April Birthday Personality: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You

April birthday showing the calendar

As the first full month of spring, April sure brings lots of warmth, laughter, and happiness. After the long winter, spring seeps through bearing positivity and hope – the most perfect time to birth a baby.

April babies are the absolute best, with unique qualities that make them shine among others. If this is your birth month, you should really work on the way you carry yourself because you are a star, any mom would trade anything to born their babies in your birth month.

In this post, you will find everything you need to know about April as a birthday month, including the personalities and traits, facts, and career options for people born in this beautiful month.

April Zodiac Sign

People born in April are either Aries or Taurus. April birthday babies whose dates fall between April 1 and 19 are under the Aries Zodiac. Those whose dates are from 20 till the end of the month share the Taurus Zodiac.

Coming as the first sign in the month of April, Aries sure has its fiery influence on this birth month. This April horoscope sign is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars – the planet of war, desire, and competition earning people born under this sign brave and tenacious spirits.

Aries is represented by the Ram, a very stubborn creature who takes a “head-on” approach to problem-solving.

Taurus is a bit more interesting – a fixed earth sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, money, and harmony.

People born under this sign value stability, persistence, and reliability. They live a life of luxury, gravitating only toward things that hold potential for enjoyment.

Members of Taurus are deep-rooted in nature, taking time to think things through before they leap, unlike Aries who only think long after they have leaped.

Bull is a symbol that represents Taurus, another stubborn creature with a dedicated, dependable, and hardworking spirit.

Together, these two Zodiacs make up the personalities of April birthday folks. This shared personality is the major focus of this article, we are going to find out about their collective contribution to making April the best month to be born in.

April Born Personality

As the fourth month of the year and the full month of spring, April is often associated with new beginnings and joy, granting people born in it a really bubbly and optimistic personality.

April-borns spread positivity and goodness everywhere they go. They are one of the best people to be around because they have this aura of happiness surrounding them.

They are very stable friends and family, and will always place other people’s needs first, especially those who are dear to them.

April personality based on zodiac sign, both positive and negative traits

April Zodiac Birthday Traits

There is more to these guys than they let on. As unique as their traits are, if one is not careful though, they may push the wrong button and get on their bad sides.

In order to be forearmed, we have provided the positive and negative traits of April-born peeps below.

Positive April Traits

April folks are all about goals, ambition, and enjoyment. As serious-minded as they can get when it involves money and business, they don’t joke with their relaxation time. Although this is mainly a Taurus trait.

Our April babies are tethered to honesty. No matter what happens, they will always stick with the truth. This trait will help them build and maintain authentic and meaningful friendships.

They do not joke with their core values which include depending on themselves and themselves alone in whatever they have to get done. This doesn’t make them any less reliable as anyone can always count on April folks anytime, any day.

Negative April Traits

You don’t want to tell our April babies what to do or how to manage their affairs. Excuse me, but your opinions are not needed here. You may take them elsewhere. What they set their minds to do is always what they will do even if it costs them an arm and leg in the long run.

Here is the thing, April-borns are very stubborn; they would rather learn from their mistakes than play it safe. So, that red light you are flashing in their eyes might probably be enough reason for them to cut you off for good. Don’t get in their way.

April Birthday Facts

Below are 8 fun facts you should know about your April birthday;

April birthday square image

1) April birthstone is the Diamond

I wasn’t joking when I said April babies shine the brightest. April babies are unarguably the luckiest when it comes to birthstones.

Diamond is easily the most durable of all the birthstones, representing beauty, strength, and happiness.

Diamond is also the birthstone of April-born Taurus as well as April-born Aries.

2) April has two birth flowers

The daisy and sweet pea are April’s birth flowers. Daisies signify childhood innocence, loyalty, and purity while sweet pea signifies bliss and pleasure.

3) April babies are very healthy

A study by Columbia University suggests that people born in spring are less likely to be affected by cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, and reproductive diseases than people born throughout the rest of the year.

4) April babies are good at many things

There is no ideal profession for people born in the month of April. What this means for your baby is that they can do well in any field because they are good at so many things, bearing whatever it takes to thrive in any environment.

5) April babies are destined for great things

April babies are go-getters. The word “quitting” cannot be associated with them. With their determined and stubborn spirit, they will climb their way to the top of the career ladder.

6) Your April baby will have a good heart

If you are having an April baby, you are in good company. They are very caring, kind, and empathetic. What does this mean? Your old age is going to be lit!

7) April Babies focus on the good things

April babies are naturally optimistic. They always focus on the positive outcomes in every situation. Although life may hit them hard sometimes, they don’t last long on the ground before dusting their butts and pushing forward again. They like to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side.

8)) April babies have a lot of holidays

So many holidays are celebrated in the month of April, some of them are April Fools’ Day (1st April), Good Friday, Easter Day, Maundy Monday, International Day of Mine Awareness (4th April), World Health Day (7th April), World Homeopathy Day (10th April), World Hemophilia Day (17th April), World Heritage Day (18th April), World Earth Day (22nd April), English Language Day (23rd April), Jelly Day (2nd April), and various others.

Relationship and Challenges

In relationships, April-borns can be very loving and passionate. They are suckers for romance and erotic moments. With their big hearts, they know how to love their partners well.

Anyone with whom an April-born is committed is really in for a long-term adventure. April guys are not interested in flings and short-term relationships; they want their own person with whom they can share a lot of fun and exciting moments.

Partners of April-borns should however keep in mind all their negative traits and know what to avoid in order to ensure peace. If you must get in their way, you should be kind and gentle; don’t dismiss them harshly. Ultimately, you should always listen to them attentively.

Goals and Career Paths

April-Borns are the true Jack-of-all-trades. They are not known for a specific profession, and this doesn’t make them any less skillful. They can do well in whatever they set their minds to.

As consistency is one of their superpowers, they can keep at things for as long as they want to.

April Lucky Number

The Lucky Numbers for people born in April are 3, 4, 8, 9, 12, 21, and 77.

Famous April Birthdays

Here is the list of famous people born in April. The list includes musicians, scientists, politicians, and celebrities.

  1. Leonardo da Vinci – Renowned Italian polymath, painter of Mona Lisa. (April 15, 1452)
  2. Charlie Chaplin – Iconic English actor, silent film legend. (April 16, 1889)
  3. Queen Elizabeth II – Long-reigning UK monarch. (April 21, 1926)
  4. Shirley Temple – Child actress, diplomat. (April 23, 1928)
  5. William Shakespeare – Legendary English playwright, poet. (April 23, 1564)
  6. Ella Fitzgerald – American jazz singer. (April 25, 1917)
  7. Renee Zellweger – Academy Award-winning actress. (April 25, 1969)
  8. Kofi Annan – Ghanaian UN Secretary-General. (April 8, 1938)
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