Your September Birthday Personality Traits Explained

September birthday with cake and calendar

September is another one of those months of new beginnings — it ushers in the season of fall with the dying plants and spooky atmosphere. People get excited about this season and brace themselves for all the frights that it brings along. People born during this period get to witness the blessings of a new season.

September is also a great month to welcome a new baby, and kids born during this month are cool and practical. They have really fascinating traits that would have anyone sucking their teeth in jealousy.

If you have your birthday in September, read on to find out what your birth month has to say about you.

September Zodiac Sign

People born in September are either Virgo or Libra. The ones whose birthdays fall between September 1 and 22 fall under the Virgo Zodiac sign. And from September 23 till the end of the month are members of the Libra Zodiac.

As the first sign in this month, Virgo is a mutable earth sign that is ruled by mercury, the planet that governs communication and intellect.

The Virgo symbol is represented by the Virgin, which does not translate to sexual virginity in any way, instead, it ties to the sign’s dedication to purity, self-care, and service.

On the other hand, Libra is a Cardinal Air sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, which explains their inclination to beautiful things, and their desire to love and be loved.

The Libra symbol is represented by the scales, making it the only Zodiac sign whose symbol is inanimate. The scale reflects their association with perfect balance in all areas of their life.

They like to weigh everything and make compromises accordingly because they want to ensure that there is peace and harmony.

Together, these two Zodiacs make up the personalities of September-borns. We have picked a few of their shared personalities and how their month of birth influences these.

September Virgo personality traits, both positive and negative

September Born Personality

September-borns possess excellent qualities. They are wonderful people to be around given to how considerate they can be most times.

The Virgos are logical, detail-oriented, and have a methodical approach to life. Libras, in contrast, are social people and excellent problem solvers who are all about balance and fairness.

These two contrasting personalities make this birth month even more intriguing. While Virgos are well-grounded folks who love knowledge and service, Libras are flighty individuals who love beauty and harmony. These two, are almost the opposite of each other.

However, that little point of intersection between the two signs is the main focus of this post.

September Libra personality traits, both positive and negative

September Birthday Traits

People born in September are the real gems, possessing qualities that set them apart from people born in other months of the year. It is not all rosy here as these folks have as many negative qualities as there are positive qualities.

Find out about them below.

Positive September Traits

The month of September produces some of the most hardworking and intelligent people there are. Their intelligence and hunger for knowledge are seen in how great they perform at school and at work.

They work really hard to see that they get what they want, whether academically, financially or otherwise; a typical September person will stop at nothing until they hit a jackpot.

September-borns are very expressive and articulate. They are not afraid to communicate their thoughts or air their views. They believe in themselves so much that they leave little or no room for fear and indecision.

September and perfectionism must go hand in hand. People born in this month tend to desire only the perfect things. They want results that will stand out, matching up to the amount of hard work they put in. And they don’t mind pushing at that one thing until perfection is attained.

Negative September Traits

People born in September are the real overthinkers. Desiring perfection often puts them in positions where they have to do a lot of thinking than working.

They like to add taste to everything and tend to be super picky; they can be very precise in their choices and decisions and have a specific image in their head for almost everything, and no one can talk them out on that.

September folks really need to take the chill pill. They worry and think way too much than normal. For them, it is not the same number of hours that we get in a day and they will always work like they are running out of time. This is why they are not the most emotionally inclined and are mostly perceived to be uptight.

September birthday Facts

Below are 7 incredible facts about September birthdays;

September zodiac sign

1) September birthstone is sapphire

September’s birthstone is a sapphire, and it is associated with loyalty, sincerity, and integrity. This gemstone is quite versatile. With its traditional color of blue, it can also be pink, yellow, or green.

Sapphire is also the zodiac birthstone of September-born Virgo as well as September-born Libra.

2) September have two birth flowers

September birth flowers are the aster and the morning glory. Aster is a symbol of powerful love, and the morning glory is a symbol of affection.

3) They stay at the top of the class

As super intelligent kids, September-borns tend to excel at school. As the oldest in their year group, when they start school they have a significant advantage over others in their peer group and are reportedly 20% more likely to get into elite schools.

4) They are very athletic

This is a season-influenced trait as Fall-born babies are significantly stronger and more athletic than their summer-born peers (this is perhaps due to the fact that they are older and bigger than the rest of the kids in their class).

5) They are more likely to live up to 100

Kids born from September to November have a higher chance of living longer and celebrating a lot of birthdays.

6) They are likely to develop allergies and Asthma

People born during the fall season are 30% to 90% more likely to develop allergies to milk, eggs or peanuts, and 30% more prone to asthma.

Did you know that more babies are born on September 9th than any other day of the year? September has 9 of the 10 most common birthdays in the year and according to this study, mid-September is the busiest time of year in the delivery room, with September 9th being the most popular day and 19th coming right after it.

Relationships and Challenges

In relationships, September-borns are surprisingly loving and caring. To them, relationships are serious affairs that shouldn’t be taken for granted. As they are naturally uptight, they seek relationships where they can be their most authentic selves.

They like to engage in deep and meaningful conversations and may not want to have anything to do with people who are shallow-minded and unopinionated. 

A relationship with a September-born is one of the best. These guys know just how to love deeply, bringing in their generosity and acts of service to the game.

If your partner is born in September, hold them tight! Communicate their flaws to them if you find any, they always listen.

Career Paths

When it comes to career, September-borns do well in the fields of media, research & analytics, police, computer programming, sports, and medicine.

September Lucky Number

The lucky numbers for people born in September are 5, 6, 9, 24, 65, and 89.

Famous Famous Birthdays

Here is the list of famous people born in September. The list includes musicians, scientists, politicians, and celebrities.

  1. Beyoncé Knowles: Influential singer, songwriter, and actress. (Born: September 4, 1981)
  2. Jimmy Fallon: Comedian and host of “The Tonight Show.” (Born: September 19, 1974)
  3. Greta Garbo: Iconic Hollywood actress. (Born: September 18, 1905)
  4. Stephen King: Prolific author of horror and fantasy novels. (Born: September 21, 1947)
  5. Serena Williams: Tennis champion with numerous Grand Slam titles. (Born: September 26, 1981)
  6. Freddie Mercury: Queen’s charismatic lead vocalist. (Born: September 5, 1946)
  7. Leonard Cohen: Canadian singer-songwriter and poet. (Born: September 21, 1934)
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