Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility in Love, Sex & Marriage

Aquarius and Pisces may not be compatible. When placed side by side they are two extremes. Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign while Pisces is the last and twelfth Zodiac sign. They are opposing neighbors as Aquarius is an air sign and Pisces a water sign. Just like every other zodiac pair, they have their similarities and differences.

Their differences and mutual love for helping others will attract them to each other. But their initial attraction may not be enough to keep them going. Placing Aquarius and Pisces as friends or lovers seems like mission impossible. But they surprisingly have some things in common. They would also make great couples if they commit to making it all work. If you want to learn more about Aquarius and Pisces compatibility, keep reading. 

Aquarius is predominantly ruled by Uranus; the planet of innovations, creativity, and technology. They are very forward, rebellious yet compassionate. Though they can be flighty, always needing space, and quite secretive. Aquarius is represented by a mystical healer that pours water to nourish the earth.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune; the planet of magical thinking, mystery, and spiritual realm. They are also ruled by Jupiter; the planet of abundance and generosity. They typically have a possessive nature, outspoken yet full of empathy and emotional understanding. Despite being very understanding emotionally, they are still emotionally vulnerable. Pisces have their astrological symbol as two fishes facing opposite directions.

Why are Aquarius and Pisces attracted to each other?

The attraction of Aquarius and Pisces is a perfect case of unlike charges attract. Aquarius is quite creative, free-spirited, and fact-finding. They love to experiment and question everything around them. They sometimes find it difficult to be expressive about their feelings. Their love for independence attracts Pisces.  

Pisces are highly emotional beings. They love to get attention and can be very good mentors. They prioritize love and romance over everything. Pisces can be annoyingly clingy. They listen to the heart and depend so much on others for approval.

They are both creative, humanitarian, and softhearted thus they attract each other. Aquarius is certainly motivated by emotions and the Pisces would love the thoughtful brilliant Aquarius.

Pisces and Aquarius friendship 

Pisces and Aquarius are like two neighbors sharing a fence who would surely quarrel. They can make very good friends. The blend of their characteristics would make them the envy of others. But the conflict will arise if Aquarius is always intellectual, logical, and withdrawn. There would also be a problem if Pisces tends to be too sensitive and gullible. However, their conflicts will not last forever as they easily forgive and do not hold onto hurts.

Moreover, they both love to acquire knowledge. Their friendship will be full of teaching and learning. Air and Fish are free-spirited, so they would have a great time traveling. While Aquarius is busy bringing up new ideas, Pisces would be stuck in her world of fantasy. The loyal Aquarius and the lively Pisces would indeed make a beautiful duo.

Pisces and Aquarius’ relationship

Aquarius and Pisces may not have a smooth relationship as a result of a lack of emotional connection.  They would have to practice so much tolerance if their relationship must thrive. 

Aquarius is quite sociable in a weird way. Air would prefer an open busy place for a date, unlike the fish which are very sensitive and would love a quiet peaceful place for a date. So, while Pisces would want to attend a poetry reading, Aquarius would rather go to a club. Therefore, the connection would not be easy to come by. 

Another thing to note is that, when the relationship is facing challenges, Pisces will be the one crying, shouting, and expressing frustration. While Aquarius will try to objectively think about the problem and proffer a solution. This method of resolving relationship problems will come off as cold to the affection-hungry Pisces. For the relationship to work,  Pisces will have to learn how to manage their emotions and Aquarius will have to reassure their Pisces partner that they love them.

Sometimes, Aquarius and Pisces are better as friends with benefits or just friends. Dating would complicate their lives.

Aquarius and Pisces’ sexual compatibility

Who would think that the emotional Pisces would be sexually compatible with a cold Aquarius? Yes, they will be compatible as they both have high sex drives. But they would need so much communication to have a fulfilling sexual life. 

In bed, Aquarius is more open-minded and loves to try out new things. The Aquarian would explore their wildest sexual imaginations from positions to toys. Pisces on the other side just want to fulfill all of their partner’s fantasies.

 They both have a special way of going about their intimacy. The Pisceans have nothing to fear as Aquarians are very loyal partners.

Pisces and Aquarius marriage

Aquarius and Pisces marriage seems like an unusual couple. But they would for sure make a good match. Their ability to blend their different personas and complement each other would be adorable. 

Taking into account their different personalities, they would have to commit to making each other happy. They would learn to tolerate each other to have a blossoming marriage. Their relationship would be characterized by consistent emotional instability. 

As a fixed sign, Aquarius can act like they know it all. They don’t appreciate the opinions of others. Pisces will have to compromise so much that they may begin to feel bad. 

Aquarius and Pisces can make a good couple. But for that to happen, they have to make their home a haven for Pisces to express emotions and receive affection and for Aquarius to explore knowledge and independence.

Are Aquarius and Pisces a good match?

In general, Aquarius and Pisces do not make a good match. They are not soul mates. It does not come as a surprise as air signs and water signs are generally incompatible.

However, you should know that your zodiac sign alone does not fully prove that your relationship or friendship will fail. If the individuals involved are willing to make it work, they can. But for Aquarius and Pisces, will need to put in more effort.

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