Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility in Love, Friendship & Marriage

Cancer and Aquarius relationship or friendship is just like mixing water and oil. They just won’t mix. But rather than mixing, they can strike a balance and attempt to complement each other.

Aquarius and Cancer are the polar opposite of each other. Ruled by the moon, cancer is a water sign full of emotions. They easily get hurt and always want to express their emotions. Unfortunately, they expect this same emotional energy from their friends and lover. Aquarius is not a sign to wear their emotions on their sleeves. Ruled by Uranus the planet of innovation and independence, Aquarius prefers to be logical, intellectual, unconventional, and independent.

These contrasting personalities can be the reason for attraction between Aquarius and Cancer or maybe the turn-off. In this article, we have put down what you need to know about Aquarius and Cancer compatibility. If you are interested, enjoy the read.

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Why are Aquarius and Cancer attracted to each other?

The reason why Aquarius is attracted to cancer is simply that unlike poles attract. Just like with your magnet. 

Aquarius is notorious for being cold and unaffectionate. They may not see the need for emotional intimacy with a loved one until they experience one. Cancer on the other hand is a very emotional Zodiac sign. By providing emotional support to their Aquarius friends or lover, they help them fill a void that they never knew was there. Because in the end, we all need emotional support at one point or another.

When a Cancerian meets an Aquarius for the first time, they may not accept their perspective of things. But as they go on, cancer will begin to get fascinated by the Aquarius’ love for knowledge.  Cancer also finds Aquarius’s sense of independence and love for adventure attractive. And Aquarius in turn appreciates the stability that cancer has. 

The attraction Aquarius and Cancer may have for each other is usually not enough to sustain a relationship between them.

Cancer and Aquarius Friendship

Aquarius and Cancer are five signs away from each other in the zodiac; they form what is called an inconjunct or quincunx aspect. In plain terms, they are an incompatible zodiac pair. These folks will find it hard to understand each other and talk more about becoming friends. However, if they are on the same page, Aquarius and Cancer can be good friends. 

Loyalty is one trait that both signs share. Aquarius prioritizes their friends, and Cancerians would do anything for their friends. The problem here is that Cancer will act based on emotions and Aquarius will work based on logic or intellect. 

Cancer can forfeit anything to be there for a friend, but an Aquarius likes to have enough alone time and may not be available for call all the time. You may have to leave a message. And they will be there as soon as possible. 

For the friendship between Aquarius and Cancer to work, they will both have to make adjustments. Cancer will need to understand the Aquarius need for space and mental stimulation and Aquarius will need to learn how to be there for their friends. 

Having a blend of extrovert and introvert activities in the friendship will also go a long way to create a stronger bond between them.

Aquarius and Cancer Relationship 

Dating may be more difficult for Aquarius and Cancer than regular friendship. These two signs have different expectations of a relationship. Cancer wants to have a close-knitted bond with their partners. They always want to call, text, or be around you. But Aquarius appreciates their alone time and may not give that up for a relationship. As a result, Aquarius will see cancer as too clingy and Cancer will feel emotionally starved. 

When the relationship is facing a challenge, cancers will openly display their emotions by crying or venting out their anger through words. But Aquarius will be more focused on trying not to find the cause of the problem and fixing it. 

Another thing to note is that Cancer will prefer a committed relationship and Aquarius are not known for being committed.  Aquarius will have to intentionally express their emotions to their cancer partner for their relationship to work out. And Cancer will have to give Aquarius space.

Aquarius and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

The poor Compatibility between cancer and Aquarius also affects their sexual life. Aquarius like fast sex and appreciate being free to try out new things. Cancer on the other hand prefers slow and intense lovemaking with a deep emotional connection.

If a cancer person doesn’t feel some sort of emotional connection with you, they may not be able to have sex, even for a one-night stand. How does such a person have sexual desire for the unaffectionate Aquarius?

However, if Aquarius can learn to slow down and allow themselves to feel the love and passion that Cancerians bring to the bedroom, they may enjoy sex in another way. Cancer will also have to go with the flow sometimes, fast sex can’t be so bad after all. 

Another problem with the sexual compatibility of Aquarius and Cancer is that Cancer can get stuck with a routine, something an Aquarius will find boring because they love to explore. 

Aquarius and Cancer Marriage

For the marriage between an Aquarius and cancer to work out, they will both have to compromise in so many ways. Aquarius will need to let go of logic sometimes and just feel the passion and emotions their cancer spouse wants them to feel and express. And Cancer will have to know that not everything should be handled emotionally. 

If they can both understand their differences and find a way to complement each other, their marriage can work out. They both have to create a safe space, where the cancer spouse is allowed to feel all their emotions without being judged or termed weak and clingy and the Aquarius folk can freely share their knowledge and experience without looking insensitive or too ideal. 

Are Aquarius and Cancer A Good Match?

Aquarius and Cancer are not a perfect match. They are probably not soulmates. But, we always have to remember that our Zodiac sign is not a perfect indicator of how good a match is. 

It all boils down to understanding and willingness to change.  Cancer is a mutable sign and adapting is not a problem for them.  Aquarius folks can express their emotions, only if they feel comfortable enough to do so. Understanding this is key to making their relationship work. From time to time both parties will just have to compromise for peace to reign.

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