Aquarius and Leo Compatibility in Love, Relationship & Marriage

Aquarius and Leo are compatible zodiac pairs. These two signs are opposite each other on the Zodiac wheel. They bring opposite but complementary energy into each other’s life.

Both Leo and Aquarius are hardworking, ambitious, and idealistic. They both like to stand out. Aquarius will stand out for their desire for knowledge and Leo likes to dominate in everything they do. Leo is attracted to the intelligence of the Aquarius, while the water bearer (Aquarius) finds the confidence of the lion (Leo) fascinating. 

This article on Aquarius and Leo compatibility looks at the friendship, emotional, sexual, and marital compatibility of these two signs.

Why are Aquarius and Leo attracted to each other?

Leo and Aquarius find each other attractive because they have opposite personalities, and unlike poles that attract.

Leo is a fixed fire sign that is ruled by the sun. They are attention seekers who are willing to work hard to get the accolades they desire. They are emotionally driven.  Aquarius on the other hand is a fixed water sign that is ruled by Uranus the planet of knowledge and innovation. They work by knowledge and intellect and are not open about their emotions 

These two signs share a mutual desire to be the center of attraction. As such, they will both encourage each other to become better versions of themselves. 

Being an air sign, Aquarius will be able to fan Leo’s creative fire into flame and help it burn at its brightest. On the other hand, the warmth, passion, and generosity of Leo are what Aquarius needs to be more open. 

Leo and Aquarius Friendship

Leo and Aquarius will make good friends. They are likely to meet at a social gathering because they are both social butterflies. Aquarius likes to make new friends and Leo likes to be the life of the party. 

The Aquarius person is most likely to be the first to notice Leo. Aquarius will be drawn to the confidence and charm of Leo but is unlikely to make a move.  As a cardinal sign, Leo is an initiator who will push for a conversation with Aquarius. While talking, it will be to both parties will feel like they have known each other.

Their friendship will be full of encouragement for each other. Aquarius will help Leo see the world from a humanitarian and visionary point of view. Although Leo tends to always want to be in the spotlight, it won’t be a problem because it is not like Aquarius to be jealous.

As fixed signs, they will both have to deal with each other’s stubborn nature. Consistent compromise from both sides will keep the friendship going.

Aquarius and Leo Relationship 

The opposing energy of Leo and Aquarius will pose a challenge in their relationship. Leo folks may seem bold and confident outside but inside they are sensitive. They want to be their partner’s center of attention. These folks are egocentric and always want to be praised. 

On the other hand, Aquarius are intellectual beings, who keep their feelings to themselves and would prefer to be rational. They lack interest in the public display of emotions that Leo folks desire. As a result of this, Aquarius can come off as cold and insensitive to Leo. When Leo feels like their ego is under attack, they begin to act out. They will cry, slam the door, and rant. This reaction will come off as dramatic for Aquarius. 

When Aquarius feel their Leo partners are becoming too clingy and controlling, they may begin to find ways to leave the relationship. Because they hate the feeling of being tied down.

It is noteworthy to add that Leo and Aquarius may be slow at committing to a long-term relationship. Leo folks enjoy the attention of being chased, and being in a relationship doesn’t give so much room for that. While Aquarius loves freedom and won’t want to be stuck in a relationship. They will both have to give each other time to be sure about what they want.

Aquarius and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius are sexually compatible. Leo brings passion and intense romance to the bedroom and Aquarius loves to explore new things. They are both good at doing anything they set their mind to and sex is not an exemption.

Bringing their sexual energy together love making for those folks will be intense, passionate, and full of dramatic displays, naughty talk, and experimentation. Neither of them will mind the use of sex toys and the exploration of sexual fantasies. 

Leo is blown away by the energy and fun Aquarius brings to the bedroom. And as you know, fire becomes brighter when it is blown properly. The only limitation they may face is that Leo may desire more foreplay than Aquarius would. If both signs can communicate their sexual needs, this may not be a problem. 

Aquarius and Leo are so sexually compatible that even after a break-up, they will keep finding ways to have sex.

Aquarius and Leo Marriage

As fixed signs, both Leo and Aquarius are loyal. So, their marriage will enjoy loyalty and mutual support. By spurring each other to be better they can become a power couple who will bring societal change. However, their perspective on life differs. Leo seeks to be better so that they will be praised while Aquarius just likes to be innovative and intelligent. 

Being fixed signs also means that they are both stubborn and will insist on their opinion. This will be a challenge for the marriage. They will find it hard to agree. 

Another thing Aquarius should look out for and prevent is speaking to their spouse inappropriately. Aquarius can use their words to quench the fire of their Leo spouse. While trying to be intellectual, they can be too blunt that they hurt the feelings of their spouse without knowing. 

Leo will also try to give their Aquarius spouse space to be alone and think. In their quest for attention, they can become demanding and self-centered. 

In the end, the key to a successful marriage between Leo and Aquarius is communication. They both have to let each other know how they feel and what they expect. From time to time, they will also have to compromise. 

Are Aquarius and Leo A Good Match?

Aquarius and Leo are a good match. Like every zodiac pair, they will face their fair share of challenges. Both parties have come to terms with each other’s differences. Compromise will also be key to the success of the relationship between Aquarius and Leo.

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