Aquarius and Libra Compatibility in Love, Friendship & Marriage

Aquarius and Libra are compatible zodiac pairs. As two air signs, these folks share a plethora of things in common. However, they also have their differences which may pose some challenges, but with mutual understanding, they will be fine.

As air signs, intellectual stimulation will be the major bond between Aquarius and Libra. The major challenge their relationship will face will be a lack of emotions. These two can be so busy talking about global warming that they forget to talk about themselves and what they want as individuals. 

If you have an interest in learning about the friendship, relationship, marriage, and sexual compatibility of Aquarius and Libra, then keep reading. 

Why are Aquarius and Libra attracted to each other?

Aquarius and Libra are attracted to each other for their mutual love for knowledge. Their first bond will be intellectual before emotional. These two signs are three signs away from each other on the zodiac wheel. They form a trine aspect, which means that they are compatible. 

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that is symbolized by the water bearer. These folks like to be intellectual, and ideal. They are the humanitarians and visionaries of the zodiac. Aquarius people do not wear their emotions on their sleeves. Libra on the other hand is a cardinal air sign that is represented by a scale. They appreciate balance and harmony. These folks are also intellectual, but they can be emotional as well.

These two signs will enjoy communicating with each other. They will have deep conversations about life, and the world. Being signs that love mental stimulation, they would have an attraction immediately after they meet.

Another thing that will bring Aquarius and Libra together is their shared interest in helping people. However, Libra wants to help because they like helping others, while Aquarius will help because they like solving problems. 

Libra and Aquarius Friendship

Because of the similarities Aquarius and Libra share, it will be easy for them to become friends. But, for the relationship to be successful they will have to invest their time and effort. 

Libra is an air sign that is ruled by Venus. They have a love for beauty and harmony. These guys always want to be in the good books of everyone even when it’s detrimental to them. They also like to share their opinion, but won’t mind compromising on that for peace to reign. Librans will play a major role in ensuring peace in the friendship.

Aquarius is a fixed sign ruled by Uranus and can act as though they know it all. These folks do not care about the opinions of others.  They can help Libras become more decisive and strong-willed.

However, Aquarius will need to learn how to appreciate the inputs of their Libra friend. And Libra we need to know when to stand on their right because they cannot always take the fall. If they can both understand their differences and compromise when necessary, they will have one of the best friendships.

Aquarius and Libra Relationship 

The intellectual connection that Aquarius and Libra have will be basic for making them start a relationship. But that initially chemistry can become weak due to a lack of emotions. 

Aquarius are notorious for being unaffectionate and aloof, while Libra likes affection and romance but may prefer to hide it. Although Librans try to hide their desire for emotional affection, they want it and when Aquarius does not give it, they may begin to feel unappreciated. Proper communication of their expectations will help salvage this situation. 

For the relationship between Aquarius and Libra to work, the Libra partner will have to work on being more expressive. These folks can be feeling so hurt but stay silent about it to avoid a quarrel. While this may bring peace, in a long run it will ruin the relationship. 

When a Libra person starts dating, they want a deep connection. But, Aquarius likes to be alone, they won’t like the feeling that they are stuck with someone. This can be a major challenge for the relationship as the Aquarius person will try to leave when they feel stuck or bored and Libra may leave too if they feel their Aquarius partner is not interested.

The Libra should not hesitate to ask questions like ‘what do you expect from this relationship’. This is important because sometimes the Aquarius is not sure why they are in the relationship. They even find it difficult to draw a line between friendship and relationship.

Aquarius and Libra Sexual Compatibility

Libra and Aquarius are sexually compatible. By appealing to each other intellect, they can appeal to their sexual desires. Words will be their most powerful tool for getting each other in the mood. These two can start by sex chatting. The naughty talk will serve as foreplay for them.

However, they will both come into the bedroom with different intentions. Aquarius wants to explore, they want to use sex toys or try out new positions, while Libra wants to satisfy their partner and get satisfied too. When it comes to sexual compatibility, Aquarius and Libra bring out each other’s naughty side. 

It is noteworthy to add that they can get carried away by the naughty conversations that they miss out on real physical intimacy. 

Aquarius and Libra Marriage

For Aquarius and Libra’s marriage to be successful, they have to work on their weakness. This two can be so carried away by their intellectual connection and fail to bond emotionally. While Aquarius may see nothing wrong with this, Libra will feel emotionally starved.

Another thing they will have to watch out for is that while Aquarius likes to be alone, Libra likes partnership. Aquarius may not want to always spend time with their Libra spouse and this will be a problem. Libra will have to learn to give their Aquarius spouse space and Aquarius must avoid being self-centered and intentionally create time for their spouse. 

As fixed signs, Aquarius can insist on their ideas and Libra would not mind compromising because they love to please others. But, their marriage cannot be built on such a foundation, because one day, Libra will feel emotionally abused and become distant. 

Are Aquarius and Libra A Good Match?

Aquarius and Libra are compatible. But they will need to communicate and compromise for their friendship or relationship to work. Libra will have to stop trying to please others at their expense and Aquarius will have to be open to the feelings and opinions of their friend or lover.

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