Your November Birthday Personality Traits According to Astrology

November birthday

November is the penultimate month of the year and the last month full month of autumn.

Many believe that November is a particularly lucky time and according to numerology and astrology, November 11 is considered the luckiest day of the year. But November-born kids are lucky every day of the year — according to science.  

This might be due to the fact that November features six of the rarest birthdays in the year, or because it is a month that brims with thankfulness and positivity.

Whichever it is, studies have suggested that being born in November makes you extra special — compared to being born during other periods of the year.

Keep reading to learn more about your birth month and find out why it puts you in so much favor.

November Zodiac Signs

People born in November are either Scorpio or Sagittarius. Those whose birthdays fall between November 1 and 21 belong to the Scorpio Zodiac. And those from November 23 till the end of the month are members of the Sagittarius Zodiac.

As the prominent sign in November, Scorpio is a fixed water sign that is ruled by two planets —Pluto and Mars. Mars grants them their determined and energetic spirits.

Associated with Pluto, (the planet of transformation and all things connected with the underworld) Scorpios will gladly walk anyone through their darkest times.

The Scorpio symbol is represented by a scorpion. A creature whose primary focus is on survival and will tend to sting when provoked or intruded upon.

The second Zodiac sign in the month of November is Sagittarius. It is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance that expands anything it touches.

Sagittarians will like to see the big picture, always seeking wisdom, intuition, and truth.

The Sagittarius symbol is represented by a centaur pointing a bow and arrow toward the sky. It is also sometimes called the archer sign, a mythological creature (half-horse, half-human) with a deep-rooted desire for change.

The horse portion of this creature is unruly, relentless, beastly, and strong while the human portion is wisdom-seeking and rational.

Together, these two Zodiacs make up the personalities of November-borns. We have picked a few of their shared personalities and how their month of birth influences these.

November Scorpio personality traits, both negative and positive

November Born Personality

November-borns are very good people. They are one of the best companies to keep. They possess some key qualities that help them build long-lasting friendships.

November folks are not always the easiest to read because their mysterious nature makes it difficult for anyone to see beyond what they let them see. And when it comes to getting people to bare themselves to them, they have the exact button for that as well.

They are emotionally inclined and have the intuition to perceive and connect with others on a deeper and emotional level. They, however, are not the most social people out there and would tend to sneak out of a crowd so they can find themselves some privacy to connect to the spiritual realm.

November Sagittarius personality traits, both positive and negative

November Birthday Traits

People born in November are blessed with enviable qualities. They have the kindest hearts and like to put people’s needs before their own. Their empathy towards others can seem a bit too much, but they really can’t help themselves —it is just who they are.

Below are some of the positive and negative qualities of people born in November.

Positive November Traits

November-borns are very positive-minded and do not back away that easily. Their determination helps them push through tough times and attain great heights. They like to fixate on what lies ahead and then walk their way towards that.

They have intelligent minds and their level of reasoning can be inspiring. Also, they are not ashamed to ask questions or share their opinion on a topic. They are also very versatile and tend to have strong views on a wide range of topics.

November-borns know how to manage human relationships and tend to be patient throughout. They give people the benefit of doubt even when they do not deserve it, these are the things they do to understand a person more before letting them into their lives.

November-borns are very loyal friends who will climb mountains for their friends. They often don’t feel like they are truly living if they don’t connect on a deeper level with themselves and others; this is why they will work so hard to see that a relationship works out.

Negative November Traits

November-folks can be very unforgiving. They hate to feel betrayed especially when they have done everything on their part for the person in question. It crushes their spirit and might push them to different realms of sadness; therefore they don’t deem it necessary to forgive and mend any relationship that puts them through such.

People born in November are very good at letting people open up to them but would not let them get past their own surface, except you’ve been in their lives for so long that they have learned to loosen up around you. Be careful though, they are very good at using people to get what they want.

November Birthday Facts

How much do you know about November? Below are 7 fun facts about people with this special birth month.

November Birthday facts

1) November have two birthstones

Those born in November have two birthstones, the citrine, and topaz. They are both said to have healing and calming energies.

Citrine and Topaz are also the zodiac birthstones for Scorpio as well as Sagittarius zodiac sign.

2) November birth flower is the chrysanthemum

Mums for short, Chrysanthemums symbolize youth and longevity. And according to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, they bring laughter and happiness to the home.

3) They are good at sports

Kids born in November are known to behave stronger bones and muscles than most of their peers.

A study on athletic ability in school kids found that those born in November are more athletically inclined, and the research goes on to suggest they outperform their peers by 10 to 15%.

Scientists think that this could be due to their mom’s exposure to sunshine and vitamin D in the last months of pregnancy.

4) They are less likely to suffer from heart problems or lung cancer

A study from Columbia University suggests that babies born in November may be less likely to develop heart problems or lung cancer than babies born in other months.

However, the same study found that babies born in November appear to have an increased risk of respiratory issues later in life.

5) They are mostly early sleepers

November babies will not keep their parents up late at night as research suggests that kids born in fall seasons (winter too!) are less likely to be night owls compared to their peers. However, spring and summer kids are the real night owls.

6) Some of them are products of Valentine’s Day!

November is a nine-month count down from February, meaning that most kids born in this month were likely conceived during Valentine’s Day celebrations. British researchers have even noticed a 5% increase in birth rates during the month of November.

7) They are more likely to live longer

According to research out of the University of Chicago, kids born in fall are more likely to celebrate their 100th birthday than those born in other seasons.

Relationships and Challenges

In a relationship, November-borns are really passionate and emotional lovers; they go all in without any restraints. They will commit to one person and shower them with a lot of care and attention.

People born in November want a partner with whom they can share their darkest secrets and have intelligent conversations. They don’t seek anything elaborate; they just want a partner who is into them as much, every other thing is secondary.

Career Paths

November-borns are most suited for professions that are physically and intellectually challenged. Some of them include psychologists, researchers, physicians, analysts, engineers, and financial advisors.

November Lucky Number

The lucky numbers for people born in November are 3, 5, 6, 8, 11, 18, 21, and 22.

Famous November Birthdays

Here is the list of famous people born in November. The list includes musicians, scientists, politicians, and celebrities.

  1. Marie Curie – Pioneer in radioactivity, Nobel Prize-winning physicist and chemist. (November 7, 1867)
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio – Oscar-winning actor, starred in Titanic and Inception. (November 11, 1974)
  3. Martin Luther – Key figure in Protestant Reformation, translated the Bible into German. (November 10, 1483)
  4. Indira Gandhi – India’s first female Prime Minister, influential leader. (November 19, 1917)
  5. Neil Young – Iconic musician and songwriter in folk and rock. (November 12, 1945)
  6. Kamala Harris – Vice President of the United States, first woman of color in the role. (November 20, 1964)
  7. Emma Stone – Academy Award-winning actress, known for La La Land and The Help. (November 6, 1988)
  8. Carl Sagan – Astronomer, science communicator, and author of “Cosmos.” (November 9, 1934)
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