Your August Birthday Personality Traits Explained

August birthday showing a calendar and birthday cake

August is the eighth month of the year and the last full month of summer. It is that time of year when the atmosphere is thick with fun and excitement.

Kids born during this time of the year are known to be cheerful, bubbly, and full of hope. If you are expecting your baby in August, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as you will get to spend a lot of time with your family during this holiday period, and get all the assistance you need.

If you have an August birthday, there are so many things to know about your birth month. Most of which are covered in this post, so stick around to learn more!

August Zodiac Signs

People born in August are either Leo or Virgo. August birthday babies whose dates fall between August 1 and 22 are under the Leo Zodiac sign. Those whose dates are from August 23 till the end of the month are members of the Virgo Zodiac.

As the first sign in the month of August, Leo is a fixed fire sign that is ruled by the sun, a brightly burning body that fixes the personality type into a consistent, mostly unchanging set of traits.

The Leo symbol is represented by a Lion, a fiery creature whose characteristics reflect so greatly in Leos.

The Virgo sign, on the other hand, is a mutable earth sign that is ruled by mercury, the planet that governs communication and intellect.

Members of this sign are naturally more flexible than other signs.

The Virgo symbol is represented by the Virgin, which does not translate to sexual virginity in any way, instead, it ties to the sign’s dedication to purity, self-care, and service.

Together, these two Zodiacs make up the personalities of August-borns. We have picked a few of their shared personalities and how their month of birth influences these.

August-born Leo Personality traits, both negative and positive

August Born Personality

If you were born in the month of August, consider yourself lucky. Not only because studies have confirmed how luck is always on your side, but because August is one of the most beautiful and joyful months of the year, and August babies have a very attractive and enviable personality

People born in August shine like the sun that hangs majestically above the clouds. They are very warm, smart, and approachable. They are natural attention and applaud seekers; this is no chance occurrence, it is something they love and crave more than anything; They may not always act like it, but deep down, they want to be in the spotlight.

August-borns are the kind of people everyone wants to hang around with. Their energy is unmatched. They are those friends who like to stick up for their friends at all times. If you have an August-born in your corner, keep them forever!

August born Virgo personality traits, both positive and negative

August Birthday Traits

As sweet and admirably bold as they are, August-borns do not quite have it all. They have their own shortcomings too, just like everyone else. We have classified their qualities into positive and negative traits below.

Positive August Traits

People born in August have a lot going on for them. A lot of facts about summer babies take their full effect on them as they were born right in the heat of it all.

One of the positive August traits is that people born in this month are natural leaders. They are unarguably the best for the job and know just how to command authority and render their service when the situation calls for it.

People born in August like to protect and intercede, even when they are not in a safe place themselves.

They are super independent folks who like to do things by themselves and on their own terms. August-borns think of themselves as superior and therefore don’t believe anyone is as skilled enough to run their affairs for them.

They are extremely unafraid and have the boldness to achieve the scariest of things in life. This is also seen in how consistent they can be, strongly believing that in order to get something, one has to keep at it for as long as it takes.

Negative August Traits

On the flip side of all of these positive traits mentioned above are some really negative traits that may have you reconsidering…

August-borns are full of themselves. Their display of pride, power, and independence can sometimes get under everyone’s skin. People want to be around people who actually see and appreciate them, and not just protect and defend. This is exactly what August folks do. They tend to make everyone else feel like some child who cannot take care of themselves.

People born in August may seek as much attention as they can get but that doesn’t mean they want to hang out with everyone. They are not easy to make friends with and may not give people the chance to earn their loyalty.

They don’t mind keeping the same friends for years as long as these friends don’t do anything that would provoke the summer babies, they may not be forgiven just like that. August folks are very possessive of their friends, and also tend to get jealous easily.

August Birthday facts

Below are 6 incredible facts about August birthdays;

August birthday facts

1) August have three birthstones

To glam themselves up, August-borns get to choose from three gorgeous birthstones. The green peridot, the sardonyx, and the spinel. And they are associated with so many benefits.

These birthstones are also the zodiac stones of Leo and Virgo zodiac sign.

2) August have two birth flowers

August has the most brightest and meaningful birth flowers, the gladiolus and poppies. The gladiolus implies integrity, honor, and respect, while the poppies are associated with prosperity and enchantment.

3) They are leaders

August-borns possess so many leadership traits like boldness, loyalty, and charisma. This is evident in some famous August-born leaders like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

4) They are born lucky

They can be extremely positive-minded and therefore, luck seems to fall on their side a lot. This is not a chance occurrence as science has reported that people born in the summer months including August are significantly more likely to consider themselves lucky.

5) They are taller

Like other summer babies, people born in August tend to grow taller than their peers and might even grow to become taller adults too.

One study, featuring 450,000 men and women in the UK, suggests exposure to vitamin D during the late stages of pregnancy could be the reason why.

6) They are strong

I mean how else are they going to defend their friends from maltreaters? Research suggests that summer babies are often very strong and have lower chances of falling sick.

Relationships and Challenges

August-born personalities are very romantic and they enjoy romances that are artistically and creatively inspired. They are very caring and passionate lovers but can sometimes get carried away by all the attention they get.

Once they fall in love, they will do everything to see that their partners are happy and satisfied. They want to protect, possess, defend and help their partners in any way possible even when they are obviously not wanted.

People in relationships with August folks should see that they understand their love languages and follow them accordingly.

Career Paths

People born in August can be one of two things, a president or a bricklayer. However, because of their leadership abilities, and their endless chase for attention, they thrive well in professions where they are the major focus and people listen to them, i.e, Teachers, Managers, Directors, etc.

August Lucky Number

The lucky numbers for people born in August are 1, 3, 4, 6, 24, 65, and 89.

Famous August Birthdays

Here is the list of famous people born in August. The list includes musicians, scientists, politicians, and celebrities.

  1. Barack Obama – 44th President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize laureate. (August 4, 1961)
  2. Coco Chanel – Iconic French fashion designer, founder of Chanel brand. (August 19, 1883)
  3. Madonna – Pop icon, singer, actress, and businesswoman. (August 16, 1958)
  4. Steve Carell – Emmy-winning actor, known for “The Office” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” (August 16, 1962)
  5. Jennifer Lawrence – Academy Award-winning actress for “Silver Linings Playbook.” (August 15, 1990)
  6. Bill Clinton – 42nd President of the United States. (August 19, 1946)
  7. Andy Warhol – Leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. (August 6, 1928)
  8. Usain Bolt – Jamaican sprinter, considered the fastest person ever. (August 21, 1986)
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