The Personality Traits of People Born in February Explained

February birthday

February Born – This one is for the coolest kids in the whole wide world! Uh uh, it’s not a brag, trust me. Have you even read about your birth month? Or let me guess, that’s why you are here. Well then, welcome. You’ve come exactly to the right place.

February is the second and shortest month of the year. What Febs lacks in days, it makes up for by being one of the best months to be born. Sitting pretty in the season of winter, there is so much February has to say about people with their birthdays in it.

Have you read that people born in February are more likely to live longer than those born in other months of the year? This and many other facts are what you are going to discover here.

By the end of this post, you are going to be leaving with a wealth of information about yours or your kid’s birth month, or any other person whom you can’t get enough of.

February Zodiac Sign

People born in February are either Aquarius or Pisces. February birthday babies whose dates fall between February 1 and 18 have Aquarius as their Zodiac. Those with their birthdays from February 19 till the end of the month are Pisces.

As the first sign in the month of February, Aquarius is a fixed air sign that is ruled by the planet, Uranus, which governs innovation and technology.

People born under this sign are progressive thinkers who value originality and have a strong humanitarian instinct. This is reflected in the Aquarius symbol, the Water Bearer — a mystical being who pours water onto earth to nourish it.

Pisces, on the other hand, is a mutable water sign that is ruled by Neptune, the psychic planet of mystery, creativity, and dreams, which grants the personality an inclination toward the arts, magical thinking, and spiritual realms.

They are also ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and generosity that grants them the gift of empathy and emotional understanding. The Symbol is represented by two fishes facing opposite directions; a symbol that reflects their ambivalent nature.

Together, these two Zodiacs make great leaders with practical and artistic minds. We are going to look at their shared personalities to better understand their collective contribution to making February one of the best months to be born.

To help you understand the February Zodiac & horoscope, we have written everything you need to know about both Aquarius and Pisces zodiac signs, highlighting areas such as their relationship and compatibility with other signs, etc.

February zodiac sign of Pisces and Aquarius sign

February Born Personality

Just like January, February is a chilly month, making people born in it pretty cool and relaxed. A study has even shown that people born in the winter months are less irritable and less prone to mood swings than people born in other seasons.

February-borns are cheerful and adorable because the month is associated with love and happiness and holds a lot of fun and good times. People who are born in the month of February are often considered special because the month has the least number of birthdays.

Kids who are born on a leap year are the luckiest of them all and get to celebrate their birthdays once in four years. Well, unless they decide to move it for the first three years to February 28 and March 1.

February brings a lot of positivity which reflects in the lives of February-borns. They are known to possess special abilities which set them apart from their peers.

People who are born in February have natural instincts that guide them toward the right path and help them stay away from anything that is destined to waste their time or toil with their emotions.

Those born under the Pisces sign are incredibly creative and are naturally drawn to any form of art that lets them express themselves fully. They are eternal dreamers who tend to gravitate toward anything that lets them escape reality.

February-borns feel an enormous sense of connection to the world, and with their compassionate and empathetic hearts, they are eternally looking for ways to make the world a better place in any little way they can.

Heads up, your February baby is going to be different. Like, by a lot. They value originality and would never do anything because they see others doing it. Peer pressure has got nothing on them.

February birthday personality, both negative and positive traits

February Birthday Traits

February-borns are all about change, impact, and creativity. Life, for them, is all about big accomplishments and macro changes.

We can best capture the February traits by looking at the celebrities of the flock — Aquarius. They are idealistic, intelligent, and unique, with a heart that is deep-rooted in humanitarian activities.

When we look at Pisces, we are quickly drawn by the wealth of creativity in them. They are the artists of the zodiac with a mind that shies away from reality.

Pisces is always on the lookout for a means to escape from the world and connect with their spiritual side. They are also well in tune with their emotions and have a nice intuition which they use to know when people around them are not okay emotionally.

With their distinct traits, these two signs hold the qualities that are associated with people born in February. Let’s look at some of them below.

Positive February Traits

February-borns are some of the great thinkers of the world with powerful and practical minds which they use to birth innovative ideas that could change the world.

When you approach these folks for their opinion on something, they will tell you whatever the truth is without sugarcoating their words. They are one of the most honest signs in the Zodiac and will always stick to the truth no matter the situation.

February-borns have strong willpower and don’t give in to defeat that easily; whatever the obstacle, they know just how to keep their emotion in check, rise up and keep moving forward.

They are driven by compassion and are known for being the first to offer help when someone needs it. They have such a big heart and have a way of connecting with people on an emotional level.

February-borns are deeply intuitive and intelligent and are only a few steps away from becoming the next Albert Einstein (Sorry Aquarius, this one’s for Pisces).

Negative February Traits

What they don’t tell you about honest people is that sometimes their words and critics can be brutal. February-borns say it as it is without filters and often don’t care about how the other person may feel. So, unless you are feelings-proof, don’t ask them for their honest opinion on your next big project.

Our lovely Febs like to associate themselves with things outside the physical realm. They are not always realistic with their ideas and tend to think every one of their dreams will come true no matter how unlikely they may seem.

February Birthday Facts

Below are 8 fun facts you should know about your February birthday baby;

1) Your February Birthstone is Amethyst

This is a deep purple stone that symbolizes love and peace, in some cultures, was believed to have protective qualities.

Amethyst is the birthstone of February-born Aquarius as well as February-born Pisces.

2) Your February Birth Flowers are Violet and Primrose

Yep! That’s correct. It’s not roses. These lovely blossoms signify modesty, faithfulness, and undying love.

3) Your February Baby is Likely to Become Famous

A study has shown that people born under the Aquarius sign are more likely to become celebrities than members of other Zodiacs. They randomly selected a sample of 100 celebrities from people of different walks of life and it was found that the zodiac Aquarius has the largest number of celebrities in the sample.

4) Your February Baby may be a great Artist

According to science, there’s a good chance your kid is a natural-born artist. Right from the moment they learn to hold a pencil, they are more likely to doodle into adulthood.

5) Your February Baby could be Taller

According to a study of 21,000 children done over seven years, babies born during the winter season “were significantly longer at birth, and were heavier, taller, and had larger head circumference at age 7.

They also had higher scores in a series of intelligence exercises.” It may not remain this way as they grow since science has not confirmed this.

6) Your February Baby could be a Leapling

Being the shortest month of the year, February has an extra day that comes around every four years, this is called a Leap Day — on February 29th! Those born on a Leap Day are exceptionally unique and have been confirmed to make up only 0.1 percent of the world’s population.

7) February Kids are Chill

February is a chilly month, therefore, people born in this month are usually cool and relaxed. A new study has shown that people born in the winter months are less irritable and less prone to mood swings than people born in other seasons.

8) February Kids are Well-behaved

Another study suggests winter kids may actually be better-behaved compared to individuals born in other seasons.

The study speculates this has to do with the way winter babies’ brains produce and seek out feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. And oh, remember the good traits!

Relationships and Challenges

People born in February are completely devoted to love. They tend to their partners compassionately and are always ready to listen and share their burdens with them.

When in a relationship with a Feb, you can rest secure in their love because these folks are in it for life.

As intellectual peeps, they are very picky with whom they fall for and wouldn’t want a situation where their partners cannot engage them in deep and meaningful conversations.

Since they are all about ideas and creativity, they need someone who is always willing to render approval and critique their works.

Career Paths

According to Life Daily, those born in February are more in tune with their right brain. And with the high amount of artists born this month, anyone who didn’t catch the artist gene may wind up being a Traffic Cop.

Similarly, due to their interesting points of view and ability to think outside the box, most can become successful scientists, authors, or innovators.

February Zodiac Lucky Number

Lucky Numbers for people born in February are 3, 7, 8, 15, and 30.

Famous February Birthdays

Here is the list of famous people born in February. The list includes musicians, scientists, politicians, and celebrities.

  1. Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809) – 16th U.S. President and abolitionist.
  2. Rosa Parks (February 4, 1913) – Civil rights activist and Montgomery Bus Boycott figure.
  3. Bob Marley (February 6, 1945) – Iconic Jamaican reggae musician.
  4. Elizabeth Taylor (February 27, 1932) – Legendary British-American actress.
  5. Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955) – Apple Inc. co-founder and tech visionary.
  6. Charles Darwin (February 12, 1809) – Naturalist and evolution theory pioneer.
  7. Alicia Keys (January 25, 1981) – Grammy-winning singer and songwriter.
  8. Shakira (February 2, 1977) – Colombian singer and dancer.
  9. Michael Jordan (February 17, 1963) – Basketball legend.
  10. Emma Roberts (February 10, 1991) – Actress known for roles in film and TV.
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