, you are more likely to find these pairs working as colleagues, co-founders, or teammates, but not as friends. Neither of them tends to desire support and protection from others, rather, they are independent and individualistic.

Aquarius and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Everybody’s desire for sex is pleasure and orgasm. But the way we want this to happen differs.

For Taurus, a beautiful and cozy environment with soft music playing in the background does the magic of setting them in the mood for good sex. But for Aquarius, a short dirty talk can get them in the mood and they don’t mind having sex anywhere. They also like to play around with sex toys.

When these duos are on the same page, they can enjoy one of the most amazing sexual lifestyles. Where Taurus brings the emotional bond and Aquarius brings the excitement and romance. This will only be possible if the relationship starts or works out. Unfortunately, they have different interests. Aquarius wants to be free to explore and would not like to be stuck to anything or anyone. While Taurus prefers having committed relationships, and can easily become jealous and possessive.

Aquarius and Taurus Marriage

For marriage between Taurus and Aquarius folks to work out, they will have to deal with trust, communication and emotional issues. 

Firstly, Aquarians like to be logical, ideal, strict, and self-righteous. They can be so logical and strict that they fail to create a ‘safe space’ for their Taurus partner to air their opinions.  Although Taurus likes to share their opinions, they also try to consider the consequences of what they say. In a bid not to be judged or misunderstood, they may begin to tell lies and this can lead to a lack of trust in the relationship. 

To strike a balance, Taurus need to learn to air their views and stop overthinking about the outcome, and Aquarius folks must learn to be more sensitive.

Another thing that may pose a challenge for a Taurus and Aquarius couple is the fact that they are mostly not on the same page intellectually. Aquarius is always thinking deeply and coming up with big ideas that Taurus folks visualize as unrealistic because they have narrow minds. 

Lastly, Aquarians may not be as emotional and sensitive as Taurus folks may desire. However, if both parties are willing to be more flexible and understanding, they may find their differences complementary and fascinating.

Are Aquarius and Taurus A Good Match?

In plain terms, Taurus and Aquarius are not the best matches. But this doesn’t mean they can’t have a healthy friendship or marriage. 

If both parties can learn to communicate their expectations clearly, and compromise when necessary, they may make a good match. 

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